Scam letter(s) from Daria Shulepova to Billy (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, my dear Billy! How your mood today? I am very glad to see your letter again! I very much miss you, and so I want to see faster you to embrace and kiss! It is a pity, that I have not addresed to services the Internet cafe earlier. We already for a long time could be together, and light up our love all world! But soon we shall meet and we shall give each other our love. We shall walk along the street, to go to cinema, talk a lot , in a word, we shall enjoy presence each other. Dear, I with impatience wait for day of our meeting, I so want to see you, to touch you, to understand, that I has met you and now you my man, not in a computer, and in the present . Loved, I learned last days the information on a question of my visa as both of us want to be together, to make happy each other and to connect our lives. I very much want to arrive to you and to be with you for ever. And so, I shall tell to you, that I have learned. That I all over again have made, I have gone to one of travel agencies of my city. I have gone to agency and have asked the secretary to explain to me as it will be better to receive the visa. The secretary has told, that I should collect documents and the information concerning me and my parents. Then I should bring these documents in agency and to conclude the contract with agency. Also I should pay to them for work above my visa. The secretary has told to me, that the visa costs approximately 115 dollars, the Embassy is taken with consular gathering at a rate of 65 dollars. Also I should make the passport for travel abroad . It costs approximately 170 dollars. The agency takes approximately 100 dollars for the services (for work above registation of all necessary documents). And so, all 450 dollars are necessary. The secretary has told, that when I shall bring all necessary documents and I shall pay the necessary sum, then all my documents will send to Moscow. In Moscow in Embassy of your country will consider my questionnaire and my documents and if to me will allow to receive the visa, that approximately in two weeks I shall receive the visa to arrive to you. I already began to collect necesary documents, I have taken the reference from my work and the inqury from a residence. It is necessary to receive some more information and all documents will be ready. Unfortunately I do not have material means to pay all charges connected with the visa and the passport for travel abroad. I do not know where to me to take this money. I here can hope only for your help. You know, I live not richly. To us with mum of that money that we earn suffices to pay only payments for an apartment and to buy necessary food stuffs. Therefore unfortunately I do not have kept own means. I hope that you as man will take on myself expenditure of my arrival to you. Now you have all necessary information to plan my arrival to you and to make of the decision. I like you very much and very much I miss you! To me it is very lonely here without you. My mum and my friends are practically always near to me, and morally support me in everything, but now it is not enough of it for me. At present for me the biggest happiness is to be near to you, to love you, to care of you and to create with you happy family. Actually I did not know, that such love, while have not got acquainted with you. You have presented me the love, you have made so, that my heart again began to beat! You - my life, I want to be with you and to divide this life with you. I so want to make you the happiest man in the world! I hope, that soon we shall be together. I wish you fine day and excellent mood!
For ever yours Natasha.
Letter 2
Hi, dear Billy! How are you I am very glad to see your letter again! I so want to tell to you something, but I very much hesitate and am afraid that your reaction to my words will be not so good! I very much want to tell to you...... I already for a long time want to admit to you, to tell, that............. I hesitate ) But today I was collected boldness and have decided to tell to you I very strongly love you! First it very much frightened me, but communicating with you, I have understood, that my feelings are really serious, it not simply love, it is love, and I have understood, that you are worthy man, that you will not deceive me and will not betray, therefore I have decided to admit to you today that we did not have any secrets from each other! I speak you that I feel! I shall once again be repeated, time I was collected boldness, I very strongly love you, can even is stronger, than you think, my love ! To me it was very lonely without man, but now I have met you! I am very glad, that is even virtual we together, your letters heat me your heat! But during too time I want, that you heated me the heat and caress in the present life! I very much want to be with you, to see you, to enjoy your presence! I shall be very happy, if we shall be together if you will be always with me! I am fair with you, nobody interests me more as you interest me! I would like to spend with you a lot of time, the main thing with you is not important where! I am sure, that it will be good me with you everywhere, though on other planet! ) I shall go for you there where you want. I ask you only about one, do not forget, that one nice and intelligent girl who is in thousand kilometers from you, in Russia, thinks about you, worries about you, very much loves you and waits for a meeting! I very much miss you, and very much I want to meet you! When we can meet and be together Darling Billy, I very much love you and very strongly I wait for day of our meeting! I am very grateful, for your fine and warm words, and is very much touched with your care, love and attention. It is very important for me, that you loved me such, what I am and were fair with me. I very strongly love you Billy! I wait for your letter. I wish you good day, my kitten! Kiss.... also I embrace you ! Sincerely, with love....
Take care..... yours Dasha.
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