Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Oksenenko to Eric (USA)

Letter 1
Hi there :)thank you for response,
on my email. I emailed you on and promise to send you my picture ,if you forgot.
I am so sorry that it take so long time reply to you. I was 6 week's in Germany, to improve my professional knowledges in psychology.
First of all, I want you to know I am not from USA,as I write on,I am from Ukraine.
I tryed to get it on web site, but it has not went throw.
I wont write a long letter now, if you are looking for the same as me, i would hear from you back,if not, let it be so.
Well, my name is Elena, but all friends call me Lena. I am 28 years old now, but my birthday is 28th of august, and i will be 29.
I live in Kiev,it is capital of Ukraine,and work as psychotherapist(a doctor) in private clinic for 4 years.
I have been married for 5 years and got divorce eight months ago because my ex cheated on me and hurt me so deep,by this way i am very careful and picky now.
I have no kids, may be i would have in future.
I live in one room apartment i got after divorce, what is about yours place ?
What is your favorite color ? i like blue.
i am in internet cafe now because i have no computer or internet at home,i did not realize that it would be necessary for me earlie.
I have been in Russia,Spain,Germany,France,Belgium.
but never visited United States.
have you ever been here in Ukraine?
How did you find my english ? i can speak it also.
I know, it not so good as my german, but I wanna to improve it.
I want you to know that i am looking for serious relations only.I am not girl for fun,virtual ***, pan pall or other virtual things, i want to find a good man for meeting in person, with other words,i am looking for soulmate to share my life with.Please,very important thing, i ask you at first of all to think about this question :
are you ready for relations with foreing woman ?
I never play any games and i am not going to waist your time.

Well, take care and have good weekend's.

Letter 2
Hey handsome,i am here,
So how are you doing ?
I am glad to get your letter, as you know that it is important for me to find my other half and i hope that you have really thought about relations with foreign woman and find it possible for yourself, it is easy to stop communications before waist each other's time,i have nothing to hide, i just try to explain what do i really need in my life.
Ukrain's men not bad in whole,but when you have been hurt by one of them,you are looking for something different,by this way i am writing to you now.
Yes,we are different with you,but i think that if two people have find interest in each other, it is not problem,so we will see.
I am 5'6 tall and my weight is 122 lbs, I work 5 days per week,8 hours per day, as you know i am a doctor and i must give a lot of attention to each patient,some of them are not easy,but i always try to make my job excellent.
Our clinic is not big,but results are good, thanks to co-workers,we have very good relations.
i am going to have vacation by the end of October, three weeks vacation, how does it sounds ? :)
Unfortunatly, I have no opportunuty to get vacation's this summer :(
what is your favorite season ?
i like Summer,it is nice,
During the last year vacation i took a trip to Spain and it was interesting.
I drive a car,it is Volkswagen Golf 3 1996, it is not new, but I is more comfortable then walk to foot :))
what is about you ?
do you cook ? I do and i love it, Italian food is my favorite, also i can cook Russian/Ukrain and Chinese food, do you like pasta ? what is about meat ?
i cook very tasty steaks, also i enjoy barbeque.
i like different kind of activities,swimming, walking,i do fitness three times per week, do you like fishing,boating ? i enjoy boating very much,it is my favorite.
I love the sea.
What is about your family, do you have many relatives ?
i have a sister,her name is Milana, she is 25 years old and study at university, her husband's name is Taras and they have met here in Kiev,then moved to Donetsk, because Taras's parents live there.
Sometimes i miss her.
We lost our parents three years ago in accident.
Do i often feel lonely ?
I tried to over come it,but i do need a man which is able to take care of me as you see.

well,have a good time

Letter 3
Hey hey :)) it is Lena again,
how your weekend going ?
what is the weather like ?
i am fine and we have sunny days here, i like to go out on weekend when it is sunny, we have no golf here,but i have seen it on TV and found it interesting,i have never played anything like that before,will you be my teacher ? :)
Do you play any music instruments ?
I do.i like Jazz very much, Armstrong,Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday,Ben Webster,Ray Charles.
they are really starts.
I can play saks and i like it.
Are you romantic person ?
you know,i am not young girl and i do not dream about prince or unreal things, i just want to find a honest man to share my private with,to speak open about everything and to spend the rest of my life with, someone i would fall in love and to loose control of my mind, i belive in destiny and happiness is some where close, do you belive in God ? how often do you go to church ?
i am Christian religion and i an in church on Holidays.
I will never hurt the man i am in love with or any other man, i am honest woman and i am very open.
I see that you are interested in relations and i feel comfortable talking to you.
What is your wish ? Something you dream about, do you know what is mine ? You know it already :)
Marriage is not i am looking for,i have went thwo it already,i want to find happiness.
What is happiness for you ?
there are many people in the World, many different wishes.
I think that as soon as the one of wishes become reality,the next next comes...
it took years or the whole life before all of your wishes come true...and than you understand that you are not happy,why ? because wishes were not true.
The true wish is only one,it is able to make your happy,may be i am wrong,i do now know, but it is what i feel.My happiness means that i fall in love, with some one my heart belongs to, for the rest of my life.
My mood is very nice for today, nice weekend, i will try to come here the beginning of next week,i have got a swim suit picture hope you will like it !

well,have a good time

Letter 4

Hello,it is me,Lena.
How are you doing ?
i feel little tired because today we worked out doing fitness.
I am going to take a bath as soon as i get home,do you like to relax ?
I like sometimes :) i am sure that it is possible to get you out of stress or depression, do you agree with me ? Sometimes i can speak to my girlfriend and it make me feel better, do you have someone to speak open with, what is about your friends ? I have got two girlfriends and we are open to each other, their names Liliya and Tatyana,they are married, when i told them about you, it was surprise,they could never thought that i communicate with man throw Internet.
First of all i come here to write a letter for my sister and only after that i have find out about dating site, girlfriends wish us luck.
I had 9 patients for today and it kept me busy, i have international diploma and i can work
as psychotherapist all over the World, it is possible for me.Have you ever thought about living here in Ukraine,it is not bad,but i think that your country is much more safe than here.
Life here is comfortable and you need to work all the time to keep it in the middle level, what is about your area ? what role money play in your life (are they as the main in your life ? )
Well,i am going to be back here soon, take care and try to write me soon

Yours Lena.
Letter 5
Hello my dear !!
Guess who? Right, Lena again :))
I come here just to check and i am glad to see that you have replied.
How are you doing ? What is the weather there ?
here is sunny,as you know it is my favorite :)
Well, weekend was nice, I have a lot of spare time, and I had big shopping tour:))
I am not buy all that I want, but a lot of good emotion I got :) My birthday will be tomorrow, i have no plans yet,it is possible that we will have little party with girlfriends at home or go out,i am not sure yet. It will be great if you have opportunty to congratulate me in person, may be one day it happened, who know :))
Now i would like to desribe my position about money, i am not after money and it is not i am looking for.
I would never marry rich man if there wont be a place for love.I do not want to tell you that money is evil,it is not that.Money is necessary for living,but you can never buy happiness for money.
You can buy a boat,but you will never buy lucky fishing.
It is necessary to be enough money for simple things, as you see,simple things could be interesting when you do them with some one you fall in love.
You can have a lot,having less than other people around, just to share it with your soulmate.
i do not need rich husband to be happy completely, it could be just simple man with big heart, which is able to take care of me.
As you know i have international diploma and it is easy to relocate,so it is not problem to work and support family.if you have more pictures, it would be ineteresting for me to see, i will be trying to get something for you also.
Well,it seems like i need to go

Letter 6
Hey whats up? Hope everything alright with you my dear !
as you know it is my birthday was two day's ago, i want you to know that i have find our communication as very interesting.
I have never met the man which is able to understand me and to take care of my heart completely, if you ever become this man, it would be great,i am sure.
You are honest,as for every woman it is important to be with gentle man and as i see it in you.
I like the way of your thoughts, you are open and educated, you are clever, if you ask me what is my favorite part of man's body,i would answer :
"your brain".what is your favorite part of woman's body ? :)
i do not think that brain :)
My birthday was wonderfull,there are not so many guest, only closest friend's, i cooked many delicious and wish you were here..
As you know i am only one man woman and i do not correspond with other man besides of you throw internet, i think that you will do the same, nobody here has any chance about me if i correspond with you also, i feel that it is right way.
I will be getting a vacation the biginig of october and i wish we could be together by this time.

see you soon

i am glad that you are
in my life

yours Lena
Letter 7
Hey there, it's always good to hear from you.
you make me feel so good !
how are you doing there ?
I am fine, the biginings of working week, It alwayas so hard to wake up on Monday :)
this weekend I was with my girlfriends, they are very curious about us and our relations,they do care about me and wish me to be happy,they asked a lot of questions about you, your life abroad,i have told them that you are good man and that you are able to take care of me,that life abroad is not bad and if i leave here i will be happy with you there, certainly if we have mutual feelings, only by this way,am i right my dearest ?
i hope yes,i think it will be great to see each other this october,we will have a chance to see how couple able we are and if it is so, we will make plans for our future together, i think it is important to see each other in person first of all,and after that to make Global plans, i have traveled abroad and it was always very interested to me,so when it is time, we will find out what does it take, Well,the bathroom is waiting for me at home, would you share ? :)

looking forward to hearing from you

yours Lena
Letter 8
Hey handsome ! glad to hear from you.
how are you doing my dear ?
how is the weather there,here is making realy colder !
i have good working day,do you know what doctors did today ? we donate blood.
yes,and now i feel tired :) i had only 6 patients today and after work all doctors in our clinic donate blood.have you ever donate blood ? it is not plesure at all,but it is necessary,it will help other people who need it in hard the evening i was with doctors in good small bbq know,i think of you very often and all my dreams about us, and our future meet...hope everything will be good and I will have opportunity to get vacation's and visit you this october.
last night i have very bight was night and i looked at stars on the was so clean and i seen every star...
i looked at the brightest star and had wish...i wished to be with you...then i heared your voice,it sounds so told me : " my love,i am here " i tryed to find you and when i left apartment you stayed on the street...
i run to you and we kissed each other so sweet...then we walked up stair to my apartment and lie down in the bedroom...
we begun to take off our clothers and when i felt the warm of your body i just get up kissing pillow :)) it was not fun...
i am looking forward that moment when we kiss each other in person :))

with kisses

Yours Lena
Letter 9
Hey my foreign prince :)
glad to get your letter today, how is your's weekend going my love ?
I am fine, have some rest after working week,
Today my friends visited me at home,i cooked "plov",you know,it is rise with chicken and vegetables,then we had tea and very interesting conversation.they are very curious about us and the main question of this evening was "when we are planning to meet?", i answered that it is not so easy to do, but if my boss give me vacation's this october it will be awesome to meet this time.
Ohhhh, want you to know , I am realy miss you, I want to have such good man as you next to me
You know,last night i can hardly get sleep, thinking of you and looking on the sky.
i dream about our meeting my love, i see you in the airport with flower for me,we waited this moment for a long time, i leave plane and walk to you my love,it is the rainy weather and rain fall down on my hair,you are staying far and at the moment you see me,we run to each other,i fall to your embrances,you gave me flower,but i do not see anything happening around,our first kiss is so sweet,it is so long waited,we are kissing under the rain, and all people look at us and they see that we are happy,that this moment is the most important for us ! rain is more strong and we are wet my love ! oh,it is so great, your keep me in your embrances all the time,we drive home,kissing all the time, i am looking in your eyes and you drive me mad ! then we are at home and you show me where is kitchen located,i cook supper for us and during this time you are prepearing bathroom,do not forget,we are so wet ! then we go there together and fall in this ocean of feelings and imotions long hours,i make underfull massage for you my love,you get good relax in smiling all the time,kissing you my love,i feel that your lips are so sweet !
then we go to kitchen and have very tasty supper,the rain behind window passed and sky is so cleen,after supper we left home and enjoy looking at star sky...i am understand, that is is everything i need,i am in your hands and you will never let me to go...
Hope I am right :))

with kisses

Yours Lena
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