Scam letter(s) from Irina Zarybina to Ross (Australia)

Letter 1
hello dear Ross,
baby, i have written to you how much the documents cost. will you help me with money on these documents? i don't understand why you are keeping silence, why you are not talking to me about meeting. it doesn't matter when we meet, but these documents have to be ready to be able to meet with you any time...
Letter 2
baby, you are offending me by your letters..i love you so much and i am not corresponding with someone else...why do you say me such bad things?
this is the letters which i was writing you in, 23 and i am sure you will find it among my other letters: Hello my beloved baby, i am so happy to write you a letter today. tomorrow is going to be the Day of Independence in our country and I will be having 3 days off, can you imagine??? it's so great!!! honey, i haven't had such long holidays for a long time already, I haven't even had vacation this year yet. So, tomorrow lots of people will gather at the center of the city and a great concert will be organized. for sure the biggest celebration will be in Kiev, but I think our city Donetsk is not worse. I will meet with my friends who I haven't seen for a long time. baby, the more I know you, the more I regret that we are not together. it will be so wonderful to celebrate all holidays together, to be together, i have also been to the travelling agency and I received information. I was told that I can receive a travelling visa which will let me stay at your country from 1 to 90 days. It's a tourist visa, baby. so, i was told that such visa costs 200$. baby, i will also have to make an international passport and it will cost 235$. these are the prices as for the documents..i want to be with you very much, my love
with warm feelings,
Letter 3
hello baby, i am so happy that now we found out how everything was in reality, possibly i sent you the letter the wrong way or something happened with the Internet and you just didn't receive my letter. baby, i am also waiting for the day of our meeting and i want to tell you honestly that never in my life have i been so much in love. i respect you, i love you and i want to be with you and to cook for you, to walk with you, to have kids form you, to clean the house for you, I want to make you happy, my love Ross!!! i asked my friend and she said me how it is possible so you could help me. she said that there is such a system of money transfer which is called Western Union and that with the help of it it is possible to send each other money. she told me that i should give you the following coordinates of mine. my full name : Zarubina Irina . my full address : Ukraine, Donetsk, Kyjbusheva street, 15. and zip code 83000. so baby she told me that you should go to one of the offices of Western Union and send me money on the documents and you will be given a secret number. then you give this secret number to me and I receive money with the help of it. this is all I know, my Rossik. i love you and wait for your letter!!! kisses
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