Scam letter(s) from Elena to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1
Greetings!!! How are you doing?
My dear Matts I hope that I have interested you because you have interested me. I very much would want that we corresponded and there can be our correspondence will develop in ******. I want to inform little bit more about myself I I like to go in for sports in the summer in the days off like to do morning jogs on two kilometers it very much invigorates me. In the winter I usually go on a skating rink to skate and in the days off I go to ski but it it happens not always but I try to do it as it is possible is more often. Still I visit a training hall there I am engaged in aerobics and I am engaged on simulators. I visit them usually in the spring and in the autumn. Probably if we shall meet you will allow me to go to a training hall? What do you do at leisure? I want to inform you as passes my usual working day. I wake up in 6 mornings and at once I go to wash then I prepare myself for coffee and a breakfast. I leave from a house in 8 mornings because to me I was necessary to be on work in 9 mornings reach for work by the service bus it passes by my house at 8 o'clock 10 minutes of morning. After I arrive for work the working day it I begin begins at me hardly usually in second half of day work more actively. In 1 day at us the lunch break begins and we with workers go to have dinner in coffee then I would go to the Internet of coffee what to write to you the letter. To 2 o'clock in the afternoon my lunch break comes to an end also to me again it is necessary to be on work. My working day comes to an end in 6 o'clock in the evening after work if I am not strongly tired I go to the Internet of coffee and I check the letter. Then I go home. At home usually I am already in seven o'clock in the evening I prepare for a supper for myself and for my mum my mum comes from work approximately in 8:30 evenings and we with have not supper together. If I strongly am not tired that I usually I go to take a walk at us near to the house where I live there is beautiful reddening I usually leave there in the evening to take a breath of fresh air. Then I go home. Before dream I usually read the book 1 hour after that I fall asleep. How passes your day? You want to have children? I was born in city in which I now I I 11 classes after school I live has gone to school in seven years at school has finished has gone to institute and studied as the bookkeeper - economist. My mum learned to prepare for me many different dishes. So with kitchen at me all is fine much it is pleasant as I prepare. In the beginning I worked on the bookkeeper, but there paid 100 $ very little, and then to me have suggested to work as the tutor in a kindergarten and to bring up children, and I have agreed. This work very much is pleasant to me also I earn 160 $ in a month. I think that abroad I can show the abilities in work more strongly because at us in Russia very difficultly to develop and promote and at us work of the person and the salary everywhere very low is very badly appreciated. I want to tell to you if our destinies will be left also we shall live together that I too I want to work for the sake of family and I shall create firmer family will always carry out the female duties on the house my husband is fed with a tasty breakfast and a supper and my husband always will have pure house. I think that I have taken a great interest to me a little is time to run my time comes to an end. Write to me please I shall wait your letter. Happily!
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