Scam letter(s) from Elorm Kasah to Johnny (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear, how is your day going and also about your health, hope all is well, it was nice hearing your voice and that really makes me happy dear,I have seen the info and will be picking up the funds on my lunch break, Dear, i cant wait to spend that quality time with you .Alvin It's hard to explain myself or to put it together in one, the only easy thing to think of is loving you.But i know soon you will going to see the love i have for you. Sweet until i talk with you in the afternoon have a lovely and stay sweet.
Yours Ever
Letter 2
Hello Alvin,It being a while and have being missing you lately, I have being a way to the village to see my The family, when i was there the elders of the family invited me. whiles at the meeting they did let me know their plans,because of me being the child of my Dad,i was very pleased to know that my fathers good friend was aware of everything.

The elders are now trying to claim my fathers property that he left for me,Thanks God For my Dads friend that he is trying to get everything for me.My Dads Friend made me aware of where i can have the documents covering the properties and we went the lawyer to explain things to me.

The lawyer told me that my father has a quantity of gold that he deposited and i make sure i get the document covering it.

Once the elders are coming with this attitude, thanks to my dads friend who has let me know their intensions,Am trying to get the documents covering all this whiles i get all this documents, i will let you have a look at it so that they cant do anything funny with my Dads belongings.I will find out every information and get back to you as sooN as i finish with the Elders thats why i havent contacted you from long.

Sweetie due to the trust that i have in you that why am sharing this with you.Dear i have being sent for in the village and and am living to see what happening.I will let you know what went on when am back from the village.I will give you a call when i get back fro the village this weekend ok.
My best regard sweetie.
Love you Always.
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