Letter(s) from Inna Shatunova to Martin (Belgium)

Letter 1

Hello martin! Good surprise to receive your message :). I am happy, Thanks for contact to me. I hope, that you have time, to send me some messages and we could to know each other much better.
Well... Now concerning me, me 27 years of age, my name Natalya. Unfortunately I
Live far from you. Otherwise it was not necessary for us a lot of e-mail,
To study each other. I live in Russia, in city Kazan. I
Never was married, I live in an apartment of my mum. Something
Interesting in my work. I work as the seller in shop which is borrowed on
sale of products of food.
Inform me concerning your work. You love your work? I also like to travel, be in other cities, and I never left the country. And I love new
Various places, but my work do not allow me to travel often. I
Have many friends, we have spent time together, usually we go to cafe
To a film on concerts, we have much others entertainments. Also I
Prefer healthy style of a life. 2-3 times during a week I visit gymnastics.
I am insolent wash a body in the healthy form. And you have any sports meets in a life
Now? Inform me. I send you my photo, I hope, that you love. Also I want it
You send me some your pictures. Also inform concerning you, concerning yours
Interesting things, that you like to do, your hobby, that yours
Sign on the zodiac? I hope, that we shall have time for the letter another interesting
Letters to each other. We shall look, that will be..., write to me martin, I shall wait for your letter.
Your friend Natalya.