Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Trishkina to Patrick (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hi, Patrick! How are you?! Thanks for the letter! As usual it is pleasant for me to have the letter from you. I waited for it. Thanks that you were so open with me, I was definitely shocked when I read that your story about your childhood, I was shocked for sure. You told me that you were put in the basket. How it is possible? Just it is so awful! You told me that you did not see your mother again. But did you have any search for her? Just or do you think that it is better to have everything as it is! I understand what you say that you have no any one who you could come with your problems, be sure that now you have me and you can come to me and tell me, of course may be being so far from you it will not be possible for me to help you in material way, but I have a huge heart and it is open for you, I just want you to feel comfortable with me. so you can share with me anything you wish!!! Of course as with each letter we are closer and closer to each other it is high time to try to open my heart to you again and to let you know about the beginning of my love experiences! Frankly speaking I had some non serious relations with men before, but I think that it can be called like flirt or something like this. It is because we started to communicate and the same day or next one I realized that he was not that type of man I wanted to be, sometimes it was because I wanted to have only entertainment. I think that all people had the same situations in their lives. And what about you? Did you have some not serious relations? May be resort romance for example?:) But as all people I had serious relations also. I was in love with one Ukrainian guy. Our being together lasted for 5 years. He was a student at the University and it was the reason that he did not go to the Ukrainian Army in time. I do not know what about you there, but here it is duty for all healthy men to go to the army to serve there. Some years ago it was for the term of 2 years, now it is less and men are there for 1 year in order to learn how to defend their Motherland. And if you are a student at the University you should learn and after graduating from it to go to the Army. It happened so that we were together during his being a student. I thought that we were a great couple and everyone here told the same. 5 years for being together is rather long term. Don't you think so? After University he had to go to another part of Ukraine to be in Army. He was there for 2 year. A lot of things happened during that time but I waited for him and I was devoted to him. I did not cheat him and I even did not have any flirts with another men. Hope that you noticed that I am devoted woman and hope that you will remember like "plus" to me. :) So I waited for him, of course in two years he came back. I was really happy. I thought that he would make a proposition to me because my love was checked with time and distance. That awful day we celebrated his returning! We had a great party! There was a lot of people. We kissed, huged and we were together. I saw that he drank a lot but I thought that this way he tried to relax after all those years of being far from his home and his beloved one. One moment I noticed that he disappeared from the party and I was afraid that something could happened to him because he was *****. I went to look for him. It lasted for a long time, it was dark and in front of the building where everything was I heard some strange sounds. I ran there because I thought that he was sick after all amount of ***** that he drank. And do you know what I saw there? I found him being on my best friend. She was my friend for a lot of years. They made love, the had ***. I did not cry, I did not beat them, I told them nothing... I went out from there.. When he realized what happened and he noticed me going out he even cried to me that I was rather naive and he had never loved me. So this way my most serious relations ended. He was sorry a lot of time after it, but there was no any road back. And I realized the seriousness of Ukrainian problem - our men can't be trusted. I think that it is the reason that so many women would like to find their men from abroad and it is the same about me. So why you are looking for a woman from abroad and Ukraine especially? Hope to hear long and interesting story from you! I think that I already miss you! I want to trust you. For me it is so important! With all my open heart, your Tatjana.
Letter 2
Hi, Patrick! How are you?! Thanks for the letters! Frankly speaking last time when I looked at the size of the previous letter I was shocked and I was afraid that you would not write me back because you would think that I am too talkative! :) Gladly you are here and we can go on! :) You made me smile when you told me that you are too shy and even now you are very shy, I just want you to know that from that amount of letters that I was given today from you I was really surprised and I thought that you are rather straight forward person and you know what you want from life. So I was pleased to see that you are seriously interested in me. You say that you have warm feeling to me and it is so wonderful as I have the same feeling to you. Also I liked that your message when you told me about us living together and having our kids together. It could be unforgettable and it sounded like the real happiness for me. As I told you before I have a lot of things to tell you and a lot of things I would like to know about you. It is because I am seriously interested in you and I have really open heart for you. There is another thing that I would like to tell you. I think that it is important one. But please, before answering to this my letter think about it seriously. I know that the main and basic thing in relations is communication. For this time we communicate with the help of the letters, may be soon we will try to have phone conversation and I would like to... and then I hope that we will meet because I think that it is senseless to communicate via letters only. So in order to communicate we need to have a common language. Of course language of love is helpful but close to reality we need to communicate the same language. As I understand you do not speak Russian. As for me I do not speak English. Of course these letters are in English, but they are translated by translators, alive people who work at the translation company. It is obvious that even in spite of not knowing English I have the right to be happy and I have the right to find my man! Thanks God knowing of language is not as inherited thing and it will be possible for me to learn it one day, I looked for the information about it and I hope that soon it will be possible for me to have English classes and something like this, even to buy the English self-taught, I think that there are a lot of variants for solving this problem, just everything we need is a wish. I have it and I have an aim and to achieve this goal I need to know English. I am sure that one day I will speak it, but I need time for it. It is not a problem for me. But what about you? Will it be the problem for you? Will the fact that I do not speak English for this time be the problem for our relations? And what is your answer? I think that it is fair that I told you about it and I think that it is fair to have your answer. And in spite of your decision I will respect it. Everyone has his opinion and if you think that we will not be able to have relations because of it just let me know and I will understand you. So it is your right, right of choice because we speak not about games, but about people's lives, moreover - about our lives! I will wait for your decision and of course I will pray for the positive one! With all my heart and soul, your Tatjana.
Letter 3
My dear Patrick!! It was great surprise for me that your new letter was in time and we are together again. You even can't imagine how perfect for me that I have the chance to write you my letter today again. It is so funny. Fortunately my boss gave me a day off for today as I felt rather bad yesterday and I stayed at the translation firm for longer time than usual and I had a talk to the manager about my account here and what it is better to do. Just you know that my position is rather sad as I do not have enough money for paying for the letters to be translated. So I stayed here and I tried to get to know what it is better to do for me and may be it would be better to limit my letters per week and not to send photos at all. We stayed and talked to each other and I was really ready to burst out into tears as it was so unpleasant for me and I was so afraid that I would lose you and I would not be able to write you my letter any more as I was told that there was money that would be enough for translating only a couple of letters. And what a magic happened, we stood and talked and the operator came to me and told me that there was the letter from you for me and if I wait a little they will translate and give it to me, as my talk to the manager was not ended I told them that of course I would like to wait for the letter from you and I thought that the only one way for me to act is to confess to you about this problem with the money. But you even can't imagine what shock I felt when I read the letter from you and when I saw that you know and you understand this problem and you would like to take care about it. Thanks my dear. And it was that time when I really cried a little. Thanks that you are so caring! I just asked for the manager again and I told him that may be the problem will be solved by you and we will be together and we will not have to worry about it any more. You should know that now when I write you my letter my hands are trembling and I want you to be here for so much and to kiss you and to let you know how grateful I am to you. You made me smile when you told me that you would like to marry me and you are waiting for the positive answer from me. Just I think that I will tell you...YES! But please do not speed up our relations, I think that we should go step by step and we should enjoy every stage of our relations. As it is so perfect. Also I asked the manager here about Western Union and how they act and I was told everything in details and now I know what you need for helping us to stay together. They told me that you should have my information and here it is: Receiver's name: Tatjana Trishkina
Receiver's address: Pushkina str, 24
City: Debaltsevo
Country: Ukraine
Zip Code: 84700 Also I asked them how it would be possible to get funds from WU and I was told that I also need to have a special information like this: Sender's name:
Sender's address (country is enough):
Sum of payment:
Money Transfer Control Number: Of course some of the answers I know so please, take care about the rest once. I do hope that you will have this letter soon as I told them that it is of great importance and they agreed to help me. I will wait for your answer. Thank you for your care, I miss you and I want you to know that you gifted me an unforgettable feeling as being cared, thank you, I did not feel it for a long time and now I know that it is really perfect. Right me as soon as possible, I will come to the office today in the evening and may be I will have news from you. I miss you. With all my heart,
your Tatjana.
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