Scam letter(s) from Natalia Orlova to Scott (USA)

Letter 1

Hello!!! How are you? I have seen yours announcements on a site and I want to get acquainted with you. My name Natalia, me of 27 years. I from Russia. From city Cheboksary. I the cheerful, amusing, interesting, active, sociable woman with many interests in a life. I have higher education by a trade the economist. The last a floor of year I worked as the manager in one of the best firms in our city. I search for serious attitudes which conduct to a marriage. I want to create my own family with correct the man. I very much love children and I want to give birth for the future husband so much to children how many it wants:) Please answer me, I shall look forward to hearing from you very much.
Best ragards,
Letter 2

Hello dear mister! We represent the organization on struggle against fraud on the Internet. We exist alreadymore than year and with the help of our organization have been caught not one and instituted criminal proceedings the swindler. We cooperate with many sites and agencies of acquaintances, and constantly we help them tocalculate and find swindlers. Yesterday to us the request from a site has acted to find and arrest one girl which already time deceived men on this site. This girl call Natalia. The administration of this site has given us yours e-mail and still many other men to whom the given girl contacted. And we would like to offer you cooperation for capture of the given person. If you have desire to punish given swindler we shall be very grateful to your help. We work with many cities of Russia, but basically with such large as Moscow Saint Petersburg, Nizhni Novgorod and still many others. We have people in banks which too are interested in capture of such swindlers. If you agree with us to cooperate in the following letter we to you explain, that from you it will be required. We hope for your help. We thank for the help beforehand. In total you good.
Administration Antiscam.
Letter 3

Hello!!! We are very glad that you have agreed to help us the matter is that this swindler by name Natalia already in the nearest days will ask for you money, and will ask that you have transferred this money through Western Union. We ask you, make to it a remittance, and it is so much and on those data which she will give you. When you will make translation all over again send to us these data and when we shall answer you after our answer write to it these data. Our people - policemen will wait for her and as soon as she will take your translation, we at once shall make arrest of this criminal. And in 2-3 days we to you also, through Western Union shall make a remittance as soon as all prooves we shall officially confirm on this swindler. We shall certainly institute criminal proceedings this person, in the code of our state there is clause which represents the swindle based on trust and she entitles will imprison the person till 10 years with confiscation of his property. We very much hope, that you will help us, as this swindler already has much deceived men from the different countries.
Administration Antiscam.
Letter 4

Thanks you for your letter and for your photo. It was very pleasant for me to read and learn it about you more. It is easy for me to find the man to Russia, but the majority of them needs only my body. And I have decided to find second half through the Internet. I could write about myself little bit more, but I at present do not have time. Yesterday with my mum there was a misfortune. When she came back home, and passed through road, she was brought down with the machine. It is very difficult for me to speak about it as I very badly feel myself because of it. Thank God she remained is alive. But she is in an emergency, I very much suffer for it. I very much love mum. Doctors have told, that it is necessary for performing urgently operation on a head. Otherwise she can die. Operation very complex, therefore she costs many money - 4500 USD. For me it is very big money, and I do not know where them to take. I tried to borrow them from friends, relatives. And at me it has turned out to find 1780 USD, to me still promised to help on work, but more than 1000 USD they cannot allocate. And I all the same do not have money to operation. I am in despair, and I do not know that to me to do. It is very a shame to me to ask the help the stranger. But I do not have choice. I understand, that now at the Internet there is a lot of deceit. But I not such girl. I do not like to deceive, and the more so in such a way because I think it wrong. Because of such people many hearts are broken, and intimate traumas heal very for a long time, I know it by the experience. I already collided with such situations, but only with Russian men.
Whether I do not know you will believe whether or not, but I simply any more do not know to whom to address. I any more did not know, that to me to do. But here you have written. And I have decided to try to ask the help at you. I shall be very glad to have with you acquaintance, and it is possible at us it will turn out to do serious attitudes. But at present, I think absolutely about the friend, of mum. If you can help me write to me as soon as possible. As I have not enough time. Doctors have told that is necessary to perform operation within 3-4 days. Write to me as soon as possible. I not with patience shall look forward to hearing from you, write to me at once as soon as receive mine the letter. I hope for you and on your help.
Best regards
Letter 5

We want that you have agreed to help Natalia with money and to send it this money through Western Union, that is, now you should ask it the data for remittance, it first name and second name as soon as you will make a remittance on it all over again send to us those data for removal of translation, and after ours to you of the answer, send it these data that we were ready to arrest her. And in 2-3 days, we to you also, through Western Union shall make a remittance and we shall return to you all your money.
Administration Antiscam.
Letter 6

Dear!!! I very much want to develop too further our attitudes, but now at me very complex situation, and I of you very much ask to help me. As I have understood, you want to help me, and I suggest you to transfer me of money through Western Union. given which to you will be necessary for translation:
first name-Natalia
second name-Orlova
Cheboksary, Russian Federation
Please, make all as soon as possible as at my mum remained only 3 days. I shall hope very much for you and on your help. I wait with impatience of the answer.
Yours Natalia.
Letter 7

Understand, we know that it is that Natalia which writes to you from the e-mail: she already very much many has deceived men and that her to imprison to us your help is very necessary. We very much hope for you, that you send it this money, and we promise, that we shall return all your money up to cent in 2-3 days as soon as we shall arrest her. And as to the information on us, excuse, but we have not the right of her to give everything, but all of us is equal on you very strongly we hope for your assistance to us at detention of this gangster.
Administration Antiscam.
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