Scam letter(s) from Margarita to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello Gavin, So very nice to meet you. Thank you for your message. I am looking for a man that is honest, trustworthy, loyal and truthful. Many on that site are not whom they seem to be and are just interested in *** only and in the beautiful doll. But I am a woman and I am not such a beautiful, I am just a simple woman who wants happiness. My full name is Margarita. But you can call me Margo. My age is 31 years old . I have blue eyes and red hair, that is my natural color. I am 165 sm and 54 kg. I am a cook. I like my job. I learned at the culinary college. Now I work at the canteen in my native city Alushta. I am from Ukraine as you understood, my native language is Ukrainian.
I do not speak English, though I have learned it a little at the college, but I didn't devote time it, and now I am really regret about it. What I want, I want to have family with my beloved man, for me it is very important. I think that relations or even marriage are based only on love and neither money nor just friendship can't keep it safe. Everything is based on love. I have no real experience in relations, because I had no many men in my life, but I read a lot and my family is a good example for me. I have parents, they are the best parents in the world, they live together for 32 years. And I am happy for them, and to tell you the truth,mostly their marriage is kept by mother, she is a keeper of the family hearth, she taught me a lot how to be with a man. So I won't fail, I promise. That's all for now,I will wait for your story of your life. Margo.
Letter 2
Hi again Gavin, It's me Margo. I am glad to hear you again. Although I am a great talker I find it very difficult to bring across my thoughts in a letter but I am serious when it comes to romance and love. What I want to tell you, is that my birthday is on July,21, 1976. I am from ALUSHTA, it is in Crimea. I live among the mountains and the Black Sea. Well, I like my job, though I have to work hard, I get up at 6:30 am , drink my black coffee, make a shower, devote 30 minutes to my appearance and at 7:30 I go the bus station. Oh, I wish I could drive or I had a car, buses are always so full at the mornings. Two months ago I was robbed in the bus and my phone was stolen. I wish you could see how I was crying, I bought it on my last money, I had to keep money for half a year to save it for the phone. And then it was stolen, I would kick that person who robbed me, but I do not even know who was he or she. I think that the distance and age is no problem with two people if they love each other and their hearts want to be together. I am sure that we are together someday, sooner or later... I am thinking about our meeting, I could do it at any way you would ask, there only would be a problem with my absence of knowledge of English language. The problem is that many people think that if I do not speak English I am a scammer. I am just using a private translator who entered the University with the diploma of the interpreter and now is working by his profession. Is that so bad that a person earns money for the translation of our correspondence? The first 4 letters I am writing for free, because every body know in Ukraine it is a great gender discrimination, in our country women can't earn money, this world is only for men, that is why it is for free, and as for further correspondence my translator sends the wink to you, that if you have possibility to help your woman, you could do it. I think it is a normal fact that a man should pay for the woman, but not a woman for the man, because in that way such men are gigolos. I hope that I could be one day your beloved woman and you can be sure that I will love you, make you happy till the end of time...
forever... Margo.
Letter 3
Good day to you Gavin! I am very thankful that you are so kind and honest with me. Maybe you think I'm too trustful, but I can't and don't want to do anything with this. I just love people and believe them even though sometimes they hurt me. Yes, I really enjoy communicating with people and to learn something new from the communication with them. It sounds like we may want the same thing out of life. I want to wake up in the morning next to the man that I will spend the rest of my life with. The person that when I look into her eyes I see the other half of my soul. I also want to ask you some questions. 1)Do you like your place of living,or maybe you would like to change something in it? If you want I could help you, I have a good imagination, I can help you to brighten your house. 2)What is your favorite perfume? As for me, I like Dolce Gabana. 3) With what animal or plant you would compare yourself? As for me I am a big tasty strawberry. O'k, honey, my favorite music is Russian, I like to watch Tv, I do it when I have free time. I have a dream, I would like to lay somewhere at the beach with my beloved and to sunbathe ****, I want no one to be at the beach only two of us, we would kiss, huge each other, would also make love. Would you like to talk with me about that more closely? I will let you go for now and will wait for your answers, Kissing you,
Letter 4

Hello Gavin, Thank you very much for your letter. Really it made me happy to meet a normal person. You certainly don't know that I start searching on the net only few time ago. Honestly I'm pleased to get to know you and try to built up a true relationship. You look great at the photos. I would like to cook you any dishes you want after you come after your job,or romantic dinners with candles and talking,I dream of waking up each morning to greet each day together. Walking along a beach together holding hands or taking a trip to the wine countryside to sample fine wines and food. I imagine sitting us front of the fire place. Or to stand near you wearing nothing but a smile waiting for you to take me in your arms and make passionate love. Go shopping together. You will be MY Man, do you hear how it sounds you are mine, you will not have your body, your life anymore, it will be our. I thought about you a lot. I really like you. Darling, I know that tomorrow I won't be able to write you the letter, because this is forth letter and tomorrow my translator will send you the message that the firm I am using has stopped the translation. I do not know whether you liked me as I did, but please let's meet, let's discuss it, I wish we could have some more emails so that we could discuss our meeting details. If you have possibility please let know the translation company "Didiliya" whether I liked you or not, they will certainly tell me about your intentions. That was my yesterday's dream. It was night time and we went for a long walk along the sea. We were talking and holding hands. The moonlight on the water was romantic and the waves were swelling up just like our feelings for each other. We got back to our beach and stood under a palm tree and started to kiss. After some kisses we started to fill such insatiability that we couldn't take it any longer and you took my arms and guided me to our blanket on the sand. You lay me down and started kissing me again while my hand moved under your shorts to feel you. Oh, darling, I can't continue to tell it, i am so so hot. Friendly and with love,
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