Scam letter(s) from Inna to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello,Dear Gavin! How are you? I hope that you are fine. I can`t express how happy I am that you have interested in my personality. Maybe it is difficult to belive but I have never written letters to anyone and I am feeling a little bit nervous because of it. I know that many people communicate through Internet and I decided to try my fortune:) Dear Gavin, thanks for your sincere interest, you made my day much better with your letter:) Here is my story. I am an Ukrainian girl, my name is Inna, 22 years old. My childhood was pretty happy as I used to live in a big house with my mom and dad in the town called Donetsk, I went to school, also I attended dancing and painting school, every weekend my parents took me somewhere, everything looked liked ideal movie. But one day my life has changed to the worse side. It still hurts me and my hands are shaking and my voice is trembling when I am speaking about this horrible moment...I just want you to know that I am fully open to you. My dad left me and my mother, now he has another family. When he left us I was 11 years old and I could not understand why my loving daddy acted in a such way. The colors of my life turned to the black as I saw tears and pain in the eyes of my dear mother. We were left without money, house and it seemed that there is no sense to continue living in this big world.
In my early years I was taught that life sometimes can be cruel and not so easy, at the age of 14 I started to work in the supermarket in order to help my mother. Now I am self-confident person with a strong character but I need a man who will love me and with whom I can share my life and everything.
My present job is a baby-sitting as I adore kids so much and one day I want to have my own kids. I like painting a lot, taking pictures on the camera, dancing Latino:) I am kind person with a good sense of humor and like my friends say " with a gold heart". Though my job is not well paid I find many pluses from communication with kids, my job brings me pleasure.
Thanks for your openness with me, I think that your kids love you a lot, you might be the best father in the world for them.
Dear, I want to know about your life, about your family, your hobbies and surely I would be glad to get some pictures, as I want to see your eyes. I belive that in the eyes it is possible to see the most intimate detail - human`s soul:) Thank you a lot for the wonderful pictures, I like you very much, you are very attractive man with a charming smile and very expressive eyes!
The last thing I want you to remember is that one girl from Ukraine is already waiting for your letter, as for her it is very important:)
Please write me and I promise to reply in any case. Bye-bye! With my best wishes to you,
Your Inna
Letter 2
Hi, My Dear Gavin! You made me smile with your letter as I was waiting for it like a little girl waits for Christmas:) I am not a novelist or poet and I am in the process of learning how to write letters. I used to think that it is not possible to feel the person through written words. One my good friend proved me that I was wrong! She has found her soul mate in the opposite side of the Universe, they communicated for a long time, this man visited her several times and guess what? They are planning their wedding next year. This story overwhelmed me and pushed me to discover the Internet:)
Dear Gavin, I liked your picture, I see that your smile is open, kind and sincere:) I fee that you are man with a positive energy, that is very good!
Dear , thanks for sharing with me your family story, it is a real disaster when a wife is alcoholic and you have little kids...
I think that you are very strong man not only physically but and mentally.
I am sorry to say it but I am disappointed with Ukrainian men because of the example of my father and one bad experience. If you do not mind I will tell you everything step by step. This happened two years ago...I met a man who seemed very kind and intelligent, he promised a world for me...I was blind and I did not notice that he hide his past life from me. As it turned out he was a prisoner who escaped from the prison, he used to tell me beautiful lies every day. When he had some problems with the apartment he rented I proposed him to stay for some time in my flat and it was my great mistake. This mean man robbed me and he disappeared in unknown way, I did not call the police as I loved him...From this time I was afraid to start any relations with men as I could not trust anyone. Can you imagine this? But it was in the past and I need a strong and honest man by my side, whom I can trust. Dear Gavin, I want to have a strong family and to live happily with my husband and kids. I really want to help my mother who has devoted all her live to her daughter, to me. She has two jobs, at the end of the day she is so tired and I am trying to support her. I want my Mom to be proud of me. I have not been studying at the University but I would like to go there as soon as I get the needed sum of money. Also I want you to know that I really do not know English language...I am sorry that I did not tell you this in my first letter, I totally forgot! Also I was afraid that you would stop our communication. I`m using translating agency which is very reliable, with a good reputation in my city. I hope you`ll understand me and we will continue our lettering. That is all for now, please write me all your thoughts.
Hope to get a letter from you very soon. Your Ukrainian Girl Inna
Letter 3
Privet, Dear Gavin! How are you today? By the way "privet" means "hello" in Russian:) I feel myself great because I have received your letter at the agency, when I was reading it my heart jumped in my chest:) Today I after my work I felt myself tired but your letter made my day much better:) I feel that I like you:)
As for language barrier - is the only problem for us I understand how it is important for you free communication but I want you to know that I have a great desire to learn English. I hope that very soon I will save money for English courses. I realize that English is the language of communication through out the world...I `ll do my best in studying it! I do not want to loose you and I hope that language of love and understanding will help us!
Gavin, thanks for being so attentive, carrying with me, I really appreciate this, I find that our communication bring me a lot of pleasure! Thanks also for your nice pictures, I see that you are a good man with amorality, and I think that I was looking for man like you, Dear! It is strange for me but I discovered that letters can tell even more that usual communication between people. I belive in a real love, I am sure that love can hook us at the same moment when people do not expect it. Do you belive that love changes people for the better? I think that love is a magnificent power, it is magic and tragic at the same time...By my nature I am romantic person and I want to meet my brave knight who will save me:) In my deep thoughts I want you to be that man, I realize that we have never seen each other face to face but my heart tells me that we have so many things in common. Even now I can`t imagine my life without your letters as I feel a great support and understanding.
You know, I told my mother about our correspondence, she is very happy that her daughter has met a good man:)I belive in destiny and I want to know everything about you, I am ready to help you with some pieces of advise, to listen to your problems or give you my hand when you will be in trouble. My intuition tells me that I can relay on you, that you are kind and honest. I am not looking for the perfect person like Superman from the movie:) When two beloved together world goes around them, it is so sweet to watch couples on the street, they are in love, hand in hand, kissing, cuddling, smiling:))))
Honey, as you understand family means a lot for me, I want to make my husband the happiest man on the Earth:) And what is more I want to have harmony in my house, every weekend to go somewhere for picnic, to go shopping together...That is my vision of my "ideal" family. In my future plans I want to start learning English courses, as this language is international and it can be helpful in any sphere and in any society. Dear, as usual I am waiting for your letter and pictures, I hope our lettering will make us closer to each other, don`t you think so? With best wishes,
Your Inna.
Letter 4

Hello My Dearest Gavin! How are you doing? I am feeling good as I was thinking about you, all your letters made me feel so good:) I am starting to think that you are that man I was looking all this time. For the short period of time you became very special for me as we have shared a lot. I have entrusted to you all my intimate thoughts, I am open for you like a book. Sometimes I think it is a sweet dream and I do not wont to be awaken...
Dear, what a nice picture you sent me! You look so nice in a costume! You are real gentleman! So I se that you like fishing, I have never tried this but may be you will teach me one day?:) Dear Gavin, I believe that I am a spontaneous young woman with a sense of humor:)! Gavin, I have some news - I found the school where I can study English, i really like it, it is very modern and teachers are professionals but it is very expensive and the salary of baby sitter is not so high...I am very disappointed and I feel that I should wait till some time,that made me upset;( At the end of the day I feel myself tired and all your letters raise my spirit. Sometimes kids are naughty and I need a lot of patience, I have to be understanding as little children need proper attention. Dear, I found some source of energy in your letters, they really help me:) It is so important to know that somebody is thinking and worries about you, in this moment I have a light in my heart, it shines so bright that I want to share my happiness with everyone. Also I cook for kids, they adore apple pie and always ask me to bake it and every time I do it with a great pleasure...Sometimes parents ask me to stay in their house if they have a business trip and before going to bed I read them fairy tales about kings and queens who live in big castles...and I wonder if only I could live happily with my prince:)
Honey, you might think that I am too naive and romantic, maybe it is my weakness but I like dreaming. Yes, my life is not like a sweet honey but I aspire to the best. I find distraction in dancing, on weekend I attend dancing school, I have a lot of friends there, we have similar interests, they are very nice people. But I need a man who will be always by my side, with whom I can share everything - whether paradise or ****:) Honey, I am sorry for my sad thoughts - but I do not want to loose you and this scares me a lot, I even cannot imagine how will I continue my living without you and your letters...
Oh, I forgot to tell you that my mother is in the hospital right now, I have to visit her, I hope nothing serious and everything will be ok with her.
Gavin, I send you all my positive thoughts, take care and I am eagerly waiting for your letter. Send you my kiss:),
Your Inna.
Letter 5
Dear Sir, We are writing you in order to inform you that lady Inna has been using our services for some time and now she is not able to continue the correspondence with you. Inna asked us to write a letter for you and to explain the situation which happened in her family:her mother is in the hospital and she has some financial problems and because of this she cannot pay for translating services. Unfortunately she does not have computer and Internet access at home. If you are willing to help your lady you can contact us and we will help you and Inna in the correspondence. Our e-mail is , you can contact us with the help of this address and we will answer all your questions at once. Respectfully,
Yours Agency "Nemezida".
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