Scam Letter(s) from Julia Fominyh to Martin (Belgium)

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Letter 1

Hello my darling Martin!!! I am very happy to receive your letter today, it caused many the most pleasant emotions in my heart. During all that time when we are necessary for each other, I constantly think of you, you took a place in my heart. On To work I became little bit disseminated, and my girlfriends speak it, I love. I so never was, so is happy. I Now completely, what to change, what to pay attention to all source, the acquaintance and friends. All it from for You. I as though leave in heavens. I always think of you. I start to distract more. I think only about you! I sent your regards to my mum and she answered you it also!:) My love, I much and seriously thought of it and I wish to speak about it with you. As you know, I will have the birthday from November, 27th. I did not take some years the holiday and I wish to do it from 27 numbers. My holiday will last in a current about one month and the biggest happiness and the best gift in my life it would be, that I could be at this time only near to you!!! What do you think of it?? I never was abroad and I at all do not know, what procedures it is necessary for me to pass and what to do, that I could go to Belgium, but I am going to address to experts in these questions tomorrow and to learn all exact details and I will immediately inform you on it, that you tell...! I spoke about it to mum, and she says, that is it well, she thinks, that I will be happy..... It Saw your photo, and it was pleasant to mum and has told, that you can trust. Mum also would like, it in me was very good. She however mother also does not wish angrily me. I I think, that we should meet, we should see each other. We became frank with you, and I think, that you want To learn about my sexual experience. In Russia all men dream to pull only the girl in a bed, but I do not want it , I do not wish to be to data of the first visitor, that it would take pleasure. It something from aforementioned it gives love To the person for this purpose, that what to study happiness in this life, and men represent its unique as a floor, I think it It is not correct, also I hope, that you agree with me. I want a unique thing the person with whom I will feel Directly loving. I will give me to it completely both shower and a body. We together study all depths of love. Our passion It will be poured out for love limits, and we will like the friend the friend all life, till last moment of our existence. I feel, what our hearts are broken in one rhythm, and you feel it? I wait for yours Letters, whether important for me the nobility you, divide my ideas. For ever yours... Yulia

One million kisses only for you, my love.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 2

Greetings my beloved Martin!!! I live in a fog now. I love you most of all in this world, and I am very happy, that I can love again. I am the madman about you, and I know, that you also. I miss on you, and for me it is very difficult to be except you. The idea, that you there and I, here forces me to feel a pain. You - my life now, and you know it. I wish to study your deep eyes full of emotions, to touch you, to kiss you. I know, that all will work on us, and we will be happy together. I often imagine our remarkable life together. I can feel you even on such big distance which we have the friend between the friend. But I wish to remove this distance.... I have many news to you and I wish to inform you it. Today I have gone to Consulate, as I have written to check up that I should arrive to you. I had a conversation with people there, and I knew, that I should make some documents and force the visa to arrive to you. The visa I can stand on a way, is the tourist visa. To me have told, that I be able receive it without any problems. It will occupy time, and I should lift many documents from the party. But I will make everything, that depends on me. It is the Schengen visa. To me informed, that I have two variants to receive it. I can receive the unitary tourist visa which will be made out for 5 working days and period of validity of it will make 10 working days, cost of it is = 160 euros. Or I can receive the multivisa which will to be made out for 8 working days, cost of it makes about 350 euros, but period of validity of it makes 30 working days. It is the first news. Also it is necessary for me to receive the passport for travel abroad, cost of it makes nearby = 100 euros, also to me it is necessary to pass medical inspection, approximately nearby = 30 euros. Also I should give the inquiry from work on the firm form of the enterprise with instructions of a post, the experience and the size of wages. My love, at me is one problem which upsets me very much. Not conveniently for me to ask you the help, but I be able not make it without your help. You know, I should pay that has received the visa and did all documents, I should arrive to you. And you know, that my salary is too small for this purpose. I have a big desire to arrive to you, to see you at last, but I be able not make it without your help. I do not wish to complain, but I do not wish to lose you. I love you very much, and I be able not pass it if I lose you. I do not know, whom I can ask the help except you. You know, that I am always fair and sincere with you. I hope, that you will understand me and will help me to make this step. When I was in Consulate, I have given them some documents, and they have made a file for me. Now I should pay it, and they will begin my process of the visa. If I make an application on the multivisa of visiting you should about 480 euros to defray all expenses. Unfortunately, I do not have such money, a maximum that I can find it makes nearby about 100 euros and I can hope only on your help. Also I knew, that there is a Western office of the Union in our city, and you can send money, using this system of bank for my name. To me have told, that it is the fastest and most safe way to send money. My full name - Yulia Fominyh. You also should know my address. My address where you can send it - the Russian Federation, Cheboksary. I have written about it. After you will send money, you should send me your full name, an exact home address, the sum of money and Control number of the Remittance (MTCN). To me have told about it in bank. I be able not receive money without it. Honey, I should pay it within a week, so, please, attempt to send it as soon as possible. I really hope, that you will understand my situation. I wish to see you very much, but I be able not make it without your help only because I do not have such money. I will understand, whether you wish to help me, but it will force me to feel an awful pain, that I be able not be with you. It is a pity, road if it upsets you. I only think, that we should trust each other, to be fair and to divide all. I hope, that you, agree with me. I assume, that we can soon meet, and I have happiness tears on my eyes. I do not want it there were problems which can prevent us. But I can hope only on your help expensive. It will be the happiest moment of my life when I will meet you, I am you. I very much love you. You it is better, that I have in the life. I wish to be with you more than something. I miss on you, road and I look forward to hearing from you with the big impatience. Yours Yulia.

I will wait your answer with the big impatience and sincere hope... I very much love you!!!!!!!!!!!!



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