Scam letter(s) from Julia Urzhumceza to Greg (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Greg!
I was very glad to recieve you answer.
You didn't send a photo. Please, send. I really want to recieve it. I'm waiting for your picture.
Greg, your e-mail shows that you are interested in me. It is very pleasant. Do you really consider me to be nice and pretty? If YES, of course, i will send you other pictures of mine in my next letters.
Greg, i have a lot of questions for you and i hope it won't be difficult for you to answer. I think you are a handsome and interesting man, so your opinions on different things are important for me.
I have finished the university on professions physical culture and sport and now work the trainer on fitness in sport club. I much like its work since she helps to support me get prettier physical form.
I think you've read my profile, so you could see that i'm interested in serious relations with a good man. I will try to tell about my character. But I don't know to begin. I think i'm a very romantic person. I like to communicate with people, i like good humour. I value in people the following features: faithfulness and honesty.
I believe in love, and i think it is a very valuable thing which people have to keep. I adore to recieve compliments and i'm ready to hear it all day long.It is very important for me to have tiredness and order around me. Of course, i always do a thourough cleaning in my house very often. i I also engoy cooking, different delicious things. I like romantic relations among a man and a woman,and i think all women want to make acquaintance with a good man and have romantic and serious relations with him. But very often these relations are very short. And frankly it is not for me. It is waste of time.Now i haven't met a man whom i want to give myself and my life.But i dream to find such a person. I think that for a woman her job and success should stay on the second place. The most important are the reliable family and a darling man whom she can take care of.
Tell me please what kind of a woman do you like to meet?Sorry Greg, that i ask you to discuss such frank things with a person whom you know for several days. But i really want to know it about you. I have told you shortly about my opinions and views, and hope it will interesting to you. I will wait for your letter.
Best wishes,
Letter 2

Hi Greg!
I'm very glad to hear from you again. With every new day we begin to get to know each other better and your letters are very interesting for me. Last time happen no interesting and pleasant things and it makes me sad, but your letters are like medicine for my sorrow. Greg, thank you that you answered me my questions and let know some of your thoughts. These e-mails help me to realise and understand what kind of person you are.
Thank for your photo. i liek you very much.
Greg, i send you another my picture. I hope you will like it.
Tell me more about your family, please. Have you a lot of relatives? Do you have good relations with them? How often you meet?
My family is very friendly, and we have very close and warm relations with each other. I've already told you that i live with my mum and dad. We live in a comfortable and cosy flat where we have three rooms, a kitchen, a balcony, a big bathroom. I have my own flat. And i'm the only child in my family.
My father's name is Alexandr. He is 48 years old. He work in auto workshop.
My mother's name is Irina, she is teacher. She doesn't work for several years and she keeps house. We love each other and sometimes we go out of town (in the country) for fun and rest. In summer it is the beach, fishing. In winter skating, skiing. I like it very much.
As for me, i'm an independent person and can take care of myself. Once i even wanted to rent a flat and live alone, without parents. But my parents asked me to stay with them some time and i couldn't disagree with them. I think that we are alike a little, because you also feel lonely and i understand you.
Among the people around me there is nobody who can be good for serious relations. It is well-known that the number of good men diminish every day, and it is so painful to be disappointed in a person when you thought that met a suitable one. Maybe that's why i decided to try the service of acquaintance. Maybe hear i will find a man who will love me. I've stressed in my profile that i look for a man who is older than me. I personally think that a man who is older has a good experience of life and can value women. I hope that someday i will be happy. So i finish my letter. Later i will tell you more about myself.
Greg, i'm waiting for your letters.
Hope tohear from you soon.
Letter 3

Hi Greg!
It is pleasant , that you studied my some ideas in the last message. Greg, I don't often tell about the deep ideas and opinions, but i has written it to you, because has felt desire to open it. It is very important to have a person whom you can trust and open your soul. I'm very glad that you understand me greatly and i can tell you everything.
Thank you Greg, that you have written to me some details about your life and family. I closely studied it. It has helped me to understand you and your life better. I feel that you become more close for me.
Thank for your new photo. i like you very much.
Greg, It is time to me going to do some business and it is necessary to meet the friends. By the way I told them that got acquainted with you, and parents know about you also.
Have a good day, honey! I wait for your letters.
Letter 4

Hello! today i check my e-mail and sow that was here many spam and was delete all that was here. i afraid now maybe i delete your letter too.
please resent me your last letter.
i will waiting it. with kisses, Yuliya
Letter 5

Hello dear Greg!
Greg, today i had a very difficult and hard day at my work.
But i found a little time to send you this message and say that i miss you very much when i wait your letters. I will write you later.
Yuliya P.S . Greg, and do you have a desire to reach your computer to read my letter?
Letter 6

Dear Greg!
Thank you for your answer, your letters really make me glad. This week i have new topics for thinking, and these thoughts really worry me. I don't know your opinion and thoughts, Greg, but as for me, our relations begins to be serious for me. These are new emotions in my calm heart. It is very uncommon for me with help of Internet to make acquaintance with a man who lives very far from me and to have relations with him. Earlier i have never told you my adress because i knew you very bad and not long. I live in a middle part of Russia, in the town Medvedevo. Unfortunately it is very far from you. If not, we needn't so many letters to get to know each other better. We could meet, talk, spend some time together and know each other better. And for us it isn't an easy and quick way. But i hope it won't a problem for us if we decide to do it in future.
As for me, i have already travelled to some countries.For example as a tourist to Europe: Turkai, Italy, Germany. That's why, Greg, you shouldn't worry that there is such a bug distance separating us. I'm such a woman that if i love a man very much i will be ready to come even to the Moon. But nowadays this is a problem to make such travellings. I don't worry about it and i have even truthful feelings when i make acquaintance with a person from the other side. It is very interesting for me to get to know a person with another culture, thoughts, traditions. It is one of the things which i like in you. Not the main, but new and interesting. Maybe if our relations are strong you will understand and learn a mysterious Russian woman! I hope it is interesting for you to learn and test such a woman.
I think, darling Greg, you can't resist to my female majic for a long time if it happen so that we will be face to face, person to person.
Here i finish my letter and will wait your answer.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Kisses and huggs,
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