Romance scam letter(s) from Liana Kataeva-Gatiatullina to Martin (Belgium)
Letter 1
Hello Martin! Thank you for answer! i was waiting for your letter and i was wonder if you will write me and if you interesting in me? And when i see your answer i understand you are with me.
Well, from what to start? My name is Nastya ( Anastasia is full form) I am serious girl who want to find her second half and who want to be happy! No, I am happy now I mean happy on marry life! I am looking for my man and it is not important from where he will be , I would like to find kind man with sense of humor who will care about me and about our love. I see my man very interesting person with whom nice to talk about everything and with whom i can spend all my life in harmony. As to me , i am 28 years old ( 3th of the August i had birthday) and i think it is the best time to wind the family. My mom says that I should think about my future very carefully and if I decide to find my man in broad i should be certain in my solution and to be very serious, i know it and of course i know that my mom is right! I live in not big city it calls Antratcite and there live not many people and in my town i did not find my fate , i tried but i did not, i had long relations with one not bad boy ( as i thought) everything was all right but i knew that he had many girls when told me that i am only girl he loved , so in normal way i decided to part and my heart was broken he tried to back me , but i was so upset and i took offence on all world. So after that bad experience i did not have reactions any more. I think i should find my fate not in my town and that is why i decided to find you in Internet, i have hopes to continue our correspondence and to find common language with you.
Maybe you want to ask me where I learn English? In school and then in college. Dear I am a teacher in College now, i work in the College of the Culture and Art, i am a teacher of the Culture. I like my work. I am creative person. What is your work dear? Do you like your work? I like white and blue color and what colors do you like? What is your favorite kind of music? Main is classic and pop music.
Maybe you want to know something about my appears, you can look at me on the photo till we decide to meet , and I can tell you that my high is 170 sm and my wight is 53 kg, I hope i am the kind of ladies you like and you looking for!
Baby i finish now , i wait your answer and i would like to know what do you think about me like about a person. bye-bye! Nastya.
Letter 2
Hello Martin!
Thank you for answer ,your picture and flower:)!
Was it interesting for you to read my letter?
I am wonder if we will continue our communicate, i mean if it will be interesting for us to talk with each other,i am very interesting in you, i like your letter you sent me! Thank you.
How are you , what do you doing? i am all right, today i went to work and during break i decided to peek to Internet cafe and write you my letter dear! i was very busy today, i had many work, of course i like my job, but it is job and i am tired , i want to have some rest, as usual i like to read something interesting before to go to sleep, i like books about culture and history, some times i and my students put little theatre plays and i like creative literature.
Ok, dear tell me something about yourself, how do you like to spend your free time? I like to go to the cafe with my friend and talk about everything, drink cafe or goblet of red wine. I do not drink , but sometimes when we have holidays we can drink wine with my friend. i like to dance, but last time i do not like to go to the disco, there too bored to me, i prefer restaurants and cafe where i can easy talk and listen.
i want to tell you everything you want to ask me , i will answer you and i will be honest with you i promise. i see you are serious with me and i hope we will be honest with each others in future honest too!
Do you like holidays? i like! i like to prepare for holidays, to buy new dress and new shoos, make hair-do, to dream how we will spend holidays together, i think we will have nice time and we will support each others in everything, i want it))
i live alone , i rent flat , i lived with parents some years before and then i decide to be myself and live alone!
And i start cause i think i try to be independent and i hope you like this quality. i am young woman , but i feel myself older that my friends who are the same years olds, i think i have more desires and plans for the future and i understand that the most main thing in the life is family. Do you agree with me?
ok, dear! I am finish. I am waiting for your answer! Nastya.
Letter 3
Hello Martin!
Thank you , I receive your answer to me and nice photo!
I am glad to receive every answer from you and i like i am divided with you my thoughts and to read you opinion on all of them!
I am all right i spent my day nice, i am working and as usual little tired, i dream about holidays and i want to come somewhere interesting place and to have measured rest days , maybe on the coast of the sea, i do not know. Last time i went to the sea two years ago, and i would like to come to the sea this year, and i hope with you )))
What do you think ? Do you like active rest or measured? I think anyway the rest is the rest and it is better than working all time! I did not told you about my family. I have parents and i love them very much i am one child in family. But i have many cousins and i love them too. My parents live not far from the city where i live , they have little house. My dad is a miner, but it is not good job in my country it is very danger and the salary are little but the people should work and my dad got accustomed, my mom is a saleswoman. I love my family and try to care about them to help my mom when i have rest days about the house , we like to grow flowers near my family house and we like to cook with my mom, by the way I like cook. I can cook Ukrainian and Russian dishes , i like also Italian dishes too, pizza, noodles with pasta are my favorite dishes!
What is your favorite dish?
Do you like to cook?
Ok, dear i am waiting for your letter with the story about your family and about your plans on summer and i hope i will receive your next letter!
I hope i am easy in communicate and you understand my English, by the way i learn English in school and i put always good mark , but of course i understand that i should improve my language!
ok, i am waiting for your answer! Anastasia ( Nastya).
Letter 4

Thank you very much for your answer again!
first of all i want to mention that i live not in Russia, but in Ukraine!:)
that's great that you would help your woman with home things, i like it,and also i see that you must be a romantic man:)
tell me how is your day?
I am all right! The weather in my country and in my city is well but cold! Today in my city it is sunny but sun doesnt warm anymore:(
Today I woke up rather early cause yesterday evening I went to bed very early I had a had ache and decided to sleep. But today morning I felt myself nice and vigorous and i prepared breakfast , I cook salad it was consist of fruits: banana, apples and orange with cream! So delicious!!! Then I took shower and made make up, I was ready for new day, my morning was usual, but one thing happened, i thought about you and try to analyze your letters you sent me i think we should try to build couple, there for i am ready i think. Ok, i went to my work and i had nice day, not hard and i even do not tired , i feel myself very well and my friend called me today and we decided to meet in small cafe.
Today evening i ll go to the cafe with my friend. I would like to invite you to come with me this evening but you are far from me now but i think in near future we would do it:)?!anyway ,i also missed my friend and would like to see her tonight:)
we will talk and listen to the music, maybe i will tell my friend about our correspondence , what do you think?
I like to drink coffee with milk, as usual i make order for a coffee in cafe and enjoy every gulp. what Do you like more tea or coffee ?
My minds about relations between man and woman that i thought today morning.
I think that between man and woman there should be understanding. Also there should be trust and physical inclination! A man and a woman should be best friends. Love begins with friendship. If friendship is strong and mutual love will also be pure and mutual! I do want to fall in love ! I want to be happy from this love! I want to give my smile to all people! First of all to my lovely! do you agree? The most important is trust!!! Romantic sense will scatter some time later but friendship and honest and respect should stay always ! It is my opinion.
Wait for you back! Anastasia.
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