Scam letter(s) from Elena Tokareva to Julian (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Julian!!!
Thank you very much for your letter!!! I am realy interesting in you!!! As you know, I am 19 years old, never married and have no childrens. I'm studying in technical university and now work as seller in Barnaul. My parents live in Moscow. We have meeting not so offen. I have my appartament in Barnaul and I live alone. In free time I go to fitness-club. I like study foreign languages. I can speak english without problem. I love nature, pets (I have a cat), culture, movies, music, and romantic walks. I like warm summer and I like sea. I like swimming. In Russia now not so good weather. Little snow and many rain. But winter in Russia very beautiful. During my free time I like go outdoors, reading, to listen to classic and modern music. Tell me about you. Your free time, work, family. I will be wait for your letter with impatience.
Letter 2
Hi dear Julian
How are you? I very fine. You know, it is my first time to search man via internet. I am heard from my girlfriends about this. My girlfriend Diana in the begining of this years have meet man via internet from USA. Now she live in California and have very hapy family. In the march 2008 she waiting the baby. Therefore I will try to find my second half via internet. As I know foreign man more kind and gentle. Russian man can see in woman just homewife. She must clean, cooking and take care about children. What is your opinion about this? I want that man will see in me woman first of all. I am ready to give all my love to this man. And will be happy to receive the same in return. My first impression about you that you very interesting and reliable person with whom I shall feel self comfortable. I think most important in relationship it is truth. And I can say you that I am very happy that I am find you. As you know, I live alone. And I am very lonely in this life. For me very important to find person with whom I can spend all my life in harmony and love. And I will be happy if this man will be you. In present time very difficult to find real man. I will be waiting your letter. Write me soon as you can, please.
Letter 3
Hi darling Julian
Thanks that you have writed me. I am very pleasant to receive your letters! Every time when I am open my mailbox I am very happy to see your message. I am very wait when my work will over and I can answer to you. This period of the year I am so busy on the work. As you know, I want to say that soon I shall have vacation. So, will be nice to meet you on my holliday. I hope you do not want to write one million letters. I think real meet more better all of the letters. Just in the real meet people can know each other. I can speak english, so we do not have problem in comunication. I will be more than happy to visit you. I am already miss you. Will be wait for your letter darling. Sincerely yours Elena.
Letter 4

Hi darling Julian
How are you? How do you spend this weekend? Yesterday I was in fitness club with my girlfriends. Today I shall clean my appartament and cooking food. My parents shall come from Moscow. I am have told to they that I want to visit you and she want to speak about this. I am sure they will like you. But more important that I like you. With every day more and more I like you. I will be happynest girl in the world when we will meet. I cannot wait when I will see you in real life. I wish you nice weekend and want to say that I am thinking about you every time. A million kisses for you, my darling Antonio. Yours forever Elena
P. S. I have no home phone, but you can call or send SMS to +7 9051762831
Letter 5
Hi my darling Julian
As I told you, I wanted to take vacation. I have speak with my chef and now I can say that it will be from 25 of november till 10 of december. But I am work very good whole year and I have get this. So, now we can planing our meet. Tomorrow wil be ready my visa. But I need pay for that and I will not receive money until two weeks, can you help me with this? is only USD200, I can refund it in your country, still I shall book flight tickets for at flight to meet you. I need from you next information. Which airport nearest from you? Can you meet me in airport? Can I stay with you or I neet take hotel? This is very important questions. Answer on this please. Also I want to know which weather will be in your city. I need take some clother. Are you happy that we can meet soon? I am very happy! I cannot wait to meet you in real life! It is very interesting to know person via letter and than meet in real. I am little nervious, but I want this most af all in my life. Write me darling information which I need soon as this possible. With all my love, your Elena
*To send money you can send to Elena Tokareva, city Barnaul, country Russia. You not need more information.
Letter 6
Hi my darling Julian
Thanks very much for help me to pay for visa. I have it in my hands, soon I will scan it to send to you. But now I have another problem, as I receive in 2 weeks, I need buy tickets right now other way I will loose seat in planes. And it cost USD1600. of course I will refund all this in your country. I promise!
Your Elena
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