Scam letter(s) from Nina Chernova to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, my new friend
If you wrote exactly me, it means that you has chooser me between lot's of others, so I intrigued you. I'm a freshman in the Internet. So, if it will be some discrepancies -I'm sorry. Here, I can find some more acquaintance and concomitant of my life, if it's possible. You see I still belive in love, in real love, full of excitement and true feeling..and I want to find a real man who can be in one time a good friend, attentive husband or just conversable. My name's Valya. I was born in 1977 the 6 of April. I'm medium height - (30) 168 cm. I have blond hair and lovely grey eyes. [NOTE: Her eyes are GREEN. Reportedly her true birthdate is 11 April 1975.] During my full off bright moments life, I met lot's off people. But I have one the worst line in my character: I very quickly get upset to people and begin to trust them. And so, sometimes I was very disappointed with somebody. Of course I have few real friends in my life and I love them. They always countenance and help me when I need them. In appearance, almost all acquaintances see me, like strong and all-sufficient woman. I like to look after my face and body, emphasis on my appearance. What about my hobbies?! I like swimming, and often go to the swimming pool with friends. it gives me a lot of energy and fun. Sometimes, when I have a romantic mood, I write poems about my life, relations between people. Well, I think it is enough for first letter. So if you want to know about me more...just write to me and I'll look forward for your letter... Valentina)))))))
Letter 2
Hello, my one and desired!
How are you? I was very glad to receive your letter. It made me happy :) I like you and I want you know that it's really important for me to be in correspondence with you. I'm waiting each chance to write to you. I feel in love with you. I think it will be greatly to meet you one day, to look into your eyes, your smile, to walk arm-in-arm with you... :) Dear please don't stop to write your letter to me. I need this one. It's very difficult for me to speak this for you but I'm sincere with you and i don't want there are any secrets between us. If you remember in last letters I wrote to you that I live alone. I try top provided for myself, my education and needs. From one side it's not too much, but from the other side the money that I've earned is enough just for this. I think that money isn't important thing in the life.... But unfortunately live dictated it's own rules and we must to place uder them. I know that I don't know English. I use translator service (banal but you understand that it isn't not for free). If you can pay for our correspondence ourcommunication will be continue. And now I want it more than all. Can be something more horrible than be separated with beloved man with whom you want to be... With whom you don't want and can't stop communicate... No! It's like a bad dream... Horrible tale with sad end. I don't want to separated that way. If you make decision don't stop our correspondence please write to this e-mail: This service I use. They'll send you conditions of collaboration. I like you very mach and want to meet you at future, and if you want to meet me, please write at my firm and help us continue our correspondence. I'm waiting for your answer with hope. Kiss you with passion and hug you! Your Valya
Letter 3
Information about your Lady Valya. Dear Sir! We are happy to welcome you in Dialog. Thank you for choosing Dialog as your partner. Our firm is one of the leading translation firms in Ukraine and Russia. Dialog was established in 1988 and today It is known for good quality of translations and good service... Our company supports different international organizations and agencies. During this years our firm Dialog has earned the trust of people, respect and right to stand in the line of the best translation firms in Ukraine and Russia... With the help our firm you can feel your self easily in all spheres of business and life. We can suggest you such services as
1. Translation
2. Interpretation
3. Transcription
4. Desktop publishing
5. Printing and Scanning -Images -Photos
Here, in our firm we have a professional interpreters, who will provide you with a high level of translations in different spheres of translation. All translators are highly qualified and experienced. Our advantages:
* High quality of translations
* Short run of translations
* Reasonable prices
* Good service and good mood for our clients Our price list:
letter translation 4 $ usa or 3 Euro per letter
**** translation 1 $ usa or 0.8 Euro per min
photo sending 1 $ usa or 0.8 Euro per photo
1- month unlimited service fee 224 $ or 164 Euro
2- month unlimited service fee 358 $ or 264 Euro You are can to pay a few letters for a start. For example $100 or EURO 74. It will be correspond 20 letters: 10 letters with photos from you are your Lady and 10 letters with photos from your Lady to you. If You are interested in this type of services we will be glad to send You detailed information about it. Sincerely,Dialog
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