Scam letter(s) from Inna Grigoreva to Duncan (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, this is me again. Sorry I forgot to write you my height. It's 5.5.
There is a saying in Russia (please don't think it's serious, it's almost a joke) - small women are made for love and tall women are made for work. I'm not tall but I don't think I'm short either )) I hope my height is OK for you.
I finished my work only one hour ago and I'm very tired now. I will write you everything tomorrow. Sorry this will be short, I'm so tired now.
I hope you will be at least my friend when I come over there soon!
I'm sending more pics, they are just usual pics, I didn't pose there.
I just don't have another photos now. I will scan more photos for you tomorrow, if you want I can scan some photos in swimming suit. Let me know.
I will write again tomorrow............ Almost sleeping Olga....
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