Letter(s) from Olga to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello Gavin!

Well, I'm very happy that you are interested in me. I want to find my second half and I want to be happy with him! Ok, I won't be hurrying, I'll just tell you about myself. I think it is important because people can't be closer if they know nothing about each other. So, let me introduce myself. My name is Olga, but everybody call me Olya, so you can call me this way too :) I like a lot of things: I adore swimming and I love dogs to bits.
I work in a special school for children who have the problems in communication with other kids, and you know, we really help them. So it is possible to say that I'm a teacher. Also, I'm studying, I will need to study for one year more, and then I'll get my diploma. I like my work very much, I like helping people. Sometimes my Mom tells me that I'm a person which will give her life for another one, but I think that all mothers in the world say this about their children! :) I'm the the person who lives in a real world and I have my disadvantages too. I don't want you to think that I'm some angel from up above, I'm a normal girl.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about my family. I live with my Mom, she is a great friend of mine and she is a great mother. I can rely on her in any situation. I really don't know what I'd do without her. My father doesn't live with us, my parents are divorced. They divorced when I was 10, and my mother didn't get married again. My mother and father have normal relationships and I communicate with my father. He have a new family now. Well, it would be nice if you tell me something about your family too.
Oh, I live in Lugansk, it is a wonderful city, especially in spring. There is nothing much to tell about it, it is an industrial one and there are not so much sights.

I like a lot of things and I have a very good friends with whom I spend my free time. We usually doing something interesting together: go to a cafe, or to the cinema, but it is not important for us what to do. The most important is that we are together!! You may ask me why I chose this way of finding my second half... Well, I think that this story won't be new: I was betrayed by the Ukrainian men. I don't want to say that all men are bad here, but I just wasn't lucky to meet my second half here. I wanted to try my luck in the Internet for long time, but there were no possibility. I was afraid that without knowledge of English it will be hard for me. But thank God I've found translation agency and now I get help I need for writing. I hope it is OK with you, of course it would be great to study English myself, I think everybody needs this language as it is an international one.
Gavin, the age isn't really important for me, I think the most important is the inner world of the person.

Ok, maybe you will like to hear about my spare time. I like reading very much, but it doesn't mean that there is no sport in my life. I used to play volleyball before, and I was thinking about serious sport career, but then I decided that sport is not for me: I want to do something important, I want to make world a better place, so I chose the profession of teacher. And I don't regret. Now I play volleyball with my friends too, and it is a great fun for me. And what about you?
Maybe you were fond of some sport and you still like it?
I like dancing, but I don't like night clubs, they are too loud for me.
I don't have my partner for dancing, so maybe it is you? :) I want to find the man, who will be very tender and romantic with me, but who will take care and protect me. I'm ready to give everything I have to him too. I think that sharing and communication are very important in the relationships, and also trust and honesty. Honesty is very important for me, I think that any kind of relationships is impossible without it. What do you think? Is honesty important for you too?

Well, I suppose it is enough for today, I don't want to scare you as i is very interesting for me to get to know you better. I send you my photo, I hope you will like it. I'll be waiting for your letters with photos,



Letter 2

Hello, my dear Gavin!

I'm so glad you answered my letter. It means that you are really interested in me and you want to continue communication with me. I don't want to hurry, but I have the feeling that our correspondence could lead to something very special. You know, we need communication to get to know each other. I belive that there are no relationships without the communication. The partners should discuss everything and if something bothers one of them it should be discussed. You know the reason people split up? They split up because of the lack of communication. For example, you don't like something in your girlfriend, but you say nothing because you don't want to offend the person. But it is wrong, the best way to solve the problem is to discuss it. Well, I hope you are not bored because of all this, I just want you to know my thoughts. I will be happy to hear what you think on this topic.

How was your day? I can tell you what I was doing yesterday. I met my friends and we went to the cinema all together. By the way, I forgot to tell you that I like watching movies very much. I rarely go to the cinema, but every time I do it it is a real event for me. So, we were watching a very romantic movie yesterday, it is called "Best Friend's Wedding" Have you ever seen this movie? It is a romantic comedy. You know, I was very jealous because of my friends. It appeared that all of them have their second half and I don't. I think how nice it could be to watch some romantic movie with you! :)
You know, I like music as well. Music is a great part of my life. I like to wake up in the morning and prepare for my working day listening to some music. We have a cool radio station here, it is called "MFM", I bet you have never heard about it. They have really great music, very danceable! :) It gives me the positive energy for the whole day. You know, I even had a dream of becoming a singer, but I understood that it is impossible to do without good voice!:) So now, I sing only when nobody hears me, in the shower, for example.

Oh, I have no bad habits, I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. Usually I have a glass of white wine, I think red is more useful, but I don't like it. I'm mentally stable, I mean I never get angry. I think getting angry is the sign of the weak person: it is better to talk. I value the inner world in people, not their appearance or the income. It doesn't really matter for me how the person looks: I know that people like chocolate candies: the filling is always much better than the covering :) But the main idea is following: never judge the book by cover. Many people think: "Oh, he/she looks nice, he/she is really good person" It could be very wrong. I respect people, and I also want to be respected and loved not because of my appearance, but because of my heart.

You may think that I'm too young for the marriage, but I don't think so. The person could be ready for marriage at 22 and could not be ready for it at 35. Everything is individual. I think it is our Ukrainian culture: the main goal of woman is not to built the career, but to become successful in the family life. I think that career is good too, but there is in the nature of woman to become a good wife for her beloved and good mother for her children. If I'm lucky to find my man and we decide to get married and have children, I will stay at home till the moment our children are rather independent, and then I think it would be nice to start working again, maybe to work part time, while kids are at school. By the way, I won't put any pressure on my second half concerning kids. We need to decide everything together, if he doesn't want to have the kids and live as a couple first, well, it will be OK with me. Oh, I hope I don't scare you with all this, you may think "She is mad, we have just met each other and she is talking about family" I don't want to hurry, my dear, I just want you to know my thoughts on this.

Honey, I'll be happy to read anything from you. I like the way we correspond with you and I hope our relationships will be developing.
:) I kiss you and wait for your answer,


P.S. I hope you like my photo! It is me at the Zoo:)

Letter 3

How are you my dear Gavin?

There is one more letter from you and one more sunny day in my life and thank you for the photos! :) Even if the weather is not very good I will call the days when I get the letters from you "sunny"! Why? Because you really make my life more interesting. We have just met each other, but I think that we could built something good together. I enjoy reading your letters, I like the way you express your thoughts. It is unbelievable that two people who live far from each other could keep such a communication between each other! With the each new letter I get know something new about you and I also have the possibility to tell you about my life and feelings.

Oh, I hope you don't mind, but I have told my mother about you, I've told her how I met you and how our communication is developing. She is a good friend of mine and she thinks that I was right choosing this way of finding my second half. She wants the best for me and she told me: "If you feel that he is what you want, well, I'm happy for you" Of course she realises that if I meet my man I could leave her, but she told me that it is my life and I need to do everything to be happy. I love her so much! I think you would like her, she has terrific sense of humour. And do you want to know what she likes to do when my friends come to me? She likes showing them my childhood photos! :) Oh, it is terrible... "Look, it is Olya naked, she has a nice smile, here is Olya playing with her toys" and so on and so on! :) All my face becomes red when she does it.
Look, I wanted to ask you, if you don't want you may no answer this question: tell me something about your past experience with women? I can tell you about my experience. I had a boyfriend, we split up 1 year ago. The reason was rather banal: he was unfaithful. He used to have fun with other girls while I was waiting for him. I thought that he would change, he used to apologize every time, but one day I was fed up with all his stories. We were together for about 1 year. I don't think that it was my "big love", because when people love each other they can't be unfaithful to each other. I lost my trust in local men and I'm tired of being alone in my life. I think that the dating in the Internet is a great chance to find second half.

May I ask you some questions? Ok, it is interesting for me how you see the relationships between man and woman. For example, do you want your woman to work? What about romance? Do you like to be romantic with your girl? I think that nowadays is very hard to find the person who is romantic and realistic at the same moment. I like to be romantic, to wake up my man with the tender kiss in lips, to prepare the tasty breakfast for him, to give small presents (small fluffy toys:) and surprise my man with something everyday. Relationships dies if you don't make an efforts for your partner. It is like fire, you need to keep it burning all the time, the fire of love.

So, I'll be waiting for your new letter, remember that it is always very pleasant for me to get the letter from you!:)



Letter 4

Hello, my dear Gavin!

Nice to see your letter again and thank you for the photo, I think you have a nice smile! You now, your letters make me feel myself very good. I have the feeling that I'm talking to the friend who left many years ago and know he is back again. I have a very good feeling about all this correspondence. I think it is a great chance to get to know each other. Of course, I understand that we will need to meet each other, to get to know if there is chemistry between you and me. But due to this correspondence it will be easier for you and me as we already know something about each other. I think you agree with me. You know, when I was starting all this I it seemed weird to me. It is very new for me to talk to somebody who is far away from me and whom I've never met in real life. But it was worth it. I met you and I think that my search is finally over :) It is a very special feeling when you meet the person who has similar interests and shares the same view on this life. It is the feeling of understanding. I can tell you anything and you can tell me anything as well. I know that you will always understand me and I don't need to hide anything from you. Thank you very much, my dear.

It was rather hard day at work, I had to work this week without the rest, you know, the lady who works with me is ill right now and I had to take her group of children. It is not very big, only 15 kids, but it is very hard to communicate with them. That girl was working with them for about a year and they know each other and trust each other. And now I need to earn their trust. I'm a new person for them and it is hard for them to tell me about the problems they have right now. I hope their teacher will be OK very soon and get her group back. I hope you are not bored with all this, I just have no other person whom I can tell all this now. Usually I tell everything to my friends and to my mother, but now I have a new special person in my life, the person who gives me support and understanding. I feel myself like a goofy teenager when I write you letters :) I want to tell you so much, but then I forget everything because I'm worrying and can't find the necessary words. :)

Well, one of my friends invited me to the birthday party, I don't know what to present her. I wanted to ask you for the advice. She will be 24 and she has no special hobby, so I even don't have an idea what to give her. :) I want to find something special and at the same moment, something she could use in her daily life, not just some souvenir which she will put on the shelf... Hmmm, she likes cooking, maybe I'll give her the frying pan... But I haven't decided yet. I'll be waiting for your advice. Tell me, what do you give to your female friends (if you have them, of course!)

I had a dream about you and me. It was a little bit weird, you know. I had a dream about you being a big rabbit and me being the carrot. :) And you ate me! What does it mean, how do you think? Do you want to eat me, my dear? You know, if you say "yes" well, I can't resist, I agree to be eaten by you! :) But only by you, sweetheart. I won't allow anybody else to eat you.
Well, I think I need to run back to my work, but I will be waiting for your letters IMPATIENTLY!!! :)



Letter 5

Dear Sir,

We want to inform you, that we will have to stop your correspondence with Olga because she can not pay for our services. As you know, Olga is using the services of the translation agency, we help her to translate the letters from you and translate and send her letters. Unfortunately, Olga can not make the payment now. She asked us to tell you about this situation. We use Olga's e-mail address to write you to avoid any misunderstandings, also, we want to tell you, that Olga is well informed about all our actions.

Of course, if you wish to continue your correspondence with Olga, you may make the payment for her. You can become the client of our translation agency and help your lady with the payment in future.

Here is some information about our agency:

The name of our agency is "E.L.F." Our office is situated in Lugansk, Ukraine. We aren't the marriage or dating agency, we do not work in this area, so we don not have a web-site in the Internet, all the information you need you can read here.
We offer our clients such services as translating from English into Russian and from Russian into English. Also, we give our clients the access to the Internet, we make printing and scanning, and also we have a delivery service(this is a special offer for our clients)

You are absolutely free to ask us any questions, we will answer them immediately. You can always contact us with the help of this address.

With respect,
Administration of translation agency "E.L.F."