Scam letter(s) from Brea James to Cesar (USA)

Letter 1
Hello My Love,
Its me Brea James... Honey, I don`t know what went with my other mail.I have been unable to access my mail all day .. I have been worried about how I would talk to you. I am so happy to get to talk to you.
My Love, you want to know if I am the one you have been talking to that will be flying back into providence on monday 3:30 pm that told you that you sound nice on her third mail, that said to you that YOUR MAILS in her fifth mail to you. Okay, attached to this mail is my picture, one of whichj you have on you.
Letter 2
My Love,
I want to let you know I am having a little problem with the hotel managament here. My passport and my other vital documents have been sized by the hotel manager so I can`t leave here without paying for the owned bills. Honey, all I have here with me is my voucher worht $5550. Honey, I was busy thinking about the customs that I totally forgot about the hotel bill. My Love, the hotel bill is $878 I promise to refund you upon my arrival in the Airport when you come to pick me up. By them I would have my voucher exchanged for cash at the Airprot. My Love, I am so sorry I had to put this on you. I promise I will pay you back.
I Love You,
Your Baby.
Letter 3
Perhaps you will be astonished for receiving a letter from me. I just want that a letter is more eloquent than words. That is why this will definitely speak for itself. I am a little bit confused on how and what to do just to eradicate you to know from my vivid mind your charming and beautiful face. The more time I spend with you the more I like everything about you and the more I want to find out all about you - how you think, how you feel, what your dreams are and everything nice from you. If I could only do something just to persuade you. Sweetie very thing I wish to do was left undone because of this unexplainable emotion. My admiration was still bubbling within me these past lonely days. Truthfully, and undoubtedly, I can fool anyone but I cannot fool myself. I would be a great liar if I uttered that I'm not in love with you. No matter what you think or say, all I can say is; I really love you with all my heart and I will not hesitate if you will give me just a little time to prove my feelings of endearment and to prove to you that I'm deserving of your feelings, from your heart. My dearly beloved, you became so honorable in my eyes, like a precious gem, counted with extremely good intellectual reasoning makes me emotionally struck and speechless. I am very serious now in telling you that I can no longer endure such extreme anxiety and sleepless nights that I am experiencing right of this moment. Since the first day i read from you.... I felt I was living in a new and wonderful world, full of love. And the sun is brighter, the pastures became greener and everything I do was magnificent. You should inculcate and instill in your mind that "I cherish you so much". Such love, like everything, deserves to be given much attention and care in order to grow more and more.
Love always,
Your Queen.
Letter 4

My Love,
I hope you love this.
Your Baby,
Letter 5
I am sorry to bother you with my personal Problem but I have tried all my possible best to find a way out but all my efforts gave been proved abortive. You are the Only one I know that can help me out. I feel so ashamed and sad to be asking you this knowing fully well that we haven`t met, but there is nothing I can do to avert it. Please I don`t want you to think bad of me. I am having a little problem here now the custom is holding my goods , they request me to pay extra custom charges for the Sculptures and the golds, and I dont have any cash left on me to pay for the extra custom charges, I have invested over $35,000 on my gold business , which is with the custom right now , they threatened to seize the goods if I dont pay the fee intime . Immediately I heard that, I went over to the American Embassy to see if I could get help, I was told I am on a NGO `non governmental official` assignment, that I had to find a way to pay the custon fee. I have tried all my friends and clients,but all my efforts have been proved abortive. All I have with me is my Voucher worth of $5550 , which I have tried to excahnge for cash down here but couldnt get it exchange due to the banking system down here , please , I dont want the custom to seize my goods , the goods is my life and all I have left I never knew this not until this morning when the Shipping agent told me the Custom are holding my goods, I went there with her and they told me that I needed to pay more custom tarriff for the Golds becuase it cost alot , I will be glad if you can be of help to assist me with the custom fee, the custom fee is $531. I promise to refund you upon my arrival at home when I exchange my voucher for cash. You are my last hope.
Waiting to read from you.
Your Baby
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