Letter(s) from Sofia Chyrchenko to Wesley (USA)

Letter 1

Dear Wesley!

I so am happy after our conversation with you and as to hear your voice! So it is pleasant to me to speak by with you to phone, that you to give me and to understand, that it to make us more close to each other! I to feel, that in my days there was a sense after we to solve all ours not understanding, and the difficult period in a life which I had and my family! I yesterday spoke you, that have started to make documents my birth certificate, I already to give the notary on translation and to pay for it 25 dollars. I to print out forms, that you to send me and to Monday I shall go in special firm which assists to fill these questionnaires of that all would be correct! As on Monday I shall make a special photo for the visa! A paper from militia I shall be inquiry in Wednesday. It is special day for inquiry this paper in militia. To me to speak, that it will cost 10 dollars. I to not find out yet cost DHL, but I on Monday or Tuesday to find out necessarily. As for wh at to make the visa to me it would be necessary to make the information from hospital about my inoculations and as the paper from a house management is necessary for me, that all mine municipal payments are paid! I shall make it on following week. Dear I already to spend all of money, that you to send me. I to pay for the notary and to buy to me necessary things for me now. I yesterday to speak with my parents about you and me, very seriously. I to speak, that you to come to December in Ukraine for a meeting with me! And my parents to speak, that it is better to us to go together on a vacation what better to learn each other! And it is better for will advance the visa in embassy! Also it is possible to choose a place where warmly and for me it is easy to open the visa and it will not be very expensive and there will be a romanticism! I wish you to have good day! Kiss for you! Sofia

Letter 2

Dear Wesley! I really enjoyed your letter. Because it is pleasant for me to learn your ideas and feelings about me. And I feel now easily and very well. I feel that I have found in this life something very important. Your desires are close to my desires. I see that you true strong the man and I want to be with you the gentle, tender, true woman. The god has created the woman for the man, and I do not understand, when women want to be as the man, and the man as women. We require looking narrowly to each other and to have very good and romanticism time together, that relations would have more close and passion of the relation, romanticism. I expect from the future relations of full mutual understanding. I want to present the heart, the soul, to the person whom love of me will be, I feel that it you... If you are capable of boundless, eternal love then we should be together and try our relations to make by more serious. I know that in the world it is not a lot of people which are capable of such love. And still there are people which are created the friend for the friend. And then this love does not depend on age, from a place, from time. We can be happy both in a huge palace and in a tent on a desert island. If we really want to have with you good time together and to lead our target vacation unforgettably I would like that we with you have visited the exotic country. I very much would want that for us it was unforgettable and romanticism time. I dream for example to visit with mine the man such countries on Caribbean area. These countries for me it is easy to get. To this I to suggest to meet together in another the country on a vacation. Where will be only you and I. We shall be all time together. Every day and night to wake up early in the morning together, to have breakfast together, all time together! So we to learn each other it is very good and after that all to solve! I can fly to you; it is not heavy to me to open the visa in this country and to you to go in this country! How you to think my dear? And today I will go to the notary to get my documents! I to wait your answer! Sofia

Letter 3

Dear Wesley!

Thanks for your letter! I too am very glad, that you so experience in occasion of our trip. I to offer a meeting our romanticism to Caribbean Islands because to Kiev in the winter very coldly and it is a lot of a snow or it is raining. Very much smooth on street and very grey sky without the sun! And I so to love the sun, the sea and soft sand! I to look prospectuses about Aruba and it very beautifully and wonderfully and romanticism very much! I very much to want, what our first rest to be very much romanticism and it is beautiful! I to be yesterday in the tourist agency, and they to speak, that my ticket will cost $1050. And it to fly through Amsterdam directly up to Aruba. It is better than St. Lucia. Up to this island it is very difficult to fly and it is very expensive! I as to ask agency to choose the tourist not expensively hotel for us, and all ours trip will cost approximately $3000-3400. The hotel will be all inclusive and we will not need to spend money, only if we to want excursion and souvenirs for our family! And they will as make the visa to me on Aruba! I to write to you about it and we shall speak about it in the evening.

Dear I to wish to go in Alexandria on this week what to make all quickly for the information and as because some days will be heavy to take from us on work and me for this purpose soon annual report. In target at the police is not present work, and I cannot go in target!

I very much to wait your call!

Have good day!


Letter 4

Dear Wesley!

My dear I already to have news about our trip on Aruba. I still to Alexandria and on this I to come into the Internet of cafe to send you the letter from news! You were very much, the truth, in occasion of tickets for travel. On this I to ask to reserve already the tourist the agent the ticket for me for December, 10th there and December, 20th back for me. The place is not enough! I to ask completely to me to tell all sums as you to speak me!

$1075 it is cost of the ticket for me (the ticket makes agency especially for this round)

$1900 it is cost hotel for 10 days one number for 2 person with one big a bed (the name of hotel Divi Aruba hotel this hotel where all inclusive meal, drinks everything, entertainment and as all kinds of sports, I to think that it very well and we economy well) hotel very beautiful I before to see the prospectus and to enjoy very much.

$65 it is the Transfer for me up to hotel and back in the airport!

$45 it is cost the visa to me (agency to make the visa within 14-20 days)

$150 it is the insurance for me for 10 days.

Total cost it $3235 for us a two!

To have agency the manager what to speak on English her name is Svetlana and her phone number +380662491184 it so you can contact her!

I dear for tickets should buy quickly because a time the limit stands up to Monday.

I get a paper from police and tomorrow I am back to Kiev and will go to Kiev police to make all police documents!

I so to wait our meeting and to dream about it! Have good day!

Kisses for you!