Romance scam letter(s) from Olga to Chris (USA)
Letter 1
Nice to meet you Chris, I woke up this morning and I could not even guess that I am such a lucky person because I got a reply with wonderful photo from you! I am grateful to you for your attention and time. What do you want me to tell you first? I guess it will be some personal information about myself. Will that do? Hope you do not mind! My name is Olga, I was born on February 14(St. Valentine's Day), 1978. My zodiac sign is Aquarius, which means that I am a dreamer but tough, independent and original, energetic and can't stand flattery, very fond of fantastics and astronomy. I am a real fan of nature and an easy going person therefore I have lots of friends. My charm and attention and sympathy brings respect ant trust of the surrounding people. I think it is very important for you to know all those things. My height is 168 cm and weight is 51 kg. My eyes are of deep green color and I have long light brown hair. Something more about me. I work as a kindergartner at the orphanage and I am very satisfied with my job though it is very common. I work with the babies who were left in a maternity hospital. I like children a lot that is why I have chosen this kind of work. It is very interesting to watch them grow day by day, to help them discover a lot of new interesting and unusual things, to teach them how to behave correctly in different situations... All of that is so exciting for me, every kid has a piece of my soul and heart when he leaves the orphanage and makes one step forward to his new teacher. Every time that moment comes to have place I feel so empty inside but happy for them of course. They never forget about me and come to say "Thank you, our first teacher!"... I graduated from Pedagogic University of Crimea so I have high education of a "Teacher". I liked studying a lot and we had a very friendly group, even it has passed only few years after receiving diplomas we used to meet every three month and spend wonderful time together. So tell me about yourself and your hobbies, interests etc. Some words about my life I will tell you later. Waiting with great eagerness for your soonest reply! Faithfully,
Olga. P.S. remember, I do not play games and I am very honest and serious so I want you to behave accordingly in return.
Letter 2
Is that really you Chris? Oh, how nice to get another letter from you. Thanks for paying attention to me and I'm glad that you have not forgotten about your new friend and may be more in future. Let me try to guess about your next wonder. Hm... I think it might be to provide more information. Am I right? So let me continue. I live with my mother Veronica, in short it is Vera and means "trust" or "faith", so everyone trusts her and likes communicating with her, so do I. She is a wonderful woman and I love her more than everything around. But next place in my heart belongs to my younger brother Danil. He is 25 and he is ready to support me every minute, though he doesn't live with us. Unfortunately, my father was lost in the sea several years ago. But I prefer not to discuss this sorrowful and terrible matter, it hurts me much. To tell you the truth I do not speak English, I speak only Russian and a bit Ukrainian (my native language). So I use the services of Translation Company, 'cause I do not have a computer and either Internet at home. The main question you might have: why am I looking for my second half in the Internet? It is more simple than you think! I do not want to be a slave of Ukrainian men. You might have heard about their attitude to our ladies, that is why I do not want to have relations with our men and besides I had bad experience in the past, which caused me lost time, broken heart and hurt feelings. But I do really believe you are the best treatment for me and I am ready to give you everything I keep inside in return! My likes: not ordinary things, exclusives and all that is interesting and exciting.
Dislikes: bad attitude towards people, lies and selfishness.
My hobby: cooking, I like inventing new mixes and meals, it is always wondering to taste them after being prepared. Is it delicious or not? Tell me about your attitude to my words. I need to know your point of view, in order to understand what you keep inside. Impatiently waiting for your reply. Tender hugs,
Letter 3
My honey Chris, I am so glad to hear back from you and to read your words. This makes me happy and gives me power to begin new life and forget about all the troubles and problems of the past. Thanks for your nice photo. Sweetheart, I had a wonderful dream last night. Let me share it with you. I dreamed that we were out eating dinner at a very romantic restaurant. There are candles at our table and we are sharing a wonderful glass of red wine together and looking into each other's eyes as we talk. You lean over to me and we share a sensual kiss, my tongues slides inside your mouth and you gently suck on it then slide your tongue inside my mouth as I gently suck on it. The very thought of being with you intimately is turning me on greatly, but we haven't had dinner yet and I tell you to be patient and all good things will happen later on. We continue to share our thoughts and feelings with each other and dinner finally arrives. We eat together and continue to talk and share intimate looks with each other. We order a wonderful dessert and while we are waiting for it to be delivered to our table, I get an idea. I drop my napkin on the floor and leave my chair to retrieve it. While you're on your hands and knees under the table and tablecloth, you move silently and slowly towards my chair. When you reach me, you slowly spread my legs apart and slide my dress up just a bit. You then reach up and slide my panties off and lay them on the floor. Then you move your head up towards my pussy and start to kiss my inner thighs and gently flick my outer lips with your tongue. I am moving around in my chair and trying to pull your head closer and closer to me. You move your mouth to my pussy and use your tongue to part my wonderful lips and begin to lick on my clitoris and gently suck on it until I am almost moaning out loud. You slide your tongue inside my pussy and begin to move it in and out stroking my clit too. Then You move your mouth only to my clitoris and begin sucking on it while you move your hand up and slide your middle finger inside my pussy and start fucking me with your finger as you're sucking on my clit. I moan louder and am moving my hips against your head and finger and you can feel my muscles tensing up inside as I start to reach orgasm. You can feel my contracting against you as you suck harder and fuck me faster with your fingers. Once you can tell that I have cum really good, you reach out and get your napkin and sit back in your chair just as the waiter brings our dessert. I tell the waiter that you have already had dessert and no longer want it and I am going to have dessert in the car. We pay the check and leave together arm in arm. You open my car door and let me in and before you shut my door, I begin to touch you through your pants. I am rubbing your cock and it gets nice and hard immediately. When I can tell that it's hard, I undo your belt and unbutton your pants and slide your big, hard cock out of your pants and start to lick it all around the front side and the head. I can taste your precum as it oozes out in anticipation. Then I slowly start to put my lips around your full thick cock and and move my head slowly up and down the shaft with my hand following up and down with my mouth and my tongue sliding up the front side. You start to caress my wondrous breasts with your hands and roll my nice hard nipples between your fingers as I am giving you the best blow job of your life. I start to get aroused again and tell you that I want you inside me. You take me out of the car and I lean over the side of it and you raise my skirt up just enough to give you access to my tight, wet, warm pussy. You slide your hard cock inside my pussy from behind me and start to fuck me nice and slow. You kiss my neck and I turn my head to you and we kiss long and hard and wet as you can feel my tightening up against your cock now and we are both ready to explode. I tell you that I am going to cum now but I ask you to not cum yet. I cum really good and then ask you to come out of my pussy and I turn around to you and slide down again and start to suck your cock more and tell that I want you to cum in my mouth. You only last for another minute before you explode in my mouth and I swallow and relish every last drop of your big, hot load. I hope you enjoyed my dream as much as I did! I woke up all wet from it. I hope to hear more from you soon. I also hope you will keep sending me pictures of yourself! I want to meet you soon in person. Let's make that happen! Yours,
Letter 4

Good day my dear Chris, I'm so glad to receive your letter and I was so pleased while reading it. Thank you very much for your wonderful and honest, kind, tender words; they impressed me deeply, so I would like to share with you all my thoughts, dreams and secret wishes. To my mind you merit it, don't you? As for me I do not like to play games and I keep secrets if I trust person and I want my second half to do so. I need a man who takes into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk. And when somebody says:"I love you", he or she must mean it, it must not be only words that sounds perfectly in order to make someone think so, but real feeling that inside of man or woman. Dear, something in my heart whispers me that you are my only one man in the world! I want to be with you, to give you my light and everything I have inside me. My soul and heart are open only for you, do not shut the door, stay with me forever. I can see us together!!! We will be the perfect couple in the world, don't you think so? Never let me go and I will stay with you forever! You are my star and I know you will never fall down from the sky, because I won't let it happen! You know, I am very patient, kind, tender, careful person. I like everything to take place in its time, and I do not want to hurry events. You might have serious intentions when you speak about serious things. Of course, it is very important to get to know your partner the most you can and it will be reflected in our future relationship, don't you think so? A lot of barriers can be raised in our building of dream house, but I am sure we will get over all of them, because there is no such a problem in the world that cannot be solved, you need just eager and patience.
I am ready to do my best in honor of love. And are you?
I wish you a good day, honey. Hope for hearing from you soon,
Olga P.S. I'm thinking of you all the time, lots of tender hugs and kisses
Letter 5
Dear Sir, We want to let You know that Olga is using services of translation and Internet of our Translating Company. As it is charged services, She needs to fill up Her account, because it has come to the end and She doesn't have the opportunity to write letter to You. She wants You to know that She is still interested in You and in your further communication. If You want to have further correspondence with Her we can send You the needed information about our services and prices which are rather available. If You are not interested in the Lady please be confidential about the given information from Olga. Best wishes. We are open for all of Your suggestions. Respectfully,
Principal of TC "Amfitrita"
Kirill Babenko.
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