Letter(s) from Anahit Shakhbazyan to Van (USA)

Letter 1

Hello VanV
I am glad to see your first letter today!
Thanks that you have answered me.
I have removed a structure on yahoo because I do not see sense further so to communicate with people. I am glad that you have written to me. I did not have experience on that site, therefore I am glad that you have written to me.
I hope that we shall make friends with you and we shall communicate well.
Once again about me:
Growth: 5.6
Weight: 48 kgs
Figure harmonous, sports.
I like to be engaged in many kinds of sports. At leisure I am engaged fitness, aerobics, club dances. This my hobby. To like me sports because it is a way to a healthy way of life.
I have no harmful habits, I do not smoke and I do not drink also all I wish the same.
It will be good, possible for you a shock find out that I live in Russia now.
Recently I was in the USA, at the girlfriend which lives there already for a long time. I liked it the country and now I shall try to understand your tradition and culture because it is interesting to me to know it.
To tell fairly I search serious relations with the person which will understand me. To see in me the girl and to show care. As well as all girls I want simply caress and love.
Now in Russia autumn, - a golden time. To like me this season.
VanV I hope that you not will angrily on me, but I could not be registered from Russia because it simply not probably. Therefore I was registered from the USA. Where my girlfriend lives.
My girlfriend has met on this site of the person of the dream with which she lives in happy marriage already about two years:)
I have decided to follow her advice and too was registered on a site yahoo personols. and now I hope also to meet here the soul mate for dialogue and meetings.
I have received two higher educations, therefore now I have decided to take care of the future and to find serious relations. to me 27 years. I not when had no serious relations earlier because time at me occupied career.
Now I successfully work in current one year.
My trade: the engineer the designer. Also I know two languages and a degree of work abroad. But I not fan to work there. Therefore I live here and I work too at home.
At present I live with my parents whom I very much respect and I like.
I hope that in this letter I have given you even superficial concept about that who I such. It will be pleasant for me if you will answer me same because I hope for good relations with you.
On it I shall finish the letter because it is time to me.
Yours faithfully Tatyana.

Letter 2

Hello VanV
Again it is very pleasant for me to see your letter today. Thanks that you have answered me. It is very pleasant for me to speak with you. To admit I knew that you will write to me the letter. Because I hoped for it. For what I also want to tell to you many thanks. For me it is unusually pleasant to see your letter.))) and you force me to smile.
Know I very sincere girl and to like me all light acts. To me to like when men look after me. Because as it seems to me that if to build love. That is necessary make it beautifully.
Today in our city very good weather, shines the sun and in streets it became very beautiful.
Today we with my girlfriend have decided to go in a wood to breathe fresh air. I want to tell that I very much liked this idea and tomorrow I shall tell to you as we have visited there. If it is interesting to you? At this time year in Russia there comes remarkable pair. The summer also becomes even more beautiful when all will blossom. So I think that this moment is very beautiful. And I would like to fall in love. And also I want romanticism. You know when there comes this season that my soul is filled by pleasure... Probably you not absolutely understand me?
I want to ask you that you to me have told little bit more about yourself. All that you want and that do not want. I want to know about you all!!! I think that you not against if I find out you. I think that it is necessary for us with you to both. Because so we shall know each other better. Today I as shall send you the photo and I want to ask you that you have sent me the photo. You liked my photo? I want to ask you as I look on a photo? To you to like? To me it will be simple very pleasantly if you liked my photo.
I as can send you a photo from my work when I will have such chance.
I want to tell to you about my parents.
Mine of mums very good person. I very much love mum and always I trust her in all. At present I and my mum. We as two girlfriends. I tell all her about that that you have written to me. My mum worked on a public catering establishment earlier and therefore she also I very well prepare with the big pleasure I adopt her art. Can be at you when that will be chance to try as prepares my mum.
Now I shall a little tell to you about mine to the daddy. Mine the daddy very cheerful and kind person. he rather big growth and enough combined athletic body. he can always support any company and all friends always speak about him only good.
I think that in this letter a lot of information on my family. Now you have some representation about us.
On it I shall finish my letter because it is time to me to go home.
I shall be glad to receive your letter again.
With sincere respect Tatyana.

Letter 3

Hello my dear, today I want to ask you about that that you have given me the phone number. I shall try to call to you one of these days to speak with you.
So, your phone number and probably a code of the country is necessary for me that I could talk to you.
It is very interesting to me to hear your voice and to speak with you, and I hope that you of the same opinion.
I shall wait for your number today.
I shall try to call to you one of these days to speak with you.
Yours faithfully Tatyan