Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Alan (USA)

Letter 1
It always brightens my day when I hear from you my dear !
So how was your weekend ?
What about mine do you ask ?:)
Well, I must to divide it on two part's.
first was great,this Saturday I buy dvd, and watch realy genius film called "Ostrov".
this not new film, but I have no words to describe a lot of deep emotion's which I got when I watched this film !
Second part of weeken, was not so good...
I had problem with bathroom today ,it was not just "problem" it was like tornado with you know what happend ? after taking a shower i left bath, i heared the strange noise there and when i opened the door-water fall down from there ! I have never seen such water fall which was really great...
there were about half of metre of warm water,that is very good that it was not hot or cold because it could hurt me...i did not know what to do,water was everywhere, the **** and shorer was damaged and it fall on the walls, then i heared the bell behind the door,it was people who live under...they were very sad and begun to help me...we were not able to do anything and if master who run here in ten minutes would be late alittle,we could swim here...he stoped water and there was no other choice as to open the window,we took different things from kitchen and begun to take of water from the window...
oh my dear,if you could seen what happend here you could be shoked...
Master fixed the **** and shower,but i am afraid to come to the bathroom...anyway he told me that this problem will not be anymore because he done his work very well.i hope i did not scare you with this.. Hope you will help me in this situation if you will be beside of me.
You know,woman can not live without man, because we need men care so much...
If everyhting will be good with grandma relocating, I hope you will show me your's man care :))
well, I need to run, it too late here. With kisses Yours Katya
Letter 2
My love glad to get your letter today.
I am fine, good working day, and I have good new's !
All my grandma papers are ready, I am so happy ! It cost me a lot of nerves to get it ! I am planning to relocate her in next week to Russia my sister is allready waiting her, and sold her flat, as manager of Real estate agency told me it will take about week also... so I will be absolutly free 7-10 october I hope..
Sounds great ??:) It will be nice to conduct this time together.
If you intrested in our meet by this time I will begin to do some research with my arriving to you, ok ????
i need man who will be close and ready to help me at any time.
i know that this man is you are and i am looking forward to moment we are together.that is so pity we are not together right now, when i want to feel your embrances i feel so lost...
I want you to know one story, when i was young girl mother told me that there will be many men who wish to marry you and that i should listern to my heart only.that my heart will promt me to find only 1 man from millions.i listern to my heart and it begin to beat speedy when i think of you. I am sure about we will have our future together,that we will be very happy and our relations and love are based on the most important thing : TRUST.i trust you completely and i feel the same from you.what does trust mean for me : it is when i belive you and share my private world, it is when i can tell you about everything with hope to get advice, when there is nothing more important than your feeling to me. i feel that you keep my heart and love in safe,i want us to get together for the rest of our life.i want to meet sunrise with your hugs and kisses...i want you to know that you gave me opportunity to see life from the other side,not just to spend all days long without brought me happiness and make me feel so good. i am very glad to you,i wish just to be there right now and to look in your eyes,to see that spark,to give you kiss,which is missed...
i am very glad to our destiny which has connected us, i am very glad to god,who hear my prayers and give us chance to meet each other,yes,i miss you and this feeling as guest in my heart,which is not going to leave while we are in mother was right and i am agree with her, i should be with man of your dreams.. well, I need to run.. write me soon with kissess Yours Katya
Letter 3
My love Alan, glad to hear from you.
I am very nervous now, about my trip.
I tryed to find funds on back ticket bymyself, borrow from my friends, but no luck :(
I realy do not know, what to do now..
I still need 690USD.
I live in kiev not kirov.
It will be great if you have opportunty to visit me here, but I am already paid funds, and I will lose it !!!
I am already did big step for our meet, bcuz I realy feel that we will have serios realtion's in real life.
we have not a lot of time to finish all arragements with my trip. I miss you very much. with love Only yours Katya
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