Scam letter(s) from Marina Luvchuk to Robert (USA)

Letter 1
Hi There Robert,It Is Me (From True.Com).
Glad To Hear From You,
Let Me Introduce Myself.
My Name Is Marina,
How Are You Doing This Weekend ?
Do You Like My Picture ? Those Roses Brought
To Clinic One Of My Patient.
What Is Your Name ? Let Me Know.
I Live In Russia,Kogalym City,It Is About
2500 Miles From Moscow,Surprice ? :))
My Sister Is Married Australian Man,
So I Asked Her To Create Profile For Me Also,
But Her Husband Robert Made Mistake With My Location :)
By This Way He Indicated Me As US Location.
Well,How Is The Weather In Your Area ?
Here Is Spring :)
What Is Your Favourite Season ?
I Enjoy Treaveling,I Have Been
To Turkey,Australia,Estonia.
In 29 Of January I Arrived
From Sister"s Wedding In Australia:)
Have You Ever Been Abroad ?
Do You Like To Travel ?
Well,5"6,Weight 110.
33 Years Old,My Birthday
Is The 1st Of June,The First Day
Of Summer.When Is Your Birthday ?
Your Age Does Not Bother Me,It Is The Last
Thing I Put Attention On.The First Thing Is Who You Are,
The Last Thing Is Your Age.Do You Agree With Me ?
Have You Got Any Problems Comunicating
With Lady Of My Age ? I Hope No :)
Got Degree In Psyhology And This Days
Work As The Psychologist(Doctor) In Private
Clinic (During 3 Years) Got Degree At Age Of 24.
Before Studied At University.
Now Nice Work,About 8-10 Patience Per Day,
Working From 8:00 A.M To 17:30 P.M
Get Up At 6 And Sometimes 5 :30 A.M
2 Days Off Per Week (Saturday,Sunday).
Well,I Would Like To Know More About Your Work ?
Do You Like Your Work ? Tell Me More...
I Do Not Have Children,
Never Married,Single Lady,
Why ? Sometimes It Happens.
Enough Man's Attention At Work,But Nothing Serious.
Yes,There Are Many Admirers In My Life Also,
But I Am One Man Woman Only.I Need Only 1 Man
And Ready To Wait As Long As It Take.
Do You Understand What I Am Talking About ?
Some Questions For You.
I Do Not Remember From Your Profile,There
Are So Many Profiles,Oh My God,
It Is So Hard First Time In Internet :)
I Send Message To About 10 Men And
9 Of Them Asked For **** Pictures,
I Think They Are Not Good For Me,
So I Write This Letter To You :)
You Did Not Ask For **** :)
Have You Been Married ?
Any Children ? Grandchildren ? :)
If Yes,How Many,What Are Their Names And Age.
How Do They Look Like.Tell Me More,Send Picture.
I Study English,Begun At School,
Continued At Univercity And This Days Also.
What Do You Think About My English ?
Do You Like It ?
May Be You Will Help Me To Improve It ?
Unfortinatly I Have No Computer And Phone At Home,
So I Use Internet Center.It Would Be Interesting
To Communicate With You,Who Know ?
Also I Wanna To Know More About Your Family ??
So... :) I Will Write You Soon Marina,Russia,Kogalym
Letter 2
Hello My Friend Robert,
How Are You Doing ? What Is The Weather Like There ?
I Hope It Is Fine In Your Area,Here Is Spring :)
I Cooked Supper For My Brothers In Evening :
Potatoes,Meat,Vegetables...They Wanna Me To Cook For Them,
And I Have Been Told That Their Wives Do Not Cook So Tasty As Me :)
When I Asked Them,What Will You Do If I Will Be Far ? :) We Will Die Hungry :))))))))
Oh Brothers,Allways Hungry,They Like When I Cook Pies Very Much.
I Rent Flat And Leave Alone,They Like To Visit Me So Much.
I Think It Is The Time To Tell You About My Family :
Sister,Two Brothers.My Sister's Name Is Svetlana,She Is 32,
Dentist By Profession.Svetlana Left Russia For Australia In January
(Her Husband"s Name Is Robert,
You Know,He Helped Me With Account For Web Site,He Is 48 Years Old,
They Met In Internet The Beginning Of Automn.
And There Was Wedding In 25 Of January In Australia,
This Days Svetlana And Robert Are
Traveling Around The World And Will Be Back To Australia By Summer Only.
My Brothers Names Are Victor and Stepan.You Can See Them On The Picture
I Am Going To Attach With This Letter.Victor Is On The Left,Right Is Stepan.
Victor Is 34 Years Old,He Is Married For 7 Years And He Have Got Two Boys,
His Wife Is Very Nice,Her Names Is Irina.Stepan Is 37,He Is Married For 9 Years He Have Son.
He Is Very Happy,And Have Got Very Nice Wife Also,Her Name Is Valya.
I Have Got Grandmother Also,She Is 89 Years Old,Her Name Is Alexandra,
She Lives In Surgut City,About 200 Miles From Us.I Like To Visit Her Somedays.
We Lost Parents,Auto Accident Happend Three Years Ago And We Lost Them.
Letter 3
Hello My Friend Robert,Thank You For Letter.
We Are So Far,At The Same Time I Feel That We Beside. I Want You To Know That You Are The One Man,With I Correspond.
Coz No Time To Speak To Someone Also.
I Have No Car And Never Tryed To Drive. When Darkness Is Around You At Night,
And You Are Alone....
Just Think Of Someone Who Is Far
And Care About You,
Just Think About Someone Who Is
So Lonely Without You,
In My Heart,
By My Side,
Only You,
When I Back To The Past,
Understand That I Waited
Who Is Cary And Honest,
Who Know How To Treat As Princess,
The Man Of My Sweet Dreams,
Only Prince On The White Horse :)
Thinking Of You
Flying On The Sky...

( Own Poety ) I Write Poetry Sometimes,I Think It Would Be Interesting For You Robert !
How Are You Doing ?
I Would Like To Tell You About My Dreams...
When I Was Little Girl I Dream Of Different Things...
For Example How It Would Be Nice To Get New Doll,
Nice Gift,I Made Surprises For Daddy,I Was Very Cheerful,
Grown Up In The World Full Of Happiness,
Child In The Bright World Of Books With Kind Pictures :))
Orange Trees,Friendly Gogs,Sea Distances And Smiling Persons...
Love Stories At The Cinema Put Tears On My Face :)
Now I Wish To Be With Man Of My Life.I Wanna To Find My Soulmate,To Share My Life With.
Dream Of Mutual Feelings Of Love,This Person Must Be Kind And Caring.
I Have Got Very Important Questions For You And Want To Get Honest Questions.
Are You Kind Man ? Are You Caring ? Are You Ready For Serious Relations ?
Can I Belive You ? Tell Me Now And Be Honest.
I Want This Man To Understand Me,I Want Him To Feel My Private World,
Not Only Beauty Of My Body,BUT Also Beauty Of My Soul,
Beauty Of My Feelings.I Am Very Sociable And It Is Important For Me
To FEEL That Man Understands Me,Really,One Man From All Over The World,
From Millions Of Men,Only One,Who Is Able To See My Own World,
Robert Are You This Man? What Is More Important For You : External Beauty Of The Woman Or
Her Internal Beauty ? This Is Very Important Question I Wanna You To Answer For Me.
A Private World Of Man Is The Most Important For Me,Not Age,Not His Nationality,But
His Idea,Feeling,Honest Words Are Important For Me.Thank You That You Are Honest With Me.
I Need 1 Man Who Is Kind And Honest,Who Know How To Treat Lady.
I Had Relations In The Past,
He Was 47 Years Old Man And We Were Going
To Marry.I Found Out That He Had An Other Lady,
When I Was Sure I Told It To Him And He Cryed,
Asked Me To Belive Him That
I Am Woman Wich He Love Only,
And Other Lady For Fun Only,But It Was
Hard To Belive And I Left Him.
It Make Me So Hurt And I Have Not Looked For Anybody For 2 Years,
But It Is Hard To Stay Alone,SO I Try To Choose Enternet,
With Hope Find Honest Man Who Is My Other Half,
My Soulmate,To Share My Life With.
By The Way What Is Your Favourite Dish ?
I like To Cook Pies,You Know :)
( In Russian(Pies-piroshki) :)
I Cook Pies With Meat,Fish,Jam...
The Borshch Is Soup With Meat,Vegetables :)
I Like Cooking So Much ! Who Know,May Be One Day I Will Cook Something Tasty For You ! :)
This Is My Hobby... Write To Me Soon, P.S I Left Pictures To Send To You
At Home And Here Was Nothing To Scan,
Only Passport.
Do You Like My Passport Picture ?
My Full Name Is : Marina Levchuk (Name,Sername)
Alexander Is My Father"s Name.It Is Something Like
You Could Say : Middle Name,But It Calls "Otchestvo"
In Russia.Otets Means Father. Marina
Letter 4

Hello My Friend Robert,Thank You For Answer.
I Enjoy Reading Your Letter.How Are You Doing Robert ?
My Mood is Very Good,
Oh,How Passed Your Day Robert ? Anything Special ?
Your Letters Are Full Of Honesty And Kindness,I Feel
That You Very Good And Very Sincere Person.
I Like Smoked Fish Very Much.I Am Christian Religion,
But Not Oftern In Church. Well,That"s A Pity we So Are Far,If We Were Not,
It Would Be Very Interesting For Me To Meet You,
We Have So Much To Talk About,Do You Feel The Same Way Robert ? :) Robert,I Always Looked for Such Kind And Fair Person As you.
Actually,I Cannot Meet Good Man For Me Here In Kogalym,
Seen Last Relations With Man,When I Have Been Deceived,Feelings of Love
In my Heart Have Been Broken.Robert,I Want To Be With The Man,Who Is Caring,
Who Would Be Fair,I Wanna To Feel Mutual Love,Sympathies,I Want To Wake Up Every
Morning Close To My Husband And To Fell His Warm,
I Am Ready To Put All The Best I Have Into Family,
I Want Every Day To Bring Only Light Colours.
Certainly,There Are May Be Disappointments,There Are May Problems,But In My Mind It Is Possible
To Find The Way Out Of Developed Situations.
Happy Family Is All I Wanna In My Life Robert,
I Am Sure That My Future Husband Will Have Tasty Food For Breakfast,Dinner,Supper :)
Wife Must To Support Husband In Difficult Situation As Husband Must Be Full Of
Care And Attention In Relation With Wife Also.Certainly,LOVE,Should Be Mutual In Family.
Robert,You Feel the Same Way ? What Do You Think About This In Whole ? Today I Wrote Poem Blue,Blue Sky
No Clouds On It,
It Is So Nice,
I Am Staying Under Blue World,
Only Wind Around Me,
Wind Is So Fresh,
Wind Is So Cool,
Wind Is So Strong,
It Brought Me Your Thoughts
And Told Me That You Miss Me...
Flying All Over The World It Seen All Happend,
I Ask Him To Bring My Kiss To You,
When You Open The Window,
Just To Feel It :) I Belive You Are Serious Person And Do Not Play Games.
Best Regards From My Brothers To You. I Will Write To You Soon P.S I Attached Summer Picture,
I Think It Will Be Interesting For You,
My Sister Svetlana Is On The Left,
Where Is Me ? :) Have You Find Me ?
(I Am In White Swim Suit :) Marina
Letter 5
Hello My Friend Robert,Thank You For Answer :)
I Am Very Glad To Get Your Letter !
How Is The Weather In Your Area Now ? Is It Cold ? :)
Spring Is Here And I Like It So Much :)
Do You Know What Is "Podsolnuh" ? It Is Russian Flower !
Have You Ever Seen It There ? I Find Some Pictures Where Podsolnuh
Around Us :) You Can Find Me On These Pictures With My Friends :) I Am Very Glad We Have So Interesting Dialogue With You Robert,
We Have Got Many Common Things And It Is Realy Good,
It Is Not Easy To Find A Man Wich Will Anderstand Me So Full As You Are Robert.
Thank You Very Much for Pay Attention For Me,You Are Good Man. As You Know I Told You Earlier,I Want To Find A Serious Man For Serious Relations.I Want You To Know
That Money Does Not Important For Me,I Am Not After Money And I Have No Back Thoughts.
I Want To Find True Feelings,Soulmate To Share My Life With.Certainly,I Think That There Should
Be Enough Money In My Future Family,But It Does Not Matter That Money Is All.Yes,When Someone Is Young
As Many Russian Girls Here,They Think That They Will Get All From Life,Alot Of Money,Good Husband,Big House,Nice Car,
Planty Attention,Happy Family,Nice Children,Yes,Many Young Girls Think About It,But They Do Not Know
That THE MOST IMPORTANT TRUE FEELINGS,When You Can Trust And Get The Same Back,
When Two People Anderstand Each Otrher Completely And Have Mutual Feelings,
Such Things Than Money Are On The Back Side.I Do Not Dream To Find Rich Man,If We Will Live In Ordinary
Apartment Or House,Yes,It Will Not Be Large,But It Will Be Nice And Comfortable,It Will Be Clean And Light,
It Will Be Full Of Nice Things,I Think We Will Be Able To Make Many Different Interesting Things
With Our Own Hands With My Future Husband,I Think It Would Be Great !!! When My Future Husband
Will Come Home From The Work For Dinner Or Supper,He Will Be Meet With Very Tasty Meal,With My Smiling Face,
Embrases,Do You Feel The Same Way Robert ? I Hope Yes. We Are Walking In the Street With You,In My Hands Is Red Rose,The Weather Is Fine,
We Are Smiling And Your Eyes,Yes,Your Eyes Are So Kind !!!
Robert,Just Dreams :) Poem For You,My Friend : I Have Never Seen You In Person ,
I Have Never Looked In Your Eyes ,
In Dream I Met You ,
In Dream At Night I Met Your Image... I Remember Your Image Since That Moment,
Also I Feel Your Embraces,
I Will Remember For Ever,
All That Happend In This Dream Write To Me Soon, Marina
Letter 6
Hello My Friend Robert,I Am Very Glad To Get
Your Letter.Thank You Very Much,You Are Honest With Me,
You Are Very Kind Man Also. Robert,We Have So Much To Talk About !
It Is Very Interesting,Robert We Were Born In So Different Places Of The World And
We Speak Different Languages With You,But It Is Not Problem At All With Comunications,
I Am Enjoy It,Have Never Met So Handsome And Honest Man Here,
To Talk About So Many Important Things,
If You Know How It Is Lonely Sometimes During The Day And I Want To Get You Letter So Much ! I Want To Have Family With So Kind And Honest Man As You Robert.I Want You To Know That My Future
Husband Will Be Very Happy With Me.I Am Sure,I Will Try To Make Him The Happiest Man In The World.
I Am Ready For Serious Relations,Yes,We Live So Fare From Each Other,But I Think That If Our Relations
Will Grow To Love,I Think It Is Possible For Me,Because I Feel That You Are Very Good Man And
I Feel That We Know Each Other For A Long Time !!! Yes,We Comunicate
Not For A Long Time,But Do You Feel The Same Way As Me ? It May Sound Strange But Sometimes I Feel That
We Know All About Each Other,Oh If We Meet One Day,It Would Be Great :) I Think We Will Have Many
Nice Things With My Future Husband,Watch TV At Home Together
When It Is Rainy Weather,To Go Out,For A Walk,On Movies,Theatre...Yes,Life Is Too Short,
If Destiny Give You A Chance You Must Keep It Strong In Your Hands. Do You Have Many Friends ? I Want You To Tell Me More About Your Friends,Who Is The Closets
Friend For You ? I Have Few Closest Friends Now,They Are My Brothers,Sister And You Are Robert.
We Became So Close To Each Other,I Am Realy Happy To Communicate With You Robert. I Wrote Poem : All My Life I Lived With Dream,
To Meet You ...
Waited For You,
As Trees Wait For Spring ,
When All Blossoms ...
The Love Is Around - Has Come True Dream,
I Wish To Be With You,
We Will Be Together All The Spring Long,
And Summer,Automn,Winter,Whole Year,
Forever ... Do You Like It ? Write To Me Soon My Friend P.S I Am On The Left
On This Picture :) Marina
Letter 7
My Dear Friend Robert,
I Am Very Glad To Get Your Letter.
How Are You Doing ?
My Days Are Very Lonely Here Without
You Are Close To Me.I Think Of You
Oftern And Sometimes Get
No Sleap At Night.The Weather Here Is
Nice,When I Get Up In The Morning
And See The Sun It Put Smile On My Face,
I Close My Eyes And See You Are With Me :)
When We Get Up Together,I Would Like To
Go To The Kitchen And Make Cofee
To Bed,Every Morning Is Going To Be
Our And Every Evening Before We Get Sleep
Bring Us Plesure Time.I Find Some Pictures
With My Granfather Sergey And I Am Going
To Attach Them With Letter,They Are From
Celebration The Day Of Victory The 2nd World
War,9 May,1993.He Passed Away In 1995. Poem For You My Dear Friend : When I Try To Get Sleep At Night,
You Come From The Sky,
You Come From Star,
You Touch My Hair With Lunar Light
And Make Them Gold...
When I Am Looking In You Eyes,
I See All My Dreams And Wishes,
They Are So Close,
But At The Same Time Are Far...
When You Take My Hand,
I Feel Your Warm,
As Warm Of Sun,
Wich Is So Hot And Far
At The Same Time...
When You Kiss Me So Sweet,
I Feel It With All My Body And Soul,
Both At The Same Time,
Our Stars And Sky Are The Same,
Our Wishes And Dreams Are The Same,
Our Bodies Are The Whole One,
Why Do Not We Let All This To Come True ? Write To Me Soon Marina
Letter 8
My Dear Robert,
I Am So Happy To Hear From You !
How Are You Doing ?
I Would Meet You Very Much,I Am Off From
Funds To Travel To You,May Be You Could Come
Here For A Visit.Well,I Had Good Working
Day Yesterday,8 Patients,One Of Them Was Little Boy 9 Years Old
And He Has Problems At School.His Mother Told Me That
Teachers Do Not Like Him At All And Give Bad Marks Only.
After Talking To Him I Understood That Problem With Bad Marks
And Teachers Because Of Communication With Other Pupils,They
Do Not Understand Him At All And He Want To Show Them That
He Is Bad Boy Throw Getting Bed Marks And Beat Other Pupils.
I Tried To Find The Solve Of This Problem And Gave Advice For His
Mother To Find Hobby For Him,I Find Out That This Young Man Enjoy
Paintings So He Will Go To Art School Were Stepan Wife"s Girlfriend
Is Art Director.He Does Not Need Any Drugs Because Problem Is Just
Like Psyhological Nature,When He Will Have Hobby It Is Opportunity To
Put Forces In Paintings And It Is Very Good In My Opinion,Better Than
To Beat Other Pupils,I Have Not Advice Any Sports For Him Because
It Is Able To Make Him More Strong,But Not Kind.In The Past Was The Same
Situation When Doctor In Our Clinic Adviced Boxing For Young Man In The
Similar Situation And When He Became Strong He Punish His Father And Put
Him In The Hospital.It Happend Because This Doctor Has Not Got Enough Knoleges
In Reabilitation Of Hard Young Man.Well,I Hope It Was Interesting Alittle To Read
About Some Situation At My Work.In The Evening Brothers Come For A Supper
And We Had Very Good Time. Poem For You My Dear : This Morning Walking On The White Road,
White Snow Fall Down...
In Every Snowflake I Seen Little Light,
It Was So Magic...
The Breath Of Winter Let Me Know,
That Dark Nights Making Longer,
Sunny Days Are Rare And Belongs To Instances,
I Am Going To Be Frozen With Million Of Little Lights,
But Your Touch Is Able To Make Me Live Again...
Touch Me My Love,Touch Me Now,
Touch Me And Give Me You Hot Kiss,
It Is Not Late Yet...
Christal Light Is Going To Bring Me In His Dream,
In Frozen World,
And Never Let Me Go...
Hurry My Love :)
Bring Me To Spring,
It Is Allready Here :) Your Marina
Letter 9
Hello My Dear Robert,
How Are You Doing ? :)
My Mood Is So Fine When I Got Your Letters,
Looking Forward That Day We Are Together And Talk
In Person,It Would Be Great :) Well,I Had Nice Working Day,
12 Patients,2 Of Them Were Men.
I Want You To Know About One Story Happend When I Was Little
Girl,I Was About 10 Years Old.Parents Brought Us To Surgut To Visit
Grandparents.Well,I Went For A Walk Bymyself,There Is Forest Close
To Their House And I Went There Looking For Berry,Walking Deeper And
Deeper To Forest I Lost Way.It Was Terrible Alone In The Forest,I Was Just
Small Kid...It Become Darker And I Begun To Cry,But Nobody Heared Me
Because I Was Very Far.I Could Not Find Way To House And Each Minute
Promt Me By Worng Way...Then Dark Night Came.Parents Worried So Much
And Called To Special Servise Wich Carry About Wood And About 30 Men
Include Parents Went With Hope To Find Me There.They Left Stepan And Victor
At Home With Grandparents.Two Days Left Without Any Sucess.I Eat Berries
And Listern To Birds All The Time.When Come The 3rd Days,Victor
Decided To Find Me Byhimself,He Asked Stepan To Go With Him,
But Stepan Afraid To Do It Because He Was Afraid.
Victor Has Not Tell Anything To Parents,Just In The
Morning He Took Compass And Went To Forest Alone.What Happend Later
Was Misterious.He Find Me On 5th Day...And It Took 7 Days To Come Home
Together,We Eat Berries And Slept Under Open Sky,It Was Summer
And The Weather Was Fine.We Come Together....From This Time He Is My Best
Friend,So You Hear About Him So Oftern,When He Grown Up,Became WoodCutter... Poem For You My Friend My Heart Is Open And Full Of Love,
It"s Grow With Each Instance,
Thinking Of You And Looking For Light,
Wich God Gave Us,
We Get Enought In Our Dreams,
But Not In Person,
Someday It Happend,
I Hope P.S Picture For You(Summer 2005)
I Find Song,With Hope It Will Be Plesure To Listern :) Your Marina
Letter 10
Hello My Dear Robert,
How Are You Doing ?
Oh My Dear,I Wanna To Take Vocation So Badly,
If I Could Spend Just Hour
Of My Vocation With You,I Will Be The Happiest
Lady In The World :)) If I Spend More,It Will
Be The Greatest Thing Ever Happend In My Life :))
If You Kiss Me So Nice,You Feel That I Am Not
Just Simple Lady,I Am A SWEET ONE :))
Do You Like Rainbow ?
Oh,You Know,Have You Ever Seen Where Is Rainbow
Begins ? I Will Tell You One Story,It Was About
20 Years Ago,We Walked With Sister And Seen Rainbow,
It Was So Bright And Beautiful And It Took Start Close
To Us,It Was About 10 Metres From Us !!! We Run Into
Rainbow !!! We Stayed There,It Was So Unbeliveable !!!
It Was Around Us,We Were Full Of Rainbow,WOW,It Was
Great !!! Why People Write In Books That It Is
Not Real To See Where Is Rainbow Take Start ?
It Is True Story Happend With Us And I Want
You To Know About It.There Was No Poat Of Gold.
Well,Family Is Very Well And Send You All Best Regards ! Poem For You My Dear Dream Of You At Night,
See Us Together In My Dreams,
Walking On The Beach Early Morning,
Hearing Waves Of Beautiful Rivers,
Under Stars In The Evening,
Kissing Each Other All The Time :)
Where Are We Now ? Why So Far ?
Oh My God,Let Us To Be Together ! Write To Me Soon P.S Do You See Me ?
I Am In The Middle :) Your Marina

Letter 11
My Dear Robert,I Am Very Glad To Get You Letter
How Are You Doing My Prince ?
I Am Very Well,I Took Victor"s Kids On Movie,They Show Comedy
Movie "The Wedding Crashers" It Is Story About
Two Men John And Jeremiah,A Couple
Of Terrible Ladie"s Men Which Secretly Creep On
Wedding Ceremonies And Use Their Romantic Mood
The Present Ladies.But Once,
When John Suddenly Falls In Love With Clare,
They Appear On The Different Sides Of Barricades.
It Was Very Good Time.
In The Evening Family Visited Me For Supper,They Are Looking
Forward To Moment When We Are Together With You My Prince,
They See That It Is So Hard
For Me To Be Far Away From You,My Soulmate,
To Share My Life With.
My Prince,I Think We Were Born To Be Together.
At Night I Can Hardly Get Sleep,
Thinking Of You And Looking On The Star Sky.
I Dream About Our Meeting My Dear,
I See You In The Airport With Flower For Me,We Waited This Moment For A Long Time,
I Leave Plane And Walk To You My Dear,It Is The Rainy Weather And Rain Fall Down
On My Hair,You Are Staying Far And At The Moment You See Me,We Run To Each
Other,I Fall To Your Embrances,You Gave Me Flower,But I Do Not See Anything Happening
Around,Our First Kiss Is So Sweet,It Is So Long Waited,We Are Kissing Under The Rain,
And All People Look At Us And They See That We Are Happy,That This Moment Is The
Most Important For Us ! Rain Is More Strong And We Are Wet My Dear ! Oh,It Is So Great,
Your Keep Me In Your Embrances All The Time,We Drive Home,Kissing All The Time,
I Am Looking In Your Eyes And You Drive Me Mad ! Then We Are At Home And You Show
Me Where Is Kitchen Located,I Cook Supper For Us And During This Time You Are Prepearing
Bathroom,Do Not Forget,We Are So Wet ! :) Then We Go There Together And Fall In This Ocean
Of Feelings And Imotions Long Hours,I Make Underfull Massage For You My Dear,You Get Good
Relax In Smiling All The Time,Kissing You My Dear,I Feel That Your Lips Are So Sweet !
Then We Go To Kitchen And Have Very Tasty Supper,The Rain Behind Window Passed And
Sky Is So Cleen,After Supper We Left Home And Enjoy Looking At Star Sky...I Am Understand,
That Is Is Everything I Need,I Am In Your Hands And You Will Never Let Me To Go... Poem For You My Prince : Feeling Of My Heart...
They Are Grow As Morning Roses
In The Garden,
Ready To Be Opened By Sun,
Ready To Present Their Beauty To Everyone
Who Look At Them,
My Heart Has Been Opened By Love,
It Is Ready To Give You The Light Of Imaginations,
The Brightest Light Of This World ! Your Marina
Letter 12
My Prince Robert,
How Are You Doing ? I Am Very Fine,
I Come Here This Sunday To Write Important Letter For You.
I Have Just Made Resent Picture For You And Going
To Attach With Letter,It Was Made In Clinic And I Am
With Co-Worker,She Is Great Psyhologist,Mother,
Wife,Granny And The Director Of Clinic I Work For,
I Told Her Our Story And She Wish Us Happiness.
You Know,My Birthday Is 1st Of June And
It Is Only 1 Month Before This Day.
I HOPE YES.I Think We Could Plan Our Meeting,
There Are THREE Ways : The First Way Is For You To Come Here By My Birthday
And We Could Have Very Good Time,I Would Like You
To Meet My Family And Stay With Me As Long As Possible
For You In Apartment I Rent.
If You Want To Come For A Visit You Could Fly To Moscow
And Then Take Train Here In Kogalym.
It Will Take About 3 Days By Train To
Get Here,You Know,Kogalym Is About 2500 Miles From Moscow.
It Will Not Be Comfortable For You To Take Train Here Alone Because
You Do Not Know Russian.I Could Pick Up You At The Airport And
We Could Take Train Here Together,It Would Be Safe For You,
I Worry If You Get Wrong Train And May Be Lost Here In Wild Russia.
If You Come Here We Could Travel To Surgut Also,To Visit My
Granny Together.By This Way I Am Ready To Make Invintation
For You Throw Russian Embassy,I Will Contact International Service
Here In Clinic And You Will Get Visitors Visa In About Two Weeks
As I Have Been Told,I Have No Funds To Pay For Your Traveling Here,
So You Should Be Ready To Pay For Round Tickets,As Soon As You Get
Here I Will Take Care Of You,Just Take Some Funds For Presents For My
Nepheys And Family,50-70 USD Will Be Enough Plus Funds For Train
Here,Which Is About 100 USD.
I Will Cook For You At Home And Everything Is Not Expensive Here,
I Will Take Vacation As Soon As You Arrive. The Second Way Is For Me To Arrive There.
I Would Fly To You The Middle
Of May And We Could Spend Two Month Together,I Can Take Two
Month Vacation.After Two Month We Could Marry And I Would Stay
With You Forever Or Be Back Here In Russia,But I Am Not Sure If You
Let Me To Be Back Because We Will Fall In Love From The First Side :)
We Will Try Relations In Person And GOD
Will Show Us What To Do.Then We Could Travel To
Russia Someday Together.My Family Is Ready For Me To Leave Russia,
I Will Miss My Native Country,But You Know,I Would Like To Build
My Own Happiness And It Is More Important For Me Than To Stay Here
Forever.I Like You VERY MUCH And I Think We Could Be Very Good Couple.
Well,Lets Discuss This Way,I Will Take Care Of Papers Here,It Will Not Take
More Than Two Weeks And By The Middle Of May I Will Be Ready To
Fly To You.I Will Get All Papers And Certificates Which Give Opportunity
To Work In Your Area,Because If We Stay Together FOREVER,I Would Like To
Continue Working As PSYHOLOGIST In Your Area And Make Some Money
For OUR Living There.It Will Be Easy To Get Work For Me Because I Will Have
Support Of International Assosiate Of Psyhologist And I Have All Opportunity
To Continue Working Abroad.By This Way I Will Take Care Of Papers,You Know,
I Have No Funds To Pay For Airline Tickets And You Should Get It From Your
End,I Will Get To Moscow By Train And Pick Up Tickets You Get For Me At The
Airport,You Can Get Tickets For Me From Any Airports In Moscow :
Domodedovo,Sheremetyevo...You Could Search For Tickets Online Or Transfer
Funds For Tickets Here,As I Find Out Tickets To You From 740 USD. The Third Way : We Could Meet Somewhere In The World(Not Here
In Russia And Not In Your Area : Paris,Turkey,Spain,
Japan....),And Spend Some Time
Together,But It Is
Expensive And You Will Have To Take
Care Of Me Because I Am Not Able. LETS PLAN.Here In Russia We Say : You Are Man,Everything
Depends On You.I Am Just Woman And Everything Will Be So,
LETS PLAN. GIVE Me The Answer : The First,Second Or Third.
And We Will Start With Plans. I Am Looking Forward To Hear From You With Kisses
Your Marina
Letter 13
My Prince Robert,
I Am Very Happy To Hear
From You And I Feel Very Good Because
Your Are Really Wish Master !
How Are You Doing There ?
I Am Very Well And I Want You To Know
That I ALLREADY START With Plans Here : Saturday,6 May, 6 : 30 P.M I Take Train To Moscow,
I Have Allready Applyed For Nacessary
Papers.I Arrive In Moscow On Monday About 9 A.M And
By 1.00 P M I Will
Be In The Embassy Of USA For Getting VISA.
We Should Tell Very Big "THANKS" For Director
Of Clinic Elena Ignatyevna,She Is Giving Us Alot Of
Support,I Have All Papers To
Work In Your Area If It Would Be Nacesessary. Now We Should Discuss Important Thing With
Tickets.I Would Fly To You 13-14 May,I Have
Allready Reservated Hotel In Moscow And Will Be Staying
There Before Departure. You Could Get Tickets For Me For 13-14 May,
Any Time Of Day,Flying Out From ANY Airports
In Moscow,My Full Name Is MARINA LEVCHUK,You Know.
I Will Be Able To Take Taxi And
Get Tickets Without Problems From Any Airport.
Just Let Me Know In Which Airport I Should Pick Up Tickets,
From Other Way I Can Get Tickets From My End
With 740 USD And I Find Out The Way How To
Transfer Them Here : You Could Go To Any Bank With Service Called :
"Western Union" In Your Area.You Could Transfer
Funds To ANY Bank In Kogalym.They Will Need This
Information : Russia,Kogalym,My Full Name Marina Levchuk.
Then They Will Give You 10 Digit Number(MTCN) And You Could Send
It Here,Which Is Nacessary For Getting Funds From My End. Well,You Know,My Working Address : Marina Levchuk
628480,Russia,Tumenskaya Oblast,
Hanty-Mansyiskyi AO,
Kogalym,Molodejnaya St.17 My Home Address : 628464,Russia,Tumenskaya Oblast,
Hanty-Mansyiskiy AO,
Kogalym,Politehnicheskyi Prospect,3-8 Also I Want You To Gave Me Your
Address Just In Case,Also All Telephone
Numbers I Could Reach Your At.
When I Will Be In Moscow I Will Try
To Call You By Phone. We Should Organize Tickets Before I Take
Train,Saturday.Tomorrow I Will Be Out Of
Kogalym Because I Would Visit Granny,
She Send Us Telegramm And Want To Give
Me Some Presents For You.Then I Need
To Pack Bagage With Presents For You From
Family Members.So I Come Here On Friday,To Check My
Email Box And To Write You The Last Letter
Before I Take Train To Moscow.When I Will
Be In Moscow I Will Find Internet Connection
So We Could Comunicate With You My Dear. I Will Close For Now Looking Forward To See You At The Airport,
You Know,The Red Roses Are My Favourite Flowers
I Would See You With
With Kisses
Your Marina
Letter 14
My Dearest Robert,
I Am So Happy To Hear From You !
How Are You Doing ?
Moscow Is Great City !
Papers Are In My Hands And
I Am Exited About Flyng To You.
You Know,I Had Hard Day And
Very Tired.Have You Get Chance
To Get Funds For Tickets Here ?
I Am Going To Sleep Now,
Will Write To You Soon I Miss You Write To Me Soon With Kisses
Your Marina
Letter 15
My Dearest Robert,
I Am So Happy To Hear From Your,
I Have Not Been Cantacted By Travel Agent
And Will Try To Call To You Soon.
How Are You Doing There ?
There Are Many Western Union In Moscow
And You Could Transfer Funds To Any Of Them
On My Name,I Can Get Tickets Very Easy.
I Am Very Well,Did You Know It
Is Holiday Here In Russia ?
9 May,The Day Of Won IInd World War.
I Have Never Seen So Many People On The
Streets As Here In Moscow.
It Is Very Important Day In Our History And
You Know,My Granfather Sergey Took Part
In The War And Had Many Medals Of Honor.
He Was Very Kind And Good Man.I Went To
The Wall Of Honor Where All People Put Flowers
And Left Some "Nezabudki" It Could Be Translated
As "Will Never Be Forgot" It Was His Favourite
Flowers.I Stayed There And Just Thought About
His Life...Could Anybody Give Me An Answer ?
He Took Part In The War,He Was Great Fighter And
Only One Woman Of All Over The World Come With
Nezabudki To The Wall Of Honor...He Put His Life On
The Libra Of Our Future...History Of Those Time Keep
Names Internally,Is That Rigth ? I Do Not Think So...
The Names Of Heroes In Our Hearts At First,No One
Book Is Able To Show Us The Other Side Of Medal...
When Thousands Men Died And Left Rivers Of Mother"s
And Doughter"sTears,Tears Which Will Never Be Stoped.
I Belive You Are My Hero And Could Do The Same As They. I Miss You With Kisses
Your Marina
Letter 16
My Love Robert,
I Think It Would Be The Last
Letter Before Our Meeting,
Do Not Forget To Transfer 1237 USD
I Wrote About Earlie.
Just Want You To Know That
I Love You And Want To Tell
To You This Words In Person.
With Kisses
Your Marina
Letter 15
My Love Robert,
I Had Problem Here In Airport,
They Arrested Me Because I Forget
To Declorate Grandmothers Present
For You.I Am Better Now.Nobody
Told Me To Declorate.I Am Very Upset.
Tear On My Face. I Need You Care
And Love Right Now Make Me Feel Better.
When They Find Granmother"s Icon They
Told That It Has Historical Meaning And
Not Outside Russia,That Is So Pity That
They Do Not Let Me To Bring It To You
As Granny Send With Best Regards.
My Love Robert,I Payed 903 USD To Police
Because They Wanna To Take All My Papers
And Visa And Arrest Me.I Payed From Economic
Solvency Funds And I Have Only 97 USD From 1000.
Papers Are Well,They Are With Me And I Will Not Take It To
Anybody,My Love Robert I Need To Have 1000 USD By
My Fligh I Plan Very Soon,
So I Need 903 USD Your Help Now Coz Have Only 97.
You Should Send It To Me Here In Moscow ASAP.
My Love,Do Anything Is Possible,I Can Get
No Sleep And Worry Very Much,
I Am Very Nervouse, Write To Me Soon I Am So Sorry We Are Not Together Now I Love You With Kisses
Your Marina
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