Scam Letter(s) from Maria Furman to Leondios (Greece)

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Letter 1

Hello Leondios!
Thanks for your letter and for your interest in me.
How are you to day??
I will try to tell you something about me. I am 22 year old and I live in Ukraine in a town named Ternopol. I work as a medical nurse in the hospital in pediatric department.
Here in my town I live with my granny. i don't have either Mum or Daddy. I think family and friends are very important.
I am an ordinary woman; I like to go in jeans and in dresses. And if I have a man I love, I like to touch him and kiss him a lot, almost all day long When I have free time I like to do plenty of ting, cinema, theatre, go out and see stand-up comedy or just take free time and do noting, just look at TV and relax. I like travelling.
I am a serious woman and I like men who know what they will in dear life.
I am a faithful, loyal woman, family orient, and I like children, I have plenty of love to give the right man.
I have not been married. But if I meet the right man I wish to get married and maybe have some children.
I like to make and get surprises, take out to a romantic diner or give him just the relaxing massage...(Can't tell everything's! then is not a surprise)
I know English well and i write to you on my own from the Net cafe.
I have plenty of humour and some time a little crazy ;-) I am a serious, kind woman, and I will have a serious and steady relationship. And I hope for a life whit love forever. Can you tell me more about you?
If you want to know more about me don't hesitate to write and ask, and I'll answer you as good as I can.
Look forward hearing from you again soon.
Take care.

Letter 2

Dearest Leondios!
You don't know how I am glad and versify full of activity because I find your letter brighting in my mail box, you are like a jewel in my life now that I hold it with all my sense and fight to keep it with me, thanks for your hopes to me.
I liked your letter very much! It made my heart beating quicker and quicker. Your words written here in the letter made me fell the best I have ever have. I even can't express all I feel. Hope my letter will bring kind smile on your face( as your letter did it with me ) You know , I began feeling you. Yes, yes, don't laugh! It seems to me that now you are in good mood and even smiling. Where are you writing from? From home? Or from your job? Where are you now? I wish I were by your side now. It would be so exciting! Let's decide what we would do if we were together? I think, first of all we should eat something.
Something extremely tasty. Like.. What would you prefer? No, not pizza, please! Something like.. ice-cream with strawberry I would say. Do you know what's the best way of eating ice-cream? No? than I'll teach you. It's so exciting, believe me. But, I can't decsribe it through the computer. I'm not sure that this metal machine could work after that. It will be burnt. With shame, or with passion ( depending on the computer's morality). Of course I will teach you how to eat ice-cream! In a special way... It's especially exciting on the hot summer day, but the outside hotness isn't the necessary condition... When everything inside is burning the thermometer is of no help... The greatest art is to lick the ice-cream before it begins melting. And the strawberry, the only strawberry will be the prize for the skilful winner. It's extremely delicious! I'll do everything for you to be mine!
You gave me a special inspiration, thank you for this! My sweet, maybe we should meet?
With my tender kiss to you
Your Masha

Letter 3

My lovely Leondios!
Honey, I am so happy to hear from you... I hope everything will be ok and we will be together soon...I think that it will be so romantic to meet you in the airport and give you a kiss.... full of passion and desire to meet you in real life......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i know it will be wonderful...My heart now is open to you.I believe that we have chance to change our lives and make each other truly happy. Believe me and I will lead you to something wonderful and pure what you never experienced before. Honey yesterday I was in the agency and i have got this information. The travel agency can organize a trip to you on the conditions I will have passport and the tourist visa that can be open without letter of invitation. You know that i have never been abroad and that is why i need to make the international passport, it costs 112$. The tourist visa 137 $. They told me that length of getting passport is 5 days, visa is 14 days after payment. The tickets to Athens costs 268 $ + 45 $ taxi from my town to the airport. They told me as soon as they have the payment for the documents they will start the process and then I will need to make the photos and so on...Dear.... hmmmm I am so excited about it..... I hope it is enough to make all the documents for my possibility to come to you.. What do you think???? As sooner the agency begins the process as faster we will meet.... Am I right?????? I very eagerly wait for your sweet response my dear. You are all I need to make my life complete. Your absence in my life is felt every day, every hour, and every minute of my life.
I hope that you will enjoy of a good Friday, and that all be well with you over there.
With the tenderness I send you my kisses.
Your Masha

Letter 4

My lovely Leondios!
How were you without me all this hours?I hope you are all right!
But as for me I can say this about me. I understand that I very often think about you. You are always in my head! Tonight i had a very pleasant dream! We were together on the seaside beach. We observed a wonderful sunset,while we were sitting there. I really felt your strong hugs and i was very pleasant that at last I had a real man near myself. We talked to each other and we both enjoy our conversation. And off course,we kissed each other...
I am waiting for our meeting... I am dreaming about our first night ...
about your hands, about your kisses, about your touches... .
Dear, I can't wait our meeting!!! I think it will be great to meet you
You can send the money via Western Union to my name. It will be safe and convenient for us to make everything this way. What do you think???
My full name is Maria Furman
My address is Veselaya st.3/11
Zip code is 46000
Now when I write you the letter I feel that I am exciting and I need you... your breath... your kisses... your body... I will make you the happiest man in the world and you will be feel yourself with me happy all day and all night... and morning... I imagine how we shall wake up every morning... and coffee in the bed...It is so wonderful!!!!!!!! Darling, I need you... I am thinking about you all this time...
Your Masha
p.s. Write to me as soon as you can . I will wait for your news



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