Scam letter(s) from Rose Lamptey to Tonky (Belgium)

Letter 1

Thanks very much for writing to me,it was really great reading your message,even though I don't have enough infos about you,I could tell from what I've just read.well I'll take this opportunity to tell you a little about full name as you know is Celestine Adonteng,I'm 5'4'' tall,slim I have blonde hair and brown eyes,a student offering Business in Accra Polytechnic here in Ghana and in my second year,I lost my parents in a motor accident in two yrs ago but currently am living with a room mate I'm very calm,I like asking questions a lot so I sometimes becomes boring to others,I love meeting different kinds of people,people do like me a lot,why because of the warm welcome and a good reception I offer them,so I'm kind of loving,caring,humble and social.I love reading a lot,I'm very creative especially when it comes to poem writing,I always compete with my friend with that,but no one comes out to be champion since we're all great when it comes to poem favorite pet is cat,I love dogs but I'm afraid of past relationship wasn't successful,but its cool because life still goes on,my aim in life is to achieve all the purposes that is in store for me and aside that to get someone who's loving,sweet,caring and gentle to spend the rest of my life with,He should be my Mr. right.I'm single,never married before,have no kids,I', somehow romantic and passionate,I have a little idea when it comes to love making,at least have knowledge on how to please my man.I can make you very happy. my favorite color is sky blue and red.whats yours?I also believe in honesty and straight forward,when I offend you, I didn't mean to do that,let me know and I'll quickly apologies,Pls don't keep it withing you.I really love having fun a lot,I'm an outgoing girl,also knows how to take very good care of my self.h mm!!! what else do you want to know?everything?let me know and I'll tell you.this is very small,I believe you can know me with this.I must be getting ready to leave,what are some of your likes and dislike?do you have any bad character?are you bad tempered?do u throw your hands when you get upset?let me many women have you loved from you heart and how many have you have a night stand?do u smoke?drink?tell me more.. I'm a social drinker,never smoke.Pls tell me everything about you,I'm going to show you my true gift of romance if the needs ever arises,Thank you so much,Bye.
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