Scam letter(s) from Patricia Aferdi to Mark (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Friend,
How are You Doing and I hope You are fine as i am and thank you very much for your mail and it was very nice to meet you on By the way let me tell You something about myself to You and i hope you can also do the same so that we can know each other very well.I am 31 yrs old Black African decert female, single,5-6 ft tall, 128 lbs., black hair and colour of eye is gray,and chocolate colour.I live in the capital city of Accra, which is along the coast of Ghana west africa, I'm looking for a soul that stimulates me emotionally, visually, spiritually, intellectually and practically . I would like to find an intelligent man who wants to live and love, and be happy,active and enjoys the great outdoors. A person that is not able to take only but knows how to give. A man with a very romantic nature who is able to appreciate both "the breath of the ocean" and "the breath of the flowers" but also very practical, with really human values, honest, loving, affectionate, confident and secure. In my dream WE are playful and serious, creative and contemplative, exceptional friends and lovers, adventurous, compulsive while being responsible, liberal, spiritual, expressive, practical (me more than you) yet spontaneous.

I want love, family and marriage. Very much so. I have been waiting for the right man to give all to and to receive all from. I am looking for my future husband and I am very serious.These are things I want and wish for so much.I study English it at university and I've also finished English Language Courses for beginners as I was going to travel abroad to Australia where my cousin lived with her husband. But unfortunately I didn't manage to go there, but I can speak English now. So my efforts were not in vain.:)

I am Patricia Aferdi.I live with my parents.Peace makes me happy. I hate wars.This dating site was advised to me by the Internet provider because I don't know much about such things. I'll tell you more about me.

I work as a trainer in aerobics in the fitness center. When I was a small girl about 7, my mother brought me to a school sport section and I went in for calisthenics and artistic gymnastics. So, of course,I sank in sport and by 15 years I'd chosen my future profession. I was sure it would be connected with sports. My policy is that all kinds of physical excesses are very useful to make our bodies strong enough to keep ourselves fit and healthy. So, I may say that sport is one of the things that makes people kin. To cut the long story short, I should admit that everyone must do all he can to be healthy. Physically inactive people get old earlier than those who have plenty of exercises. If you do daily exercises you feel refreshed,have a good posture, and that makes you feel good. I can add that good health is better than the best medicine.

So, I studied at Crimea Pedagogical University, at the faculty of physical activity. Now, I am enjoying my job very much and I don't regret that I'd chosen it.As for my family, I live with my parents, mother and father. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters, and my cousins. My parents are old enough, they are retired, and I try to take care about them too. They are lovely old people and I am very grateful to them that they brought me up. You can E-mail me and ask me any Question you want to know about me and i will tell You.Thank You.Patricia
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