Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Krestyaninova to Bob (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love Bob.
Today I very much hurried up to read news from you again. As to me, it now most to be important for me with you on communication, my angel.
Please do not count me not patient, but I am simple i can not now without you on such big distance from each other my most precious Bob.
My loved and sweet Bob I think, that now, when we on became so close to each other, nobody can prevent us to meet the friend the friend in the person and to build our the further joint life my most dear Bob. Now I to want to tell to you all concerning my arrival in you.
Though to me I am not much sad in this occasion, but nevertheless should speak you all about it my dear Bob.
I to learn that the visa in you will cost for us with you 450 dollars, including medical survey, insurance and the passport for travel abroad.
In general I need from you in funds for clearing mine of documents, that is I will need this sum within the next few days. My the most favourite Bob understand me correctly, that I cannot simply pay it, I cannot simply make it one, without yours the help. I have already prepared all documents for this purpose. As I to learn, that I will need visa B-2, that is the visa of the tourist as it is the most suitable for us with you a variant my loved Bob.
I to learn all concerning it and to understand, that I can to be in you from 30/90 days, I think, that this time will suffice us to learn each other better.
As for these days we can do our plans on the future. My precious Bob to me it is very sad to speak you about the price of all it, simply understand me only it is correct. I realize, that it is not easy for you to make it for me and to send me such big money, but nevertheless, I to not see other output from this situation.
before to write to you it, I to talk about all it with mum and to tell to it about the wild prices for the visa.
We spoke with it almost 3 hours on our kitchen, she to tell to me that I did not worry in this occasion, as I find the good future husband which can to understand me in all it, still she to tell to me, that will be to help me with some funds for mine movement to Moscow and to give its some savings.
When I it to hear it at me on eyes have appeared bitter tears, and then I to see, that my mum too cries looking on me, but then she strong to embrace me and to allow to us with you the parent blessing.
My loved Bob I to want to tell to you, that you to send me it on reliable system monetary translations Western Union, from me it is required to you the address of bank through which I can receive it from you.
The country: Republik of Tatarstan, Russia, the city of Kazan.
The post address: 2/43, Ukhtomsky str., Kazan.
The postal index: 420111.
And my full name in which you will require, Ludmila Volkova.
My loved Bob still I to you to want to tell, that I learned, that from you still it is required to me what number MTCN which will consist of 10 figures, in which I shall require from you to receive it.
I shall wait it from you very soon, mine Bob, and I very much hope, that nevertheless you can help me with it. So I shall wait for news from you soon.
With love and sincere hope in heart Ludmila.
Letter 2

My angel Bob!!!
I am very happy to receive from you this letter. I shall never deceive to you, my love. I not from such people. My mum called up with my aunt. She has told, that tickets can be got for 1500 dollars. I have been very much upset having learned, that it costs so dearly.
I so am happy that you have not refused to help me with the visa, I very much experienced for it!!! We with you shall be happy together I is sure in it!!! I know that you will protect and protect me when I shall arrive to you!!! Mum also knows it and trusts you Bob! Yes separation from all my relatives and the native land it will be difficult for me, but I am sure that with you I shall overlook about all on light!!! I so am glad, that things go well between us. We shall soon together and we shall have happy time together. I want to connect ours hearts! I so am excited about our meeting! I shall cry for pleasure, when I shall see you the first time. You only please do not pay to this attention. OK? I so want to feel your care of me. I so want to understand, That you love me. I shall be true only to you Bob. I want to love you. I want to arrive to you and never to not feel any more similar feelings. This fear from men sweated loved to bring in my heart the big grief. I love you and we shall be happy together. I was more today can not write than anything as I am overflown with happiness and I do not have not enough words to express it! I am very glad that between us exists trust, I am simply happy to realize that my loved trusts me. Except for that I become more sure that we soon shall meet you, because love may overcome any distances. Certainly there are difficulties which prevent To us to reunite, but we together should overcome them, because all in ours hands. We should meet you because we may not live the friend without the friend, you agree with me? I wait for your answer Bob, eternally loving you Ludmila.
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