Scam letter(s) from Elena Koslova to Arnie (England)

Letter 1

Good afternoon my friend Arnie !! I was very glad, when I saw today your letter today. It has given me hope in heart, that we can be very good friends. And probably we can create serious relations between us. Very much it was pleasant to me, that you have written for me in the letter.I shall try to wake passion in your heart but as I wait for it and from you.I liked your photos. You has the beautiful daughter. It seems to me, that our lifes are similar against each other something. You as well as I had crushings which were done with life. It is very sad, but without it it is impossible life. It learns us to be strong, but all the same with each hard ****, we very hardly experience it. But now I want to speak about more cheerful things, instead of about difficulties of life. I spoke you, that I have the small daughter. I very much love her, and we very much time are together. You know, that to her now 7 years. Also it is age, in which child very whimsical and disobedient. But we try to understand each other. Also want to tell, that at us it turns out. I try to spend all my free time about my daughter. I think, that children this biggest happiness. Certainly it was very difficult for me to bring up my daughter, but I have consulted also it. When to her was not also 1 year, I had very big difficulties. You know, that in Russia it is very difficult to find work. And at that time I worked at restaurant and washed utensils. It was very hard. I worked for 12 hours per day and received 1500 Russian roubles per one month. It approximately 47 US dollars. But later I could find easier work. Till now I work as the cashier of a game hall. My work is a supervision over clients and delivery of winnings by him. Now my wages make approximately 100 dollars of USA. It is very heavy work, but I can not leave it. Very many ***** people happen there and very much frequently they begin to swear, when lose money. It frequently also is very unpleasant to cry I because of it. I very much would like to learn more about your work. As whom you work? Whether this work is pleasant to you? As to my address of e-mail it does not belong to a site. This my address - Personal. You have written, that were in trouble with some sites. What did you mean? I very much would want to learn about your hobby more. Than you like to be engaged at leisure. I have no much free time but when I have some free minutes I very much like to read. Very much it is pleasant to me historical novels. I very much love books Alexander Duma. When I was small, I very much loved film "Musketeers". I might look it all the day. Now I very much like film "Troy". I looked it not so for a long time and very much it was pleasant to me. What films like you, and what actors you prefer? In a life of any person there are pleasant things which like him. For example it is pleasant to me when there is a rain and the snow falls. I like to walk on a fresh snow and to feel a crunch under foots, but I do not like to make the way over snowdrifts. I love coffee with whipped cream, but not hot, but warm. It is interesting to me to know your small pleasant things and what you do not like? It is really interesting to me. I wrote to you, that Nastya quickly finds friends. And it seems to me, that you with her make friends. Nastya does not know English language, but she knows some expressions. We on to TV had transfer for children " Learn English together ". And my daughter not missed any transfer, I do not know why, but it was interesting to her. Sometimes evening Nastya arranged to me "examinations" on English language. It very much was pleasant to me, that already now she has independent interest to development . You ask me concerning England. I want to tell to you, that I never was in England. I never abandoned Russia. When my husband was alive, we planned to make travel across Europe . But it was necessary for destiny, that it has not taken place. I very much worry. I can not explain it. It is possible, because I not so for a long time did not communicate with men. I did not open my soul and heart to anybody. But I are ready to open to you. You have liked me and I am ready to speak you much about my life. If you want to ask me about something I with pleasure shall answer your questions. I very much hope, that this letter will not be last letter in our relations and we shall open each other again. With each letter we do a step on meet each other. I want to speak you once again many thanks for your magic letter, and I shall wait very much your answer. Yours faithfully yours Elena.
Letter 2

Good afternoon my friend Arnie !!! There has come new day and I am very glad, that we have correspondence again. It very much pleases me, I am very glad, that between us such beautiful and romantic relations grow. I think, that you too are glad to this. For these last days when I am familiar with you, I feel, that in my life something has changed. Now I feel, that in my life there is a person to whom I can speak all my secrets and open soul and heart. You have very gentle and pure soul, and I very much want to be a part of your heart. Probably it sounds very loudly, but I do not want to hide it. I very much want, that our relations would develop only on the truth and trust. I think, that you agree with me. I think, that the lie only kills relations and carries only angrily and insult. You know, that in my life very much for a long time was not the close person. It is very hard for me, but I do not want to have one-day relations. It was very hard for me these year, but to me has helped to go through these years love to my daughter. Due to her I could not fall in difficult days. But now I very much want to construct relations with the man. I very much want to love and be loved. But my heart will open only to very gentle and kind person. For me does not play value how many years will be to this person. I think, that when people like each other they can break all barriers which will rise for their way. I hope, that I shall soon have pictures of me and Nastya. Also I shall send them to you. And I would like to see a lot of your photos. If it will not be difficult for you. I very much would want to speak with you on the phone. But unfortunately I have no the phone of a house. But it might give us one more step on a meeting each other. Please write to me your number, I shall try to call to you. I want to tell you one history which has learned me to much. My mum has very big friendship with one man. They have got acquainted approximately 17 years back. They have got acquainted in the house of rest. He lives in the other city which is in 450 kilometers from my city. They could carry by friendship through many year and distance. he very much the adult person, to him now 69 years. Till now they have correspondence on mail. They have got acquainted after death of my father. My mum spoke me, that he offered her to get married. But my mum has not agreed. I know, that she tests to him very warm relations. I think, that she did not begin to do it because she did not want to shock me. She has given all forces to me. When I observed of their relations, I have understood, that it is not important where your love and how many to her of years lives. Important only one - is important only feelings between people. I very much like my daughter. Yesterday we had very interesting walk on a coast the river. We observed, how play a bird on a coast of the river. My daughter was very glad and had very much fun. When I looked at her, I have understood, that I the happy person. I very much love children. And I would like to have children still. I think, that my love will suffice on all children. This happiness when a beside it is a lot of children. But certainly it will be not only my decision. But also the decision of my person. I think, that all decisions in family should be accepted only together. Even small. Unfortunately I should leave the Internet cafe now. Because already it is a lot of time and I should go on work. But I shall go necessarily here tomorrow and to hope, that you will write to me tomorrow. I very much wait your letter and with pleasure I shall answer your letter. Yours faithfully always yours Elena.
Letter 3

Good afternoon my lovely prince!!! I am very glad, that you wrote to me. YOU give me happiness and love with each your letter. I for a long time did not test such happiness and love in my life. I think, that you had very good and successful day. Also I think, that at you it has turned out. We have not so hot weather. And it is born with a trouble. For last days many people appeared in hospitals because had illness. It is a lot of people which have poor health appeared in hospital. But to me very much was lucky, that we have no this illness. It is very a pity to me, that you leave. But I understand you should go. I will not have not enough very much you. You have not written when you will come back back? I hope, that during trip you will not overlook about me. I shall miss very much your letters. My prince, I am very much excited. Yesterday in our city there was very terrible crime. I spoke you, that I work in game club. It is very bad and nervous work. Yesterday there was an attack on one of game clubs in our city. Some unknown people came into game club and have plundered it. It was in midnight. It is very terrible, because I too have such risk. I too work in such game club. These people came into game club and have begun to shoot. At this time there there were not many people. There there were two players, one security guard and one cashier. They have killed all and have taken away all money. This impudent and terrible robbery. These people could not find till now, and the militia may not even find any prooves. To me it is very terrible, because it may happen and to me. Our club is protected badly. But I can not lose this work because I can not find another. I very much hope, that you can understand me and can tell me kind words. I very much need in your support. To me it is terrible, and I very much am afraid to go on work. But I think, that all will be good, and that this trouble to not happen to me. I think of you and to me it becomes much easier. You help me when you write me. I could not now without your letters because they give me many happiness and love. With kisses and hope yours Elena.
Letter 4

Good afternoon my prince!!! I was very glad to read your letter again. With each your letter my heart all becomes warmer. I feel, that I very much need in you. You very close person for me both the closest and sensitive. All kind feelings which you allow to me, I try to give my daughter. It very much helps me to be happier. I am happy and I try to give this happiness my daughter. I think, that you too are happy, when read my letters. Our relations grow every day and every day my heart belongs to you more and more. All my soul and heart completely yours. In the last letter I spoke you, that there was an awful case in the next club. Till now criminals have not been found also everyone think, that them cannot find. It is very terrible to me to work, but I do it because I have my daughter and consequently that I have you is my prince!!! The person to whom I shall give all my love and all my soul. When it becomes difficult and hard for me, I start to think of you. It very much helps me and I feel, that you beside and can always help me. Now you always somewhere near to me also think of me. Your letters force me to open to you my heart and feelings. My prince, very much not dexterously to speak me about it. I do not remember, that I would speak these words. It was very much for a long time and I am very much confused. But I should speak you it. I want to tell, that I love you. It will be possible for you simply words, but for me it is very important step during my life. You know, that I did not have close people many years. And it is very difficult for me to speak these words. But I think, that you understand me, and will not take offence at me. These words it is not simple words, these words of my heart. My love, I want to speak you these words always. Today I asked the manager of Internet - cafe, that he would help me to create registration record in MSN. It is If you have such opportunity I very much would want to speak with you in on-line. It will help us to be even closer and to know each other even better. With sincere love yours Elena.
Letter 5

Good afternoon my lovely, my sweet prince !!! Now at me on the person a smile because I have found your letter in the letter box. It is very pleasant for me to receive again From you the letter. I'm fine and at Nastya too. Today she spent the night at my mum. You know, yesterday after work we with girlfriends have gone to look film. We sat at one of my girlfriends. She to us long time suggested to look one film. This film has been taken off for a long time. It is a melodrama, romantic film. I very much want to retell to you it. Because I liked this film. I even cried. Film begins with how the woman went from library home, with herself she carried many books. Suddenly began a strong wind. She has not had time to go in a room. She went, and the wind in literal sense blew off her. She has unintentionally collided the young man. Her books have fallen. She too has fallen, has broken to itself a knee. The young man was the artist, he lived nearby. He has invited her to itself home what to have a drink tea, to be warmed. She has agreed. During some time they continued dialogue. Between them there was a sympathy to each other. In a result they became close. They had simply unearthly love. But this woman had children and the husband. In due course the husband has found out that the wife to him changes. As a result of film the husband kills the young man. The wife finds out about it when comes in the house of the young man and sees there blood. She has understood, that her love did not begin, that her love was killed by the husband. She with tears on eyes burnt those photos that have remained from the novel. She burnt the memoirs on the former love. At this moment I also have begun to cry. To me began her so it is a pity. But the woman informed nobody about it. She has left it as fiduciary. Because she could not betray the husband. As the husband of her has forgiven. But in actions of the husband there was no hatred. He it is simple up to madness loved the wife. He really loved her, and she has grown fond of another. When I looked at the moments of pleasure in love, I represented myself and you on their place. I would like as hours to admire the friend the friend. As to walk in the evenings together, as well as they. They understood each other without words, it was good to them together. More nobody was necessary for them. It also was the true love. I would want that and we with you had such relations. Only I am sure, that ours with you relations will not end as. We will have sleepless nights of love. We with you shall understand each other without words. I shall love you. I shall do all for that what with me was good to you. I want, that we with you would have long relations. That we with you would be recollected by our grandsons. I want, that many would remember how we liked each other. I want to present you all love. On me has very strongly worked this film. I have wanted to tell to you about the feelings, ideas to you. I think, that you understand me. I want, what ours with You relations were mutual. I love you, I want, that you always would know, that I love you. I do not want, that you would overlook about it. Dear, I want to ask to you one question. Only I would want that you have answered it fairly. Simply it really is very important for me. You believe me, what at me to you such feelings? Only answer me fairly! I want to know! Only I ask you it is not necessary to me to lie. I want, that we with you would be frank. You are necessary for me. I very much am afraid to lose you. I want, that we with you always would be together. I cannot to live day without your letter. I constantly think of you. I always think of how we with you shall spend ours with you time. I shall make utmost, that my dreams would come true. Because I very strongly want to be with you together. You cannot understand on how many strongly me pulls to you. I want to feel all body you. I want to hear yours a voice. I want To see your eyes. I want, that we with you in a reality would be together. I want to embrace you, gently to kiss. But I cannot make it because you are now far from me. I hope, that we with you very soon shall together. Because I cannot long be without you. Lovely mine, on it I should finish the letter. I would want that you knew, that I always think of you. I fall asleep with ideas on you. My soul longs, because you are not present with me beside. Anybody will not embrace me. I would want that you embraced me. I gently kiss you. Your princess.
Letter 6

Good afternoon my prince!!! Thanks for one more very lovely letter which contains only dreams. And it is valid so, differently I could not understand it. Understand me my love, I wish to live in a mode of real time! Real events which occur around of me. I began to correspond from you in hope that you are that person with whom I can have serious relations and create family. It is possible to give birth to children of whom we can care together, and see, how they become independent. You understand me my lovely? I ask you understand me, as the person who wants serious relations. The Internet is the Internet, and all these letters cannot transfer all feelings which we want to give each other. I hope, what you agree with me my loved? For all this time which we have correspondence we was written with many words. But I want to hear these words and to see your eyes, during this moment. To feel touches of your hands, to hear your breath, to feel, that you here - about me. I long thought and have decided, that so to both of us it will be better... Last days I have visited travel agency and have learned cost of the visa. I have some means and it will suffice on registration of the visa, and on trip to Moscow. But I do not know cost of hotels and consequently has borrowed still money from the girlfriend, just in case. Yesterday I had conversation with my owner on work. I long explained him my situation, and he has agreed to give me holiday on one and a half month, at my expense. My lovely at me already all is ready, and tonight I go to Moscow to issue the visa. I know, that it is very sharp turn of events but only so we can learn really each other. We can understand, that we are closer to each other. But as can be, that when I shall come, you decide to not be with me! I do not know it, but I hope, that at us with you all will be good. You very decent and kind person, and I very much hope, that in a real life you are same. Time will show, if all your words which you wrote to me - the truth we shall be very happy together. I shall already read your answer to this letter in Moscow. I hope, that you will understand why I was solved on this step. It will really approach us, and will enable us to begin a new, happy life. With love in heart. Yours Elena.
Letter 7

Good afternoon mine dear prince!!! At last I can read your letter. I should find a lot of time here free the Internet of cafe. I am glad to see, that you too have many experiences concerning a forthcoming meeting. In fact this meeting will change our life once and for all. I shall start with that the road to Moscow was very long, to me 10 hours were necessary to go by the bus approximately. Yesterday I all the day long could not calm down, I felt like very intense. I thought of you, thought that you write in the letter as you will react to my decision to arrive to you. But then my reflections were interrupted with dream. I have woken up during that moment when we already approached on Moscow. I knew, that Moscow is the big city, but to admit never fairly I thought, that it such huge. We arrived on road service station approximately about 5 o'clock in the morning. And the first, that I had to make is to find a hotel accommodation. On these searches at me has left almost all the day long. I certainly saw in films, that in the big cities I am fuses on roads. But only now I could be convinced itself, that it means to stay in the automobile almost 40 minutes on one of crossroads of this huge city. I have travelled 6 hotels, and was convinced that my concepts about the high prices is simply children's babble. Money which I expected to spend hotel, for the period of registration of the visa, has sufficed only to pay 4 days of my residing in number. In general to me 7-9 days are necessary to stay here approximately to receive documents. dear I yet do not know mine, that I shall do then, in fact only today I had to spend a heap of money to a taxi. I cannot wait that moment in any way when I can reach bed. I practically do not feel legs. And tomorrow... I today called in embassy to learn when it will be possible to approach and write the application on reception of the visa. I have stayed at phone about one hour, and only in one hour of my tortures I could phone up to embassy. To me have told, that to me will be come to approach to 7-8 o'clock in the morning that me have written down on reception. And consequently I think, that today I need to go to bed early. Because to reach embassy in time, to me will be come to wake up on a pair of hours earlier. Here only it is interesting to me, when it will be necessary to pay registration of the visa? At once - when I shall write the application, or then when I shall receive it. I will need to not overlook to ask it tomorrow in the morning. And still, as to flight, I plan to fly to you at once as I shall receive the visa. I have already told, that it will be approximately in 7-9 days. And as soon as I shall have the information on flight and about the price on the ticket I at once shall write it to you. I very much hope,that at me all will turn out, and tomorrow I shall get on reception in embassy. Whether dear I do not know I mine can write to you tomorrow, but I promise, if I will have free time I shall necessarily write to you. Gently kiss you also I wish you all finest. Yours Elena
Letter 8

Good afternoon my lovely prince!!! I was very glad to see your letter, this only thing that gives me calm in this big city. Here so it is a lot of people in the street. And yesterday I for the first time, the eyes have seen Negros. It was the young pair, they passed by the automobile in which I went in embassy. I nearly have not curtailed to myself a neck, trying to consider it is better than them. My lovely I probably it was similar to the small child whom have for the first time resulted in circus or a zoo. As I also thought, yesterday I could not write to you mine dear. But not because I did not have time that is why that I could not find free the Internet of cafe. I very much would like to see your letter. If to tell fairly, to me it is a little terrible in this city and it would be desirable, that right now were. Early yesterday in spite of the fact that I have left hotel beforehand, I all the same was late and have arrived to embassy at 8.30. In embassy I had to stay almost four hours. I very much experienced, that me will not write down on reception this day, and will write down for tomorrow. And because of it I shall lose one more day. But my experiences were vain, me have written down on 15.45. To go back in hotel it be no point. And I have decided to pass on the nearest streets and to look city, and for one to look for any cafe to have dinner. When I have returned to embassy I had to wait a hedgehog for 30-40 minutes . As I have understood a delay the result the young man. He the same as also I wrote the statement on reception of the visa, but she had any problems with documents. My lovely I asked the god that at me all has turned out. And it is similar, that the god has heard my words. When to me gave papers for a spelling of the statement, I have filled in them at once. It has borrowed from me about one hour because I very much worried also all time asked, as where it is necessary to write. Mine dear when I have left embassy in spite of the fact that at me the head very was ill, I felt like in the seventh sky with happiness. One step is already made and is fast we together. I have returned to hotel when was already almost 19.00, and the driver of a taxi had to awake me when we have approached on hotel. I went in the automobile and I do not remember, how have fallen asleep. To me has dreamed Nastya, probably because I very much miss on her. I thought, that to me will be come to persuade long my mum that she has agreed to stay with Nastya. But to my surprise, my mum has told, that she with pleasure will take Nastya to herself. My lovely, as to the ticket I necessarily learn today cost and flight and I shall write it to you. I hope, that I can make it today. In embassy to me have told, that if there will be no changes the visa will be ready in six days. And I expect to arrive to you on November, 10, but now main my problem not in it. Tomorrow my registration in hotel at 20.00 comes to an end and I need in means, that number, till time of my departure you. I perfectly know, that you will not leave me in this situation. But nevertheless it is inconvenient for me to write to you about it. Mine dear I was necessary for me of 300 dollars to pay for hotel and to not appear in the street. I hope you will find a way to send me these means today or tomorrow. I think, that is possible to take advantage of Union bank that I could receive at once money and settle an account for hotel. For this purpose you will need to specify simply, here these data: Russia,
Kozlova Elena. My lovely I very much hope, that you can send means to time, and I will not have problems with hotel. I shall wait very much for your letter. I hope to receive the letter from you tonight. I shall try to find free the Internet of cafe and to answer you. My lovely if I am not mistaken, my phone number in hotel 856-455-01, a code of Moscow - 095, but I do not know a code of Russia. I think for you complex will not find it. Always yours Elena.
Letter 9

Good evening my lovely!!! I have waited the whole hour at phone, but and could not wait your bell. I do not know, why you could not phone up to me. My lovely I too has late reached up to the Internet of cafe and I still had not enough time to write to you. I shall try to learn that you ask me. I have in a kind concerning an opportunity of payment of my account for number. You can give me the number that I could call you. Mine dear I have written down the name of the airport. Also I shall try to learn the information on flight tomorrow. Gently kiss you. Yours Elena.
Letter 10

My lovely Arnie - I do not know, that to me to do!!! You have not sent me money! I have last money, it will suffice to pay for one more day. But if I shall make it I shall not have any means!!! I shall not have money even on a meal. You understand in what I position? Now I shall come back in hotel and to pay number. If I shall not make it now then can already be late. And I shall stay in the street because my number can reserve for other person. On November, 4 in Russia the big holiday was. And in Moscow it is a lot of visitors from all Russia and practically there are no free hotels. I shall wait here for your letter when I shall come back from hotel. I very much worry, at me practically I am in a condition of a panic!!!!!!!!!!! I beg you make how I ask, that I did not have problem!!!! I wait for your letter! Yours Elena.
Letter 11

My lovely at us evening. And just now I can read your letter. I am very much upset, today I had to have problems with the manager of hotel. he did not want to accept my payment for number for one more day. This person has told, that my number already for is reserved, and that today in him other person should drive. My lovely I shall not write to you a detail of all it. I only shall tell to you, that tomorrow when I shall receive money from you I I shall move to other hotel. I have stayed here almost two hours while could wait a free computer. I hope you will not take offence at me for the short letter, but I am very tired. And I have a headache, with all these experiences. I shall wait for your letter tomorrow in the morning. Gently kiss you. Yours Elena.
Letter 12

Good morning my lovely Arnie!!! I should admit to you, that only your letters give me peace of mind. I have many experiences here, in Moscow. I already start to think, that it was - better to warn really you beforehand. That we could plan this trip but as speak at us: all that is done - done to the best. I have learned the information on flight, here it: In total 1 ticket x ( 339,00 + 120,30 ) = 459,30 (including gathering) Flight: Moscow - London
Airline: Transaero Flight: UN333
Departure: November, 10 2005, 10:10, Domodedovo Arpt
Arrival: November, 10 2005, 11:15, Gatwick Arpt
Places: Econom a class, places are
Time in a way: 4 h. 5 m.
Flight: London - Moscow Airline: Transaero Flight: UN444
Departure: November, 26 2005, 12:45, Gatwick Arpt
Arrival: November, 26 2005, 19:45, Domodedovo Arpt
Places: Econom a class, places are
Time in a way: 4 h. Mine dear I shall sit here and to wait for your letter today. I very much hope that I shall soon see your letter.
Whole your gentle lips. Yours Elena.
Letter 13

Good evening my lovely Arnie!!! I have two news, to you one good another not so good. I have paid for a hotel accommodation, for this purpose I had to **** all that gold which was on me. My lovely it there was a first news. And the second news, because of the carelessness and excitement, I has incorrectly written down your address. And consequently could not receive today money. I shall go in bank tomorrow in the morning, I already have some times checked up that I have written on the form - your name and the address. I soon shall begin a lunatic because of all it. I shall write to you in the morning when I shall receive money. I kiss you. Yours Elena.
Letter 14

Good morning my lovely!!! I'm fine, I have just returned from bank. dear I have received mine of money and now I can pay for the staying days of my hotel accommodation. And to redeem my jewelry. Probably for you it will ridiculously read. Yesterday before leaving cafe, I have written down your data in several places. It is a pity to me, that you cannot read this letter till Wednesday. But I know, that you constantly think of me. And it is very pleasant for me. It warms me, my soul. I cannot still believe that this nightmare, I speak about Moscow, will soon end also we shall be together. For last days I thought of us with you much. I imagined our meeting, that moment when I shall see you and your small daughter. I know, that it will be very much exciting moment. Mine dear I wanted to ask you about money for the ticket. I think, that tomorrow I will need to buy tickets that any problems then have not appeared. I shall wait for your letter tomorrow. With love in heart. Yours Elena.
Letter 15

Good morning my lovely!!! It is very a pity to me, but I have not found your letter. I think, that you have not come back yet home. I shall check my mail at 12.00. I very much hope, that I shall find your letter. I very much do not have you, I feel lonely. And only the idea on a fast meeting warms me. With love, always yours Elena.
Letter 16

My lovely I already second time come here. I was here at 12.00 and have not found your letter. I have come now and again I do not see the letter from you. My love you force me to worry. I very much wait for the letter from you. I shall check my mail later and I hope, that you write to me. To me it becomes valid a little terribly. Yours Elena.
Letter 17

My lovely I do not know, how you will react to it, but I really did not know it..... For that I could drive in your country I should have a minimum of 50 pounds sterling, on every day because I shall receive the tourist visa. And, as the tourist I should have money for residing and a meal. I should present this money at customs house at the airport if I shall not have it me will not pass in the plane. Really it is very a shame to me before you, for that that I have put you in such position. But I really did not know about it. I wait for your answer. I ask you do not become angry about me. Elena.
Letter 18

My lovely I could not answer you earlier because here switched off light. I have read your both letters, and I should agree with you. Because I too do not see other exit from a developed situation. I wait for your answer my lovely. My lovely I shall wait for your letter. I do not have words to express my pleasure!!!!!!! I adore you!!!!!!!! My lovely here again any problems with an electricity. The manager has told, that the cafe is closed at 2-3 o'clock. I shall try to find other cafe to check up a mail and to write to you. But if I shall find nothing then I shall come back in this cafe in 3 hours. I love you my lovely. You do not imagine, as I am grateful to you for everything, that you do!!!! Gently kiss you. Your small princess. it is fine understand it, but I speak you that your state will not start up me on the territory. They should be confident that I am I can pay all charges in your country, and it is the law. This money only are necessary for me for showing it at customs house. And when you meet me at the airport, I return to you it. It is clear for you my lovely?
Letter 19

Good morning my lovely!!! I very much experienced all the night long and did not sleep almost. I and could not receive your letter yesterday. Here in Moscow pass any competitions among youth, on computer games. Also appeared, that it is practically impossible to find free cafe in the evening. Mine dear I have written down the information on translations. Now I go to bank, then in the airport to buy tickets. After that I shall come back here also shall write to you. Today we shall be together and nothing can prevent us. Gently kiss you. Yours Elena Elena
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Name: Natalia Broomkin
Age: 29
Name: Victoria
Age: 27
Name: Natalia Burlakova
Age: 29
Name: Karla Worland
Age: 30