Scam letter(s) from Mira Gromova to Fred (Netherlands)

Letter 1
My dear Fred. I am very glad to receive yours letters. I could not write to you some days, I have received a solar heatstroke when I was on a beach and I had a heat and was sick. I was at home and I had no many forces to go to library and to check my mail. I regret it happen during such responsible moment when we discuss our meeting, but it was not my fault. Trust me. I did not forget you these days and I thought of you daily. I ask your pardon once again and I hope to receive it. My darling I miss very much. And I wish to arrive to you. I know you want it too. We have huge plans to this. I hope after our meeting in person we can make the main decision in our life. My darling you ask how you can help to pay to me my travel to you. I spoke with travel agency. I consulted to them about a way of payment or transfer of money from other country. They have told they accept it and they can do it. They use e-gold system usually. You know about this? You used it sometime? It has a site If you do not know about this you can investigate it there. They can use system MoneyGram too. If you cannot use e-gold. It is possible too. My darling I finish this short letter to you and I expect to hear from you back soon. My kisses and warm hugs to you. Yours Svetlana.
Letter 2
My darling Fred. I am very glad to see your letter. I have especial mood always when I check my mail and I have your letter in my inbox. I have you in my ideas always and I am very glad you have me in your ideas always too. Unfortunately I have not seen your letter at once. It has been placed in spam for some reason. I do not know why it so. I mark it not a spam each time, and again I find your letter in a folder spam. I do not understand it. You write you cannot use e-gold now. Probably it is not present at your country. I do not know it precisely, but I think it is possible to take advantage of alternative ways and it will be successful too. You ask in what sum I require. A total cost of travel agency about 800 usd, but I have some savings too and I shall spend them too. I have about 300 usd only. I understand it not a big sum, but the Russian salaries for teachers not so are great too. Therefore I require the help 500 usd from you. My darling I represent our meeting in my ideas many times and I hope it will be actually soon. I shall do everything that it has happened more asap. My darling Fred I finish my letter to you today and I expect new news from you with impatience. My kisses and hugs to you. Yours Svetlana.
Letter 3
Hello my darling Fred I am very glad to receive your letter and to write to you back. I apologize I couldn't write to you yesterday. I was very busy at work. I am very glad you have office Money Gram in your city. Certainly I will inform you exact data for use of it. I already went to travel agency and I have begun reception of documents. I gave them my passport that they received the visa and the international passport to me. My passport in Travel agency now, therefore I can't receive money from you myself. I can't do it without the passport. But I consulted in Travel agency and they have told they can give me the tourist agent. You can send money to him and you inform me a verifying code which to you will tell at office Money Gram. Then I together with the tourist agent will go to bank and I will speak a code there and money will be received. And I will pay it to travel agency. You agree it a good variant? My darling I expect with impatience our meeting. I am happy we will to meet soon. The tourist agent has told to me all documents will be received in a 2 weeks and It is means by I can see you in October . I am very glad to it and I know you are glad too. My darling I will finish my letter to you and I hope to see yours reply tomorrow. My kisses and hugs to you. Your Svetlana
Letter 4

My darling Fred. I am very glad to read your letter. It has so much romanticism and love, I received a lot of happiness reading it. I re-read your letters sometimes and it always gives me new forces and thoughts on that time when we will be together. If I read your letter in the morning I have good mood all the day long and any bad weather or other situations can't change it. You are in my heart and it warms me with heat and caress. I expect our meeting with impatience too. I wrote to you I wish to remain with you so long, as possible. I hope I will be with you not only for the period of the tourist visa, but I hope we will be together long time. I hope our meeting will be step to our future together. I send to you data of the tourist agent which will be necessary for you to send money. Her full name Yana Rusinowa. Her address: 426075 Izhevsk Molodezhnaya str. 87-67. I hope these data are sufficient for you. I hope you can send money soon. I will check my mails every day in the morning and in the evening, I will go with the tourist agent to bank this very day and When I will have it and I will be capable to receive money and to pay my documents. My darling Fred. I know I will receive documents soon already, and I will arrive to you. I hope you will meet me at the airport in Amsterdam. It will be perfect. I expect this meeting very much. I finish my letter now. I have finished job already and I will go home. I expect to hear from you soon. My kisses and hugs to you my darling. Your Svetlana.
Letter 5
Good evening Fred.
I have received yours e-mail from my colleague. Her name Svetlana Tarasova. I think you already know about what speech will go.
This afternoon I had very unpleasant conversation with Svetlana. She accused me I used her photo on the Internet and I deceived men it.
There was very big misunderstanding. I really had Svetlana's photos on my camera and on my computer of the house, and I used it for publication in the Internet, using my name. But I wished to try to get acquainted in the Internet only. I knew Svetlana did it and she has found you. She really became happy when she has received you.
I understand I have arrived dishonestly in relation to Svetlana, but I don't possess such beautiful face and figure as she. And I have wanted to try to get acquainted only. I didn't think you will receive my profile and you will inform it to Svetlana.
I am very afflicted it happen so. I am sorry for that misunderstanding and confusion which you had because of it.
I hope you won't take offense at me very strongly and I hope you will tell to Svetlana that she didn't take offense too. I hope she and all of you will understand. Mira Gromova.
Letter 6
My darling Fred. I am glad to receive your letter and to write to you back. I send you a photo which you asked me. It is a photo nearby a president palace and a photo nearby "eternal fire". I hope you like this photo. I understand it it was necessary to receive for you it to identify me from Mira. But I hope you will take pleasure in supervision of it too :) My darling I hope all is defined now and I hope prevents nothing to realization of our meeting now. I expect it very much and I hope it will happen soon. My darling I wish to give all my heart to you and I know you have such feelings to me. How are you now? I ask it myself more often. I expect that time when we will be together and I can see you every day. And I can not only to see you. I will feel you, your voice, your breath, yours arms. I expect it very much and I want that it came asap. My darling I will finish my small letter to you and I expect to hear yours reply soon. My kisses and hugs to you. Your Svetlana.
Letter 7
My darling Fred. I have received your letter. You write you do not trust me again. I do not understand you. You speak you had contact to the Dutch embassy in Moscow and they speak I cannot enter into Holland. It not so. I spoke with travel agency and they have informed me I will receive all documents for travel to Amsterdam after my payment of it. And I know it the truth. I have no basis not to trust them. I know their reputation and I do not doubt it. My darling I wish to tell to you. We communicate for a long time with you and we plan for our meeting much. But when it is necessary to help me. You have any difficulties. Yes, at first, it was Mira and it was not your problem. We have finished it. Then time has come to help me and you have left to Spain for a week and even more. Now you have returned from Spain and you again have any reason not to help me. And after all it you ask what date of my arrival to you. I am afraid you will later this date again and it will be removed more later again. I do not understand it. You know you can trust me and you speak you trust me but you every time call into question my words and my actions though I do all correctly. I hope you will agree with me now. I agreed with each your doubt and I denied all it and I appeared correct each time. I hope you will understand it and we can meet soon. I hope it will not be postponed more. I very much wish to arrive to you asap, and I hope you too will do all for this purpose. I expect your opinion on it. I hope you can solve it. My darling I hope I will hear from you soon. My kisses and hugs to you. Your Svetlana.
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