Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Dovladova to Fred (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Dear Fred! What has happened? Where are you? Have you received my letter? Hello, my dear Fred! Today I was in the ravel agency and they told me that on Monday I'll get my international passport :) In the travel agency they told me that it's necessary to have the medical insurance, it costs 170$. My mom also said that I should have it because she will worry about me. Can you help to pay for it ? On Wednesday I'll go to the interview and I should pay the medical insurance before it. Write me, I will be waiting for your reply, kiss you, yours Eugeniya.
Letter 2
Dear Fred! I'm so happy to receive your letter! As for medical insurance... First of all, in the travel agency they explain that it's medical insurance for me as a torist who goes ABROAD. That's why it costs so much. Secondly, it will be valid for 6 month, that means that next time when we meet I don't need to do it :) My dear, of course, as soon as I get my international passport, I'll send you the copy of it, if you need it. I am dreaming about the time when I finally can come to you and we spend time together, I am waiting for it impatiently!!! So how was your day? I was busy today at work and I am little bit tired and want to take a bath and have a rest... I would like to be with you right now! But I hope that it will be very soon, we just need to wait a little bit. I'm waiting for your reply, kiss you, Yours Eugeniya.
Letter 3
Dear Fred! I'm so happy that we met each other with the help of the internet, I think it's fate and you? In the travel agency they told me that there is no need to have the invitation from you because it will be the tourist visa and I will be able to get it. I'll go to Kiev for the interview in the ambassy, but it's only 1-2 days, they will appoint the day for me. I learned French and German in school but it was very long time ago and I remember only some phrases, it's really hard to speak, but I speak English ;) It's like a dream comes true... To see you, to travel, it's difficult even imagine! I'll be waiting for your news on Thursday, I return your kiss back
Letter 4

Hello Fred! i tried to call you but you don't unswer me, i am in Kiev now, today I was in the Ambassy and they checked my documents and they told me that it is necessary to open my own bank account to my name as I am going to your country as a tourisy and will get a tourist visa that is why I need to have money in the bank so they can see that i will be able to provide myself by my own as I didn't make any reservation in the hotel. they told me that if I am going to stay at your country for 2 weeks then it is necessary to have 50Euro per each day, so it will be 700Euro for 2 weeks, can you send it tomorrow? So they I can put it in the bank and then when i come to you we will cash it in your country, otherwise they will not visa for me to your country as I don't have money. Please, call me or write me, let me know what shall I do, I am in Kiev now and I will stay at my aunt for two days, I am waiting for your news, Eugeniya.
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