Letter(s) from Svetlana Oksenenko to Fred (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello my lovely Fred! At last I am here again with you, my sweetheart. How much I wish you to be here now, but I am still so far from you, it's very difficult for me to wait us to meet! I am very happy to know that you want this with the same passion!!! So, I am sure that we are together, alone. My honey, as I have already written you in my previous mail I went to the agency to find out what kind of documents I need to come to you. So, darling I have learnt that to get an international passport will coast us $450 if I understood you correctly and I should fly to Amsterdam airport, and to get the visa $305. The visa cost so much because you know it's not very easy for people from my country to enter such country as yours. And in this case we would be able to meet soon. For me it would be better to use the agency as I am young, not married girl and if I go to the embassy alone it would be little suspicious. But in the case when I use the agency they would recommend me. Oh, darling. we have been waiting for so long to be together and now we have a beautiful opportunity at last to join our souls and bodies!!! As for me I can't wait any more, I want to see your eyes, to see your smile, to feel your body, oh, God,I am going crazy! And what about you my sweetheart Fred, do you want to see me??? My dearest Fred, are you ready to get all my love and all passion??? My darling, I want to come to you very much but dear as I told you before my family is not from rich one and we cannot cover all expenses of the passport and visa. So if want to see me as I want to see you, I suppose we should start doing my passport. What do you think??? My sweetheart I hope you will phone me today. As it seems to me such kind of things is better to discuss on the phone. I am very impatiently waiting for it!!!! I send you million kisses!!! They are hot and very wet!!! Your Yulia!

Letter 2

Hello my dearest Fred!!! I am very happy to get your letter!!!!!!! I miss you so much, each day means nothing without thinking of you my sweetheart!!! How are you there getting alone?? how is going your work??? Your friends?? Did you miss me???:))) I miss you so MUCH!!!You can't even imagine how wait that moment when I come to the Internet cafe to see you, to know something new about you!!! I am very thankful for your desire to support me somehow as I can't do that by myself!!!! I understand that I was wrong yesterday, I understand that you have your work and you can't leave everything just to see me... Now, I am very sorry of being not right!! I send you info about me: Osina Yulia, Stroiteley street 14-b, Zhytomir, Ukraine. I want to start doing my documents, as I want everything will be ready for your coming...:)))) I want to meet you so much!! You make me crazy!!!... But I like it so much!!!!!!!!!! Waiting for you my darling!!! Miss you!!! Kiss you!!
love! Yulia!