Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Oksenenko to Randy (Canada)

Letter 1
My love Randy,
thank you for your letter, i am very well,spending time in a deep warm thoughts about you and about our future meet !
14 october so close, and I am very excited !:)
I look forward to the moment when you meet me at the airport!
this is information about my flight :
8:10 pm Depart Kiev (KBP)
Arrive Edmonton (YEG) 10:57 pm Sun 14-Oct
Air France 2853 / 352
Air Canada 1157
Today I visited agency and manager told me that all things with visa going good and 11th october I will have intervew with consul in embassy. But I will need to have round ticket in my hand's it is necessary thing for the getting a visa, I paid only one way ticket, and I am very afraid now our meeting can will not happen.
I must to pay other funds for ticket 10th october in agency, and I realy sad now, bcuz I have no 690USD.. It is very hard for me to ask your help, but I have no other choise, our meet mean so much for me and I know for you too. I found way how you can transfer funds here.
You can use service called western union you will need to know this information : my full name is Svetlana Oksenenko, my city is Kiev, country Ukraine. for getting funds from my end I will need to know your full name and long digital code.
Hope you can do this soon, bcuz we have no a lot of time..
sometimes i think that the human's life is too short,as we say here for man it is necessary to build house,raise the tree and to born a son,have you heard about it there ? i think it is not only for Ukraine,for the whole World :) we must to conduct our lives so that every time we had only good emotions and when we become older, last memories brought smile on our faces only !
the happiness is not too close,we just need to do some steps to make this real.

with kisses

Only yours Sveta
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