Letter(s) from Mary Anderson to Thomas (Denmark)

Letter 1

Hello my love Thomas!

I am wents to embassy now and my documents will be ready the next week in Tuesday, but I was very much afflicted when to me have informed, that my tourist visa may not approve, if I to not present them the information from exchange currency point. To me have told that I should have the necessary sum of money resources for each day of my arrival in your country. I was very surprised told. I should have 100 euro for each day. My visa for the period of one month. This necessary proof of that I shall not stay in your country to work not legally and that I shall be capable to come back back to Russia! I do not know, that to me to do as it is the big sum of money and I can not present this sum of currency to receive this information in exchange office. It turns out 100 euro to increase for 30 days a minus two days of flight in both directions. Makes 2800 euro. The truth very big sum of money? I in full despair also do not know what to do! If you to transfer me this sum of money I will be capable to present them in exchange office and to receive this inquiry. Then I can send you this money back through western union or give you money at the airport! Decide itself! I understand, that it is not so good situation, but the choice at us is not present. Without this inquiry to me the visa will not give! These are 100 %. I hope, that you understand me. One more important point! This inquiry it is necessary for me will present till Tuesday next week! I of you very much I like and to want to be with you together. I to not want you to lose. I think, that we can overcome all these difficulties and we shall together very soon! I hope, that you will write to me soon! Your future wife! Mary.