Name: Irina Vishnitskaya
Age: 37
Name: Ekaterina Novoselova
Age: 26
Name: Martine Sabate
Age: 32
Name: Alena Chernetsova
Age: 28
Name: Katarina Berezina
Age: 27
Name: Candy Barry
Age: 33
Name: Karina
Age: 25
Name: Larisa Ershova
Age: 29
Name: Elena Martchenko
Age: 28
Name: Maria Glyebova
Age: 31
Name: Floriane Mercier
Age: 30
Name: Lilia Karachevtseva
Age: 30
Name: Veronica
Age: 26
Name: Esther Ofosu
Age: 36
Name: Linda Evans
Age: 31

Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Nick (UK)

Letter 1
Hello, Nick!! How are you:) Thank you for your contact I am very excited about it! Dear I will tell you one story this will help you to understand who I am and why i am here! at the beginning I am Tanya:) nice to meet you! I live in Lisichansk. I am a shop assistant! actually I am happy in my life though I want to have my won family to be in love to make my man happy!

Once when i was at the fifth form at school our teacher and my classmates went to Kiev for an excursion and we were excited about this trip, then we were walking along Kreschatic and i saw a beautiful couple he was a foreigner and she was a local girl i heard them talking at that time i have not understood what they were talking about but they were so much in love. They look so happy he presented her white rose! it was so beautiful and i thought then when i will be an grown up i also want to meet my love abroad! i dont know may be it is quite naive but this is why i am here!!!

well i need to hurry back at work, i will close now sorry if i miss something i will answer you in my next letter! yours faithfully Tanya
Letter 2
Hello, Nick! Thank you for your story! I appreciate you sharing your life story with you! How are you:) Thank you for your letter!! Nick, I am very happy to learn more about you and glad to tell you more about myself. Oh Thank you for your reply:) I was really impatient to get your reply! thank you for allowing me to learn more about me:) well You must be really curious about my family:) i guess i will tell you more;) so i have told you already that I work as a shop assistant so i dont think that it is necessary to explain what i should do! As for my family my parents live in the next town close to Lisichansk( where I am now) and I have an older sister, Alyona, who is married and have a family but she lives in Russia in Vorkuta. Well I have many friends! and most all of them are married and have kids but not all of them are happily married! well my friends told me that I am fun easy going and love to play jokes:) I have sense of humor:) I am an affectionate woman who has no problem showing the one I love just how much I do love him. I like to hold hands,hugs and kisses. Not only do I like to give these things,but I like to receive them as well. I very much want to be in love,but I want my love returned. Age,race or nationality is not important to me,what is on the inside is. I have a big heart and a lot of love to give to the man that will return my love. Well Things I like and dislike and my hobby, well my hobby are sport, music! I love playing Piano:)Apart from my love of music, one of my favorite hobbies is Photography and I also enjoy writing. So, I would love to travel the world taking photographs and writing stories about my travels. I want to write a book or two one day as well. :-) But Unfortunately I have never been abroad though I am an optimist and entry never loose my spirit! I do belive i have a lot that might happen with me in future:) Well as for photos one of my friends are professional photographer and I am here favourite model:) Oh Need to close but i will be waiting for your reply:) very impatiently kisses your Tanya
Letter 3
hello, Dear Nick:) thank you for telling me more about yourself:) i hope you are doing great!! I am very glad to get your letter. Correspondence with you means much for me... You are always in my mind. In my imagination we already made a lot of things together, we also spent a lot of wonderful moments of life. We are sitting before the fire place and are discuss about all things and we are closed together that we feel the breath and heart ****** of each other. In my dreams I caress every point of your nice and soft body. Unfortunately until now this are only dreams. I can't expect until this dreams become true. I hope it will be very soon. I would like to tell you more about my character. My friends say that I am an easy going person. I enjoy life and I always enjoy being around people and helping when I can. Through out my life i have always enjoyed learning new things about people, and I also think the same way when it comes to a relationship. I believe that you learn more about the one you love everyday not matter how long a person has been together for or even married, because it always keeps the passion in the relationship alive and it also shows that the person loves them more then life itself!!! I look at love as something special and i treasure each moment as a gift!!! Love too i suppose is a challenge for destiny, because destiny will guide our hearts to the true love of our life!! I hope that this tells you a little more about who I am and what I am looking for. Basically, like you, I am looking for love and happiness and a partner that will share the rest of her life with me. From my side I promise you to be faithful, caring and loving all the time I will be yours and I hope that the phrase means in fact "for the whole my life"... Please write and tell me a little more about yourself. Do you want a life of love and happiness, with a little adventure added in? I hope so! Well, I must close for now, but I will be awaiting your next letter. And if you have any more pictures, I would love to see them. I will be waiting for your answer with impatience, your Tanya
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