Roamnce scam letter(s) from Diana Johnson to Gilbert (Canada)
Letter 1
Good Morning Mr Gilbert,
How are you and your work and family?I hope God is in control.This morning at 9:10am nigerian time,your fiancee Miss Diana Johnson left for the airport in my car with my personal driver to go and book her flight and travel arrangements.At exactly 10:20am nigerian time,i received a call from one of the medical officials that work at the airport and they told me that Miss diana and my driver and some other people were involved in an auto accident which happened a few kilometres from the airport and 2 people died,other people were injured fatally in the accident. Also they informed me that Miss Diana and my driver are among those who are injured and they are presently in Iwosan Clinics,an hospital here in Nigeria.I have been to the hospital and saw your fiancee miss diana and my driver,they are in separate wards of the clinic but my driver is in critical condition.Your wife to be miss diana is also not in a stable condition but she has lost so much blood and has some injuries on her right leg and left hand.She is asleep when i went there to see her. Now the doctors at the hospital said i have to pay $4,800 for the medical bills of miss diana johnson so that they can start treating her,and revive her and make her well soon.Because i want nothing bad to happen to miss diana ,i have deposited $600 for the hospital and i begged them a lot.They have collected the $600 [i borrowed it from my boss at work}from me and they have started treating her. Mr Gilbert,the hospital management said i have to pay the remaining $4,200 us dollars today so that they can conclude all the treatment and surgery on her.Please,do your best for her and consider the fact that she loves you a lot,send the remaining $4,200 us dollars to me Mr Edigve Gerald through western union as you did earlier.Please,send the $4,200 to me this morning before 11am canada time today so i can get it before the bank close and i can pay the hospital.I am doing my best and assure you that she will be fine. You can also call me on my phone: 2348081192867 . The email of the hospital is: . Please,email me back and call me and send the $4,200 before 11am canada time.As soon as she gets better,she will leave here and come down to you.I know she loves you a lot and i know you love her too.You are a very good man.God bless you and your family. Waiting to hear from you soon.
Mr Edigve Gerald.
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