Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Suhih to Billy (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Billy!!!
Greetings the darling as your business? I while live at the girlfriend!!! Billy from your told letter I wish to tell to you I to you already I spoke called up to the person to friends it works in embassy to me I have told what better to send money through the Western union on my data which to you already I sent you the darling I would shall write still that you remembered: My data: Gordeyev Alexander, Russia!!! My documents are already done to me it will be necessary to pay for the visa and the passport only!!! I wish you to ask still that you have sent me your phone number I wish to hear yours a voice probably you too well?With love and hope your favourite Aleksandra:)!!!

Letter 2

Hello Billy!!!
Saw your letter. Very well that you have noticed this mess. I wished to look for you the family person at which there are no not what problems but it not so. I hope you you understand why I so has made. I did not wish to tell to you it. But with mum and the daddy I do not live for a long time. I rent the apartment with the girlfriend and so it has turned out that I cannot pay it now. I have visited my parents. They cannot help me. I very much was upset and when I have come lady cried. It was seen by my girlfriend with whom I live. I have explained to it{her} that I bring it because us move together. she has told that can bring for me a part of money but it is not enough of it . Certainly I can return to parents but I do not want it because my freedom at once will be limited. And the most important my girlfriend remains without habitation. It not from this city. If she remains without an apartment that it will be reflected in its work. It{she} can remain without it. As our plans will change:( I hope you do not want change of plans just as I. I speak it because I have nobody to ask the help. If you will understand my position and can help that I to you I shall be very grateful. It in your forces? The mistress of an apartment has given us time up to the end of month to give it money or to release an apartment. In the end of month I shall be compelled to leave this dwelling. Us does not suffice nearby 400 $. What do you think of it? I can count on you? Tell to me it in the nearest letter. I spoke about documents to you earlier, that I have a unique problem with money too. If I shall have it on hands it is required to me about two weeks before arrival to you. The more quickly it will occur the will be delays less.Now I very much wait your conclusions. I hope you put some efforts for the decision of our problems. Your favourite Aleksandra Kiss.

Letter 3

Hello Billy!!!
It is very a pity to me that you of such opinion. I wished to be with you fair and have told to you the truth. To me it is very sick that you throw me such difficult minute deny assistance to me. You have broken my heart!!! Aleksandra.



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