Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Fekri (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my love Victor! I waited for this moment when I shall agree again yours
The letter and this happy moment has come, and I wish to know, that you think
On lavamos the last letter. I try to know the most possible on
How arrival to you and to meet you. I do not have patience
To wait for this clear moment in our life, I want more quickly
To meet you, to release you in a neck, to kiss in lips,
To look you in opinion of and to speak I LOVED you!!!!!!! When you
Far, I feel lonely, you I are necessary. Ideas
Our machine of first aid in a meeting they warm in my asthma, they support me,
When bad mood, and they do me to me happy. My girlfriends have noticed
Also, that started to seem happier and cheerful, they speak, that
They wished to leave also, but they have already boys, which they
They love. I happy, which I have in relation to you. My love boils as a volcano
Lifted by god Eros, it tries to escape outside, but not
It finds a way out in absence you. I wait for our meeting,
As the young schoolgirl of the first meeting in a life. I think, that I
Seemen in Juliette which waits for a meeting with loved. But I wait
That in us with you all of them will not be such sad as in them. I
Ready Nadezhda to see it. Your love Anasstasiya...
Letter 2
Greetings my love Victor. You can help me money that I could make the visa and arrive to you. I very much want this meeting with you. I love you your love Anastasiya
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