Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Ivanova to David (Mexico)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend David! I am very glad that you have answered on my message ! You wrote me your e-mail and now I send you my first letter. For me it's pleasure that you have interest to me. Hope that we could become good friends. I want to learn you better and know more information about you. My full name is Ekaterina and I am 33 years old. My birthday is 17 May. My height is 172 cm and weight is about 57 kg. I live in Russia in the city Angarsk. I work as journalist in edition of our local newspaper. It's very interesting job and I like it very much. I meet many well-known people sometimes. But nevertheless, unfortunately, I was not able to find my beloved mand in Russia, it's difficult for me because of many reasons. There were many disappointments and failures in my life and that's why I decided to try international acquaintance. I have never been married and don't have any children. Now I am interested in dancing and football. I like go sometimes on retro-disko and walking with my friends. I am sport woman, adore many kinds of sport. Very sociable and cheerful woman, with big sense of humour. Sometimes, I like to read books, but more I prefer magazines and Internet. My last hobby is the creating of my own site, but it's very hard and I try very much in this deal. I allways achieve what I want.
I want that you tell me about you in details. Ok' ? Wait with impatience for your answer. Ekaterina.
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend David !!! It's again me - Ekaterina. My previous mailbox doesn't work and that's why I write you now from this e-mail. Please write me here. I am waiting for your fast reply and then we will continue our communication. I would like to learn you much more better as it's possible and wish you all the best. Have a nice day !!! Your friend Ekaterina.
Letter 3
Hello David ! Very glad that you have answered on my letter. Today I would like to answer on your letter and tell you more about me. In my childhood I was usual girl, didn't differ so much from other children. After school I entered to the music school and when I was graduated I played piano very well. But my school hobby - photo - has prompted me my future profession. Now I am not the best journalist, but I am doing all to reach this step. I would like to work in Moscow in some big newspaper or magazine. Also I like very much professional photos, I will send you some later. One you have seen already, in my previous letter. Well, again about me :) ... Already 4 years I live without my parent, I rent the flat. Unfortunately, I was not able to save money for my own flat, but in future I think that this moment will be achieved. About my family I would like to tell you briefly - I have mother, father and brother. Now my brother is in Russian Army, but he write to us letters every month. He also tries send presents on each holiday. But the live far from me in the city St-Petersburg. I have a little bit more question to you. Why you decided to find woman through the Internet, why you were not able to find here in your country ? Sending you letter with hope on fast reply... Ekaterina.
Letter 4

Hello dear David !!! I am very happy that you again made me pleasure read your letter. I see that you are really interesting in our correspondence. I want to say you that I would like very much learn as possible more facts about you and your life. I have something to tell you too. You have understood already that I don't compose verses, but I can sing well. I have one mad hobby - singing Karaoke. Don you know what is it? My friends tell that I do it well... I would like to try to act somewhere in front of many people, but I am afraid very much. Also my hobby is collecting plants, specially cactuses which become blossom once a year. And recently I got driving licence, but I don't have my own car, because it's very expensive to have car in Russia. And in the city I move with the help of public transport. Although it's not very convenient and fast, but I don't do something with it. And please answer some my questions: What's you favourite number? (My is 3) What season do you like more than others? Do you have home pets? Waiting for your fast answer ... Ekaterina.
Letter 5
Hello my dear David !!! Thank you for letter which brought me pleasure. I am very glad that you want to learn me better. It's very important for me. Now, I will tell you more again about me. I have at home small pet - the cat. Its' name is Murka. It likes walking and has independent character . She is similar with me in many moments. Sometimes we listen to the music together. It depends on our mood. But most of all I like pop and classic music. There are some my favourite composers - Shopen, Gluck, Tchaykovskiy. From pop-music - I am fond of Tatu and Sting. Have you ever heard it ? What's your favourite misic ? Also I have small "crazy dream"... I want very much to learn dance east dances. It's because of that such dances allow to feel your own body completely, they could translate some material in some soul... Also I know that men like very much this thing. Probably I will be able do it for you ... Tell me please about your own dreams connected with some hobby or sport. Maybe you want to subdue the Everest ??? :) What's your favourite dishes, books and films... ??? Now I need to finish my letter and I will be waiting for your soon answer... Have a nice day !!! Ekaterina.
Letter 6
Hello my dear David !!! How are you ? What about your mood and weather ??? I am very fine because I got from you mail. I read sometimes also that letters which you sent me before... To be honest, it's very interesting for me to learn you better. I would like to know what's your favourite color, flowers and also deodorant. Now I tell you about me in more details... I think that it can be interesting for you... I like orange and pink color. My favourite cologne is such which consists of aroma of a lilac... I like very much fruits, especially tangerines. They let remind me about New Year, because in Russia there is such tradition that on the celebratory table we have this fruits. And also I like very much to spend my free time in some places of my city... I have few places where I like very much to spend time... Because they let me to think and relax... Do you have such places ??? Also like to sit with my girlfriend Elena and have a tea. I have only few persons whom I able to call real friends, but there are really good peoples. I would like very much that you become my good friend... Hope that you will be glad read this letter and hope that you will write me soon... Hope that you are glad because of it... Your friend Ekaterina.
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