Letter(s) from Marina Omelchenko to Billy (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my sweetest Billy!!!!!

Thank you very very much for your reply, i am very happy, that we are together with you, and that you do want to be with me!!! Honey, i want to be with you too, and i think about you all the time, as you came into my heart, and i don't want to lose you!!!!
Honey, i cannot write you much now, as i have asked a manager to allow me to send the letter to you for free, and that is why she allowed, but not much, so i write you, that i will send you the photos of me, of course i can make many photos of you, and i will send them to you, i promise to you, but we have to be together with you, and i will do everything for you just to be with you!!!!
And as for about my account here, i have asked a manager what to do, and she told me, that i can give you the address and my full name, and you may send me money by Western Union, and i will put them on the account, or you may send the letter to them, and they will write their's information.
So, my address is:47000, Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, The Davidova Street, 27/18.
And my name is: Marina Omelchenko.
Billy, i do hope, that you are serious with me, and i do hope, that we will be together with you finally!!! I send you millions kisses, and i will wait for your soonest reply!!!!

Letter 2

Dear Sir,

We would like to inform you, that your Lady Marina is in our office right now. She has received the letter from you, but she cannot reply you, as her account is over. Marina doe snot know English, and that is why she uses our services of an interpreter.
If you are interested with your Lady and if you could help her with the account, so we will send you the information about our services.
Also we would like to inform you, that she sends you her best regards and she misses you much.

Here is information about our services:

-translation and printing of one letter - $5
-scanning of one photo- $2


If you are interested in unlimited services the prices are:

-unlimited service of sending pictures and phone calls - ARE FREE OF CHARGE
one month costs-$200
two months cost-$350


Please, transfer us a necessary amount in favor of manager YANA SMALKO.

Terms of payment

* https://wumt.westernunion.com/info/osMoneyTransfer.asp
* transfer your money via the Western Union,Ukraine,Dnepropetrovsk,Nadra Bank.

You have:

*to send your money, indicating the manager's name YANA SMALKO.
*to inform us of the date of transfer, the money transfer control number (send an e-mail with information), your full name and the sum you are going to transfer.

Sincerely Yours