Scam letter(s) from Miroslava Kopylova to Brian (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Brian, I am happy to hear from you today and from the early morning I have a strong desire to hear your voice. Dear, I need that phone as soon as possible. I have found out about that delivery system and it will be very expensive for you. We should be careful about the money and it is better to find the cheapest variant. I have found one nice phone, almost like my friend has, it costs about USD 210. I study in the East-Ukrainian National University. Besides English, we study German and Spanish. As for my teach of Spanish, I should say that I am angry at her because she misses the classes and doesn't want to teach us. Thanks for telling me about your feelings and I have also something to say. You know, dear, that I am fascinated with stars and constellations.
And morning stars are so wonderful, they are almost surreal. By the way, I am sure you know about making a wish while one is watching a 'falling star'. There is one more like that here - to make a wish while only one star can be seen in the sky. And do you know what wish I would make if I have a chance? - to meet you in the real life. Always yours, Mira
Letter 2
Hello dear Brian, Thank you very much for your letter. Do you know what I wish now? I hope to be with you. Dear, I hope I am the woman you were looking for so long, I will do my best to be loving and carrying. I wish to help you and be a good mother for our children. I think that names women's happiness.
By the way, how many children do you want to have, my dear? :-)
Brian, I will hug you many times when we meet and will give you an unforgettable kiss, our first kiss... I will stop better stop here;-)
Dear, Yesterday I was shocked when we were left there without the bus, but when I finally saw it on the horizon I could not belive my happiness. Thanks for your calls and care. I felt like you were near me.
I wish to make some present for you too because I don't like to receive gift and give nothing back. I told you what I wanted and I wish you to tell me what would you like to have from me? You can call me in any time. Dear, I will not use the messenger today, because I am really short of money now and would be thankful if you could support with this, but I don't want you to think that I need the money form you. I need you and Love and wish you to remember that. I like you and miss you very much, your Mira.
Letter 3
Hi my greatest Love Brian, It is so hot that I hardly came to the Internet cafe. Had so many things to do today, now finished with everything and wanted to go with Tanya to the mall to buy the swimming suit, but she disappeared with her boyfriend somewhere. Dear, thanks for sending me the pics, they are nice but we all look too ***** :))) I talked to the mother's doctor and he said that she should say at the hospital at least 28 days as I expected. Why did that happen when I need to be in a good mood and go for a vocation with you? I hate this troubles and difficulties, why everything can't be as we wish? I asked him how much money should I pay and he said that I don't need to buy the medicines and just have to pay at the hospital and the treatment with the medicines and procedures will be included. It will cost about USD 450 and have to pay to my neighbor for visiting my mum at least USD 70-100. I am shocked, I didn't expect that I have to pay so much. I don't want to ask you because I know that you will spend a lot of money for our vocation, so I don't know what to do... I feel like I am a burden to you. It was nice to talk with you now, sorry that I could not do that more. I was sitting here and all people stare at me. Don't forget to write me about what you promised. Many sweet kisses, Mira
Letter 4

Hello dear Brian, Thanks for your letters. I will talk with you and discuss everything. Dear, why do you say that I don't want to talk by the phone, I want. If you wish, send me the money and it will be sooner if I buy another one. Unfortunately I didn't go to study as they told I had to bring the docs at the beginning of August. I don't know what to do... I have to meet with another person there and try to ask for continuing studies, Keep your fingers crossed for me. I think they all need the money. Hope to hear from you soon,
Yours, Mira
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