Letter(s) from Avrora Yaroshenko to Fred (Netherlands)

Letter 1

hello my honey Fred. My lovely, I really miss you very much and can't wait to be with you.

darling, I went to the bank and asked about the best way to send the means abroad and they told me that the easiest and the quickest way is to use western union, have you ever heard about such service?

to use it you need to gave my information so here it is:

Yaroshenko Avrora
Street Sovietskaya 35a/17

My darling Fred, you can't even imagine how much I want to meet you in reality.

have you ever dreamt about spending time together with me, walking somewhere in a calm place where noone will see and disturb us.

I am always thinking about you and you can't imagine what you do to me, how you make my heart beat and my blood boil and you make me very sexual.. I imagine us together very often, cooking and you make a bath for me, you make a hot bath and slowly undress me, kissing my neck and shoulders.. caressing my sweet breasts and beautiful bottom looking at my hot naked body and slowly let me down into the water. Massaging me and kissing me softly you slide in to the bath with me and you are laying against me, you can feel me growing beneath you as you excite me ever so much I feel your sweet body against me and the excitement is so great.. You wrap your arms around me and softly caress my beautiful breasts, feeling my nipples getting hard in your hands and listen to me softly moaning in pleasure, I want you so much and the desire is driving me hot and crazy. This moment you can feel my excitement as you slide your hand between my legs and I am sure you are feeling me parting my legs and telling how much I want you inside of me, touching me and feeling every part of my body loving you for being here with me now and giving me the best pleasure I have ever had...

My lovely Fred, I can't wait to meet you and to have really hot moments together!!!!!

with all my love, sweet kisses, yours Avrora

Letter 2

Hello my honey Fred. I miss you my sweetheart and can't wait to be with you. Honey, today I came with wonderful news for you, I have my passport already and I need to apply for my visa. so, I am attaching the copy of my international passport.

My honey, Fred I can't wait to be with you., please, please, let's make all the reset documents quick cause I am dieng here without you.

my honey, I was told that to make visa it is needed to have special medical insurance proving that you do not have any serious diseases such AIDS or cancer. Honey, I need to pay for that 287$ but you know I have some friends working there and they will make it for me for 230$ but it is needed to pay for it this week cause then my friend goes to some business trip, as for the visa I was also told that if to pay for till the end of this working week it will be possible to get in 4 days, can you imagine that?? can you imagine that very soon we will be together with you?? I want that so much, please, let;s make my documents, I want to come to you very much!!

my warmest kisses, Avrora