Letter(s) from Olga Kudryavtseva to Eliot (France)

Letter 1

Hello Eliot Also our acquaintance proceeds. I hope, that it Will be long. Today remarkable day, but, if Fairly, at me almost always remarkable day. Why? Because He at me begins with morning run. I rise in 5:30 mornings. And I come for work always vigorous and fresh. And there I am waited by children. That can be more remarkable than children. Near to them I always feel Itself young. And with them it is always cheerful. And you Eliot Love children? Thanks what my questions have answered Eliot. It very much even Interestingly. And in my family 4 members. It I, my mum, the grandmother, and the representative Male cat Vasilij.:-) all of us well get on in To one-room apartment. Closely, certainly, but the more the merrier. It is bad, that there is a dampness. Wall-paper for a long time to not keep, come unstuck.:-) Eliot, you are interested certainly by " the man of my dream ". I shall tell about It in the following letter. If you not against I need to go. Write To me that you search in the girl, I shall be very glad. Also send, please, To me the photo. Good bye, Al'fiya

Letter 2

Hi Eliot How are you doing? I hope perfectly. My mum now sits next me Also sends the regards to you. She too the teacher. Her name is Natali. She of anything Does not understand in computers, therefore has come to look as it I with you I talk. I too if fairly, not so well all this I understand. Has carried, that Michaile (the teacher of computer science) helps me and teaches. You ask, where I live - to To regret it is far from you. Otherwise it was not necessary for us much e-mail, To learn each other. I live in an average part of Russia, in city Zvenigovo. But if we shall decide to meet, I hope, that it not Will be a problem for us. Eliot, you should not have excitement be relative That we not beside. I such woman, that if I shall like The person for a meeting I shall reach even in edge of solar system. Besides in Our days is not a problem to make such travel. I not I worry about it and I have necessary feelings to get acquainted and it is possible To have relations with the person of other state. It is very interesting - Other culture, thinking, traditions. For me this new - Probably and you Eliot Can learn, that such the Russian woman. My dear Eliot I ask you send me the phone number as I very strongly would like to hear your voice. And you want to hear my voice? And I ask you as when you will send me your phone number do not forget a code of your country. I at once want to inform you, that I do not have cellular telephone as at me it have stolen from my bag one month ago when I went in the bus from work home. And a home telephone number at us in the country it is very expensive to contain houses and as to establish a home telephone number very dearly. I ask you do not overlook to send me your phone number and if you have cellular and domestic phone number I ask you write to me phone numbers cellular and domestic. And I should call to you from a pay phone. Concerning other address in my structure; first I specified in a structure the country, but then a computer of service Acquaintances did not accept my structure and informed, that I tried To enter the information once again. I did it still few times, but he again Asked me to do new attempt. Then I did experiment and Specified in a structure, that I from other country and my structure at once was It is accepted. I think, that it or a mistake with programs of a computer or this The service of acquaintances works not with each country. We two persons: the man and the woman. We have come on this sait to find The love. Therefore, I think, will be correct, if we shall be fair With each other. How I also promised Eliot, I shall tell about that what qualities I would like to see in the man which is dear to me. I would like to be a number With the self-assured person. The main thing that this confidence has not developed In self-confidence. He should be gentle, and be able to surprise; in a measure rigid, But is more often kind. He should leave all irritations in the street, as Only crosses a threshold of a house. It would be desirable, that he was patient and in Measure jealous (I think, that I shall not allow to him of an occasion for jealousy). And, Certainly, he should have sense of humour. But it not requirements, it Only desires. Dear Eliot, I very much would like to learn your attitude to religion (any religion). That you think in this occasion. Today at me was more time. To that I am very glad. I hope at you As will be more time for the answer to my letter. Successful day, Al'fiya

Letter 3

Good morning Eliot Or it not kind? At such person, probably, it happens bad very much Seldom. The god protects.:-) By the way about the God. For me it very much a complicated question. I was brought up in religious family: mum, the grandmother, the daddy (I do not remember him Unfortunately). All my native true Christians. They and me tried To impart it since the childhood, but... I do not adhere to religion of christianity. I At all I do not want (while) to adhere to the certain religion. I am sincere I believe in the God and I think, that the God one. But on this theme at me with mum and The grandmother hot discussions inflame. I carry a dagger, me christened, but in To soul..., therefore I very much am interested in religion, therefore I have asked You Eliot, to tell about it. I am familiar with many aspects various Religions, but it is pleasant nothing. And some moments seem ridiculous. Thus I do not drink, I do not smoke and I try to be kept from many (frequently Identical in different religions) sins. Especially to me it is not clear, why believing people make sins? They know, that it is a sin, but meaningly it make. Eliot, you do not know why? But something I have taken a great interest, let even this theme For me it is very important. Well, I should go. At me today has much put. Still there are also lessons. Write, Do not forget me.

Letter 4

Hello Eliot At us today remarkable day! The sun so brightly shines also the sky... Pure, pure... There is no cloud. But actually, it is pleasant to me Any weather. If only it was not wet. I do not like, when legs become wet. And Today... You would see it... The Soul sings... Also it would not be desirable to think of any sins. Let it remain on conscience of everyone. What season love, you Eliot. I do not do distinctions between from time to time Year. I love a variety. Sometimes it would be desirable to lie in a grass on a blossoming meadow. You lay and look, how on the sky clouds are floating. And around the sea of colors... Both a smell... And dreams... Sometimes it would be desirable to pass on an autumn wood, to rustle The fallen leaves... A campaign in beautiful dreams. Sometimes, apparently, that because of Tree there will be a prince, will approach and will embrace you. And you will eternally go on To this avenue, never leaving... Serenly talking about something. Also there will be no problems, wars, works and chiefs. And from time to time it would be desirable, As the child to somersault in a deep snowdrift, to be left by a snow. But something I was lost in day-dreams. Than you are engaged? Tell in detail about the To work Eliot. The person carries out a lot of time on work. To like you yours Work? I have already showered you questions.:-) Last for today: you could not To send me a photo? It would be very kind of you. Good bye Eliot Yours foreign friend, Al'fiya :-)

Letter 5

Hello, dear Eliot Well... What only trades are not present on the Earth. Interestingly, and in the future of trades will be more or everyone will replace machines?:-) the Silly question. I am quite pleased with the work. But you, probably, have already understood it from the previous letters. At us the good rallied collective on work, pupils too all diligent. It is a pity that badly provides the state financing of education. It is not enough textbooks, sports stock, computers "new" have appeared only this year. But they not new - they appeared old for any official body and them have given us. The wages of teachers make from 90 up to 150 dollars a month. I for example, receive 110 dollars. But we Russian people got used. The main thing are children, my pupils. Represent, at us here the whole club of acquaintances was formed. One more The teacher (my girlfriend) too has decided to try such way of acquaintance. Elena, today has written the letter to any Mexican. Speaks, that always Dark and burning brunettes liked. She at me always cheerful and it is eternal It is dared, even now. Asks to kiss you for her.:-) Eliot, saw You her letter. I wanted you him to send, but she has not given. I at all I present, that this Mexican will answer. If will answer. Well, we shall not be more about it. As though Elena has not taken offence. How are you doing? How health of your relatives? Betray all of them greetings from me. As they To me concern? So it is interesting, there can be you during this moment Discuss my letter. Someone, maybe, is dared, and someone is serious. Mine mum and the grandmother not so trust, that at me something will turn out. I him I tell about the maintenance of your letters, and they are glad, that I am familiar with such The person. But all the same do not trust in an opportunity internet. But my friends, Which are more familiar with a global network, are adjusted optimistically. That Concerns me I very much even believe. Our letters each time Everyone become warmer. I hardly live day if not I find out Your letter, Eliot. I, hope, that you to me at once write. As soon as receive my letter. You will not afflict me.:-) I wait, Al'fiya

Letter 6

Dear Eliot Awful day. Though morning was remarkable. I hope, that at you all is excellent. We today did not have nearly accident. I speak about school. One The pupil escaped from another. I do not know why, probably, they plaid about. And When the first ran out from a corridor he has closed behind itself a door. The second not Has had time to stop and ran into a door. Half of door was glass, And the bottom part was wooden. He has broken a head the bottom part flew down, Also has hung on wooden. The top splinter flew down miracle has not fallen and has not chopped off To the boy a head. And I saw all this. I was in a shock! I do not present, that Would be if glass has fallen... I, probably, could not sleep at night. Such even in films you will not see. I till now cannot come in myself. Very much It is strongly excited happened. I hope, I all have correctly written also you me Have understood, my friend Eliot. I am very glad that you can to send me pictures in your distant letter, I I shall be happy to receive from you a picture. By the way, about films. What films like you? There are favourite films? I was bad I understand in genres, therefore I can not tell what films to me like. But I can name the some people: " sweet November ", " Siberian The barber "," the vanilla sky ". Eliot, you looked any of these Films? Especially to like me film " sweet November ". There about the patient To the girl, she should die in six months. And here she meets the Love. It does not guess, that she is sick. Only when to her becomes Poorly and she disappears, his searches open to him eyes. It of her and not Has found... Something at me today the letter sad has left. It is necessary to finish him more likely, That to you Eliot, too it became sad not. Bye. Good to you of mood, mine Eliot.

Letter 7

Hello, my Eliot I have for you some news. This Mexican has answered Elena!!! His name is Juan Carlos. Elena has written to him the answer recently. Elena Carlos.:-) Ridiculously sounds agree?:-) With the boy too all is good those. Him surveyed in hospital, thought that he could receive a brain concussion. But have found out nothing. He appeared the strong boy. Can break now a head bricks.:-))) I all feel our communication more closely. At us many similar interests. Probably, it is destiny?:-) you trust in destiny Eliot? I from the some To time I believe... It concerns my father. I persistently did not want to talk On this theme. It is hurt for recollecting. But I would not like to have from you secrets. ... There has come time, we became closer. Between close people should not be Secrets. My father worked as the taxi driver. Money was not much, therefore it was necessary to him It is a lot of to work. Once in the winter he came back home, darkens early in the winter. He has gone home and here has recollected, that has left in the automobile loved Magazine about football. he has gone behind magazine. When came back. That road to him The black cat has run across. It has taken place before a door in an apartment. Mum Has prepared it for a supper, the daddy has sat down a table, and here appeared, that at us There is no bread. The daddy did not like to eat without bread and then he has earned Money also has decided to go to round-the-clock shop behind bread. When he Has left shop and villages in the automobile to him two guys came. They Have asked to bring him up to club for an excellent payment. Father was glad to earn Still money, therefore has agreed. They have not reached... It have killed because of The automobile... Mum cannot still forget that day. Regrets, that could not To dissuade him. It tell to her about a cat when has gone with magazine. I then Small was. Again at me the sad letter has turned out. I shall try to not long any more.:-) I hope, I of you not so upset. But if you had something similar, That you write. I with pleasure shall listen you. All good Eliot. Al'fiya

Letter 8

Good morning Eliot Here already almost morning... Thanks that my revelations about the father have listened. But I ask you, let's not recollect any more this conversation. To me it is hard for recollecting. Not how to mum, certainly, mum cries when recollects it. Well that to me then was only 3 years. I almost do not remember the daddy. I do not want, that someone from relatives to me of people would die forward me. I the emotional person and for me it will be tragedy. All right we shall not be more about it. Want Eliot, I to you shall tell a history of love of my parents. To me mum frequently tells about that as they have grown fond each other. Earlier many schoolboys went on collective farms, helped to reap a crop. Communism, other country, other customs, understand. And on a field one rainy autumn they have met. Him was for 15 years. Not similar on a fairy tale the truth? But the ambassador at them the fantastic novel has inflamed. Mum was from city, the daddy from village. They have started to meet secretly. Why secretly because as I already spoke other country, other customs. They left each other a note inside tree if mum was in village. If the daddy came to city He adhered a red bow in a court yard to a swing. And they met in city park, at a monument to Pushkin. In 2 years the father's family has moved to our city because to his father gave work in city. He was 17 years and they were not hidden any more. In 18 years father has gone to army. Mum at this time finished the first rate of pedagogical university. The daddy has served two years and has returned. Their love has inflamed even more brightly. But they have got married only when mum has finished university. And it in two years. And only in 23 years mum has given birth to me. Mum now constantly jokes: " I have found the love among cabbage ridges. " 11 years they were together. Mum still loves him and stores to him fidelity. And you know as your parents have got acquainted? Their history beautiful? What mutual relations developed at you Eliot With your parents during your life? For me mum all this: the best girlfriend, the best mum, the best woman. In the childhood I have caused mum much burning. Now I regret about it and each time I ask her a pardon. Without mum, I would not act in university, and would not finish him. One more wall dividing us has failed. Probably, soon I shall answer a mother's joke, that have found the love in "web".:-) With the best regards. Al'fiya

Letter 9

Hello, dear Eliot I today have not enough time. So it is a pity to me. Day was heavy. I am very tired, and still much is necessary to be in time. But I nevertheless have decided to write to you. I so have decided, because did not want to cause you anxiety. I write to you almost every day and if today has not written, you would start worries. I am right? I would lose you, if you did not write couple of days. You are very close to me, dear Eliot. I am flattered with this attention. I too try to give you as much as possible attention. I would like to ask you. And still to warn. At my girlfriend Masha the day after tomorrow birthday. And I, probably, cannot write to you to this day. If there will be time I shall necessarily write. And to ask I you wanted advice. She, unfortunately smokes, and I have bought to her in a gift a lighter. But I do not know, that it is possible to write on her. Advise me what it is possible to make an engraving? It would be desirable, that it would be beautiful and not as at all. You think, and tomorrow I, I hope to see your letter. It is possible even without advice. That you of me would not forget the main thing. I shall read your letter and with joyful mood I shall plunge into dream. And me will be dreams beautiful dreams about me and about you... Interestingly, to you Eliot Such dreams dream? To me yet did not dream. Probably, it is bad? Speak, that dreams it is experiences of last day. But I always think of you. With impatience I wait for the letter. Why dreams where there are you do not dream me...? Well, I shall go. Transfer ardent greetings to all family, the friends close to people. I kiss you in your cheeks and a forehead, while only in these parts of a body.:-) Yours Al'fiya

Letter 10

Hi, Dear Eliot Today has told to mum that we discussed their relations with the daddy. Mum has taken offence. Has told: " as you could tell about it to the another's person? " But do not worry. By the evening she will calm down, I shall ask a pardon, and she will forgive me. As I sincerely regret that has not asked her advice in this occasion. Still I have decided to print all our letters on a paper. And so to acquaint mum and the grandmother with you. Then they will understand, that you are very dear to me and are not for me the another's person. And after that I think, they not begin to count you the another's person. And you become so dear to them, as well as me. I have still re-read that delirium which to you has written yesterday, dear Eliot. Spoke, that I hasten and I shall write it is not enough, and itself has written the whole poem. I to you have not bothered the with the big letters? Well, yes. A silly question... I have thought up, that I shall write on a lighter: " Do not confuse! ". The lighter is made as a ladies' pistol. It is pleasant to me. And to you Eliot Ridiculously, interestingly and not as at all. By the way, about birthday. When it will be possible to congratulate you? It seems, you did not write about the birthday. Excuse, if I am not right. Today already precisely I learn, you wrote to me it whether or not. When I shall print letters. I tomorrow cannot write to you.:-(you understands at me there will be no time. It is necessary to help after work Mashe. And then already there will come time of birthday. But all can be. Can at me the free time will appear. Therefore write to me. 100 kisses for 100 of the person.:-) Al'fiya

Letter 11

Hi my dear Eliot. I am glad to speak again with you! I you remember also you me do not overlook. It pleases. I yesterday am very tired, but nevertheless have found time to you to write. So... I had quite good evening with my friends. We in the beginning were at Masha on an apartment. There there was all her close friends. I, certainly, too know all of them. Gave gifts, wished a sound health and other things the girlfriend. Well, you know all this. Masha has received from the boyfriend a gold chain with heart. Heart opens, and inside a photo boyfriend. An excellent gift! But too all have estimated my gift. Especially all liked an inscription. Then we have gone to one club and there were there some hours. Played boulling and danced. Impressions have remained good. But only when I saw, how some my girlfriends danced and kissed the men - I had small envy to them. I thought of you and represented for myself, what you beside Eliot. That you too embrace me and whisper to me On an ear gentle words. And you Eliot, when see around the in love pairs People, - that recollect me? When you are in clubs, bars girls frequently try to get acquainted with you? Men frequently approach to me very much and try to begin acquaintance, but after several minutes of acquaintance they understand, that with me these things to fail. I yet did not speak with mum and the grandmother about our letters. I yesterday have given them the printed letters, but was late and we have gone to bed. And today yet was not of time to talk. I do not know that they now think. I about it tomorrow shall write to you. Eliot, I frequently think above your messages and I understand, that you is serious concerning me. I too do not look at our dialogue as on an entertainment, and I write to you some very personal words and things, as to the close person. And I want to tell to you Eliot, that I am glad, that at me is such The person - as you! I wait for your messages and I think of you. Mine to you gentle. Your Al'fiya

Letter 12

Dear Eliot We every day learn about a life each other. At times it seems to me, that I feel an invisible string connected our destinies. Can, to be you too it feel? As though I was to be lost touch no with you... Your letters each time excite my soul. If earlier I woke up and hastened for work, because there my favourite children now I hasten to read your letter somewhat quicker. Earlier I lived dream of a life with the favourite person and did not try to give to him (to the favourite person) the certain features. That now my dreams accept the certain outlines, she becomes more tangible and felt. And mine " prince on a white horse " gets features which up to a pain are familiar to me... Eliot Can you know who it? I in any way cannot recollect where I saw him.:-) My mum apologizes to you. She now is not present beside, but she has asked me to ask for you for her a pardon. She very much regrets that so spoke. What to me to her to transfer? I have transferred her only the text of letters (in Russian) without photos, but she very for a long time studied them. Know how many letters has left? This mine 13 letter. And it seems, what I am familiar with you eternally, mine Eliot. Elena as transfers you huge greetings. At her mad correspondence with this Mexican proceeds. I of her try to ask about it. And she in the answer is dared and tells any bosh. I speak her: you tell lies? ". And she: "Yes", and all the same does not tell about it seriously. She, apparently, itself does not know where she jokes of the stories and where speaks the truth. Well, I with impatience shall wait from you for the next unique letter. With love Al'fiya

Letter 13

Hi my love Eliot. On my person always there is a smile, when I I read your letters, I smile even when I shall simply think of you, At me at once it is cheered up. At iac now all time bad weather and from it at me was bad mood. But only before I have gone To the girlfriend also has read your letter. Now at me excellent mood. My dear today I went to embassy and me have asked, that I have told him your full name and a surname, your home address and a phone number so under the law the embassy should know where both to whom and for what the citizen of Russia goes in other country. And they have asked me that I have asked you these data and that I informed them them tomorrow. I hope you to me will write these data today? My dear I send you the video. And I hope my video to you it is pleasant? Eliot, you told to close people about me. What they have opinion? Inform me please on it more in detail. You have any plans Concerning our relations? I think, that for us will be very much It is good, if we can carry out some days together. It will be To strengthen our relations and will help us to learn better each other. Probably, the next month we can meet. For example, in Europe Or the other place. Understand me correctly Eliot, I cannot yet To invite you to itself. I live with the family and for the present not Enough I know you for this purpose. Between us there were only we Messages and I think, that to us it is better, all over again to meet in the friend Place. I very much would want to be with you alone, to see you the Eyes and a touch to you! Dear so we can make Full opinion on us to learn about many things. Let's be To discuss it Eliot. I wait for your opinions. To me so to like to receive from you letters, they such gentle and tender, that at me On soul to become warmly. I am confident that you are able with care and love To address with women and when I shall come to you I I shall be surrounded with yours Attention. YOURS and only YOURS Al'fiya.

Letter 14

Hi my lovely Eliot! I am glad to see yours e-mail. It is pleasant for me to learn, that you support idea to meet and also wish me to see and To spend with me time. I think, that in our following messages We can discuss in more detail our meeting and establish time And a place for this purpose. I want to tell to you dear, that it is very pleasant, For the woman to be convinced that exist the man which waits Her also wants to hold in the hands. Such idea influences opinions Women and her behaviour. Therefore thanks you Eliot, that you have given me To feel it. What you have ideas and imaginations about that day, when You will meet me? Inform me please on it. Dear, at me There is a plenty of ideas, how we can To spend together our time. Also I shall be going for you Some surprises and I think, that you will be pleased it. I shall be To inform you Eliot, about some ideas in the following messages. But you should know, that when you will be in my hands it is not fast You can get out of mine embraces.:-) Now I finish the letter. I shall wait for your messages. My gentle kisses! Yours Al'fiya. p.s.Today I went to agency, I legalized papers, I wrote to special forms given and also your as I go to you and to your country. And they to me have told, that within the next few days they will give me the answer, they allow to go to me to you whether or not. And I hope, that all will be good also they to me can authorize to come to you.