Scam letter(s) from Victoria Tori to Greg (USA)

Letter 1

Dear Sir! We are writing to you in order to inform you about the problem Victoriya has. Unfortunately Victoriya can't answer your letter, as her account with us is over now.
Victoriya doesn't speak English at all and doesn't have a computer at home, that is why she applied to our agency, which is called "Sky". Our agency gives the services of translation from English into Russian and from Russian into English. We have more than five qualified translators and interpreters, who make the translations of your letters to Victoriya and Victoriya's letters to you very quickly,
which gives you a possibility to stay in contact with her.
First Victoriya paid for our services, but just not she has some financial problems in her family, and she is not able to make up her account with us. As Victoriya is very much interested in continuation your correspondence, we decided to contact you and to inform you about the problem. Our agency is not a marriage agency and here are all the services we provide to our clients: - translation the letters from Russian into English;
- translation the letters from English into Russian;
- scanning and printing the photos;
- printing the letters;
- sending and receiving the letters;
- giving access to Internet to our clients. If you are interested in continuation your correspondence with Victoriya and would like to become our client, contact us by this address, and we will send you the information about our prises. Please, if you have any questions, write us and ask all of them.
We are always open for your suggestions. Respectfully,
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