Letter(s) from Svetlana Kirova to Ivan (China)

Letter 1

My dear Ivan, my sweetheart, I am so sorry that I couldn't write you so many days but I have a important reason for it. I really missed you but my granny felt herself not very good and the doctor took her to the hospital. She had the heart attack and she spent some days in the hospital. She was between life and death and it was really awful period for my family. I went to her immediately and today I just came back. You know, she is very special person for me. I really love her. She is that person who raised me. My mom is also took part in my upbringing but she went to her work when I was only one year old and my granny was always with me. You know, I am not offended on my mom, because it was really difficult situation in my family that time and my dad and my mom did everything that I could have everything that we needed. So, all my childhood I spent with my granny. She taught me everything, how to cook, how to work in the garden and it was so great to spend all my summer in her house. This weekend were nice, because all Sunday evening I spent with her talking about everything that worries me and she gave me some great advises and I am sure that it will help me a lot.
I think you understand how is her important for me. I thought that I could die if will loose her, but thanks God everything is ok right now. Now she is at home and I was with her all these days and help her. I am really happy that she feel much better right now but any way, she is always need to take medicine that help her to live but these all medicines cost really huge money. But for me it doesn't matter. I and my family already borrowed a lot of money to help her and still we need a lot of money to buy the medicines because all is so expensive, and I really hope that we could find them. My love, I need to ask you for help. I will need to find $200 in nearest days, can you help me somehow. I just don't have another person who could help me and my family right now. My darling, I am so so so sorry that I couldn't write you so long time and I think that you could understand and forgive, could you???? I am really missing you, How are you???? I will be waiting for your letter very very impatiently,
Your Sveta .