Romance scam letter(s) from Alena Mironova to Fred (Netherlands)
Letter 1
Hello honey!Thank you for your letter!!I was waiting for it!!!Honey it will be wonderful to meet and spend some days abroad!But honey i have a problem,I don't have the international passport!!!May be it will be better to start of doing it?!what do you think?I will wait for your answer!!!I miss you and kiss you!!!Yours Alena
Letter 2
Hello, my darling!!!!!I'm very glad to receive one more letter from you!!!!I'm very happy that i have got you in my life!!!!I want to scream about my happiness!!!!!!I want to tell the world about my luck!!!Thank you for such happiness!!!!!!Of,honey i have a great news for you!!!Today I was in one Travel Company!I found out a possibility how i can come to you!!!!!The travel Company is called "Enjoy-the-travelling"!I talked with a manager,her name is Irina Aleksandrova. This company will help me to make me the visa and the passport!I will arrange everything there!It can be only travel visa, and i can stay in your country from 2 weeks till month!!!!But i hope it will be not our last meeting:)!I'm fantastically happy that we began to make our first steps!!!!!!!I cant wait already when we will meet!!!!!It is terrible!I miss you very much!!!!!!! You know,they will made all documents about two months!I can't stand it!But as you want to see me very much they will be able to make everything for 2 weeks!In such way it will cost 125 $(passport)! Dear, i want to meet with you as soon as possible!!!!Every day i dream about our first meeting!!!!!I'm crazy about this idea!!!!I count the days till our meetings!!!!!! But honey...i do not know how to say it....I feel so awkward...But at the same time i know that you are my man, i can rely on you in every situation!As you know I'm only a student and it is very expensive for me to pay for this documents!My parents can't borrow me such means,because they haven't gain such amount!Maybe there is the chance you can support me with means...I know that you are my man and my serious man who were made for me:)!I trust you!!!!!Please,be sincere with me!!!!I will wait for your answer!!!Love you!Your Alena
Letter 3
Hello honey!!thank you for your letter,i was waiting for it impatiently!!!Honey thank you for your support and understanding!!!I'm really happy that i have found you at last, i want to scream about my happiness!!!!You are my man and only my!!!Dear you asked me to write you my full name and address: Mironova Alena
Uzgorod,Pobedi street,37 So honey i will wait for your letter!!I miss you very much!!Send you a kiss!!Yours Alena
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