Scam letter(s) from Elena to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello, Gavin! I am glad to have a possibility to communicate with you through e-mail. Hope that we'll be able to create nice relations. I think that to start the relations I need to tell you about me. So, my name is Lena. Full name, like it's written in the passport is Elena, but everyone calls me either Lena or Lenok. As you know, I am 23 and was born on July, 31, 1984. I am Lion. I think it's very good star sign, and was always told that people with such sign are very nice and kind. I live in the city called Lugansk. It's a Ukrainian city, located in the east of the country not far from Donetsk and about 900 kilometers from Kiev. I live with my parents. Our family is not very small, I have two more sisters, but they are older than me and live separately. My older sister is 29 and she is already married. I work as shop assistant in a supermarket. I can't say that I like or dislike my job. I have attitude to it, like to a usual work which I have to do. But surely I am dreaming about something more, maybe a work of a teacher because I love children a lot. And surely I would like to have a normal salary. But for the moment I realize that it is not possible because I am only studying at the University. I study at Lugansk Pedagogical University and will be an economist. I can't say about my personality, if it is good or bad because I think, that the best way for you to know this is to communicate with me and see. But all my friends and close people say that I am a kind and responsive person. I want to be honest with you and should say at the very beginning of our communication that unfortunately I don't speak or write English and don't own a computer at home, that's why I have to use the services of the translation agency. I hope that this is not a problem for you, especially that I am going to study the language as soon, as I have such financial possibility. I hope that you will also tell me about you, as I am very interested in you, your life, your outlooks on different questions. Well, actually I am interested in everything concerning you. Tell me, please, what type of a woman you are looking for. How do you think, is appearance important in building relations? Tell me your opinion? Take care and have a nice day!
I will be waiting for your letter.
Letter 2
Hello, dear Gavin! I am glad that you wrote me again. It's a real pleasure for me to communicate with you and I would like to know more about you and of course I will tell you about me as well. I thank you for sending me your photos, I enjoyed looking at you! If to talk more about my character, I should say that other people have very good opinion on me. When communicating with me closer, people realize that I am very warm person. I am that kind of woman whom with you can feel yourself calm and comfortable, no matter, whether you are my friend or partner. I am very loyal open and honest. I never lie because consider that even bitter truth is better than sweet lie for the whole life. I have many dream, but the biggest one is to spend this life with a wonderful man who will be everything and everyone for me. I hope to see not only lover in my partner, but also the best friend, a person whom with I will be able to share everything, who will be the first person whom with I will share my good and bad. And the same I can give to my man. Believe me, I have lots of warmth and tenderness inside. It is enough to make a lot of people glad, but I want to give this to only one man and to make him the happiest person in the Universe. I expect my man to be always open with me, kind, loving and caring. These are the qualities that I value most of all in men and in all the people in general. I like reading and try to do it every free moment I have. I like different books: romantic stories with happy end, dramatical books with sad ending where I can cry a little, science and historical book. The last book I've read was a romantic story about a woman who fell in love with a wonderful man. He was kind not only to her, but also to her five year old son. I don't have a child, but hope that I will meet a man who will be kind, caring and loving to me. I like watching movies. My favorite films are our old Russian movies which were shot in times of Soviet Union, but among foreign ones I like "Sleepless in Seattle", "Titanic" and many others. I also like the serial "Friends". They are so funny there :-) I like also watching geographical programs. You know, I have never had a possibility to travel abroad, but I am dreaming about this and hope that some day I'll get such an opportunity. Well, I don't know what else I can tell you about me. I will think over and will tell you, ok? :) Tell me more about your life, your friends and family, more about your day-today life. I am very interested in this. And if you want to know something about me, you can always ask me about this. I'll be looking forward for your next mail.
Letter 3
Hello again Gavin! Nice to get a letter from you one more time. I am very thankful to you for writing me because every your mail brings a lot of joy into my day. I would very much like to grow our relations and to make them become strong. Today I had some sad news. I had problems at work. The budget of our supermarket where I work was cut and now our salary will be decreased. My salary was not big, but now it will be just ridiculous. I don't know what to do, but probably I will have to leave my work and to search for another one. I hope that I will find it in the near time, though it is not so easy to do because I still don't have high education. Well, we'll see. And for the moment I think that I need to change the topic and not to make this letter sad. I'd like to tell you more about my dreams. Of course the biggest dream of mine is to find my beloved man and to spend the rest of my life together. I think I've told you about this. But, you know, today I had a very nice dream at night. I saw me in the boat together with a man. I didn't see the face of this man, but I knew for sure that it was my beloved man. When I woke up, I realized that for the moment this man doesn't have face because I am only in a search of my beloved, but probably soon I will be sleeping and in my dream will see a man and will see his appearance and his face. Who knows.., maybe that man will look like you..? Time will show us the way. I've got a question for you. Have you ever thought of making something extraordinary? For instance of a parachute jump? Maybe of paddling? Or maybe you have already done all this? Have you done something extraordinary in your life and what is your best impressions from something that has happened in your life? Dear, I hope that you're having a nice day, better than mine :) Please, write me soon. As always, I am looking forward for your reply. Lenok
Letter 4

Dear Sir! As you know your lady Elena, to whom you were writing letters, used our services for translating her letters to you from Russian into English and your letters to her from English into Russian. We are sorry to say that, but for a moment Elena has financial problems and had to refuse from using our service, but she asked us to inform you from her name that she is very much interested in continuing correspondence with you. From our side we kindly ask you to inform us whether you are interested in continuing your correspondence with Elena because she is very much worried about this situation. If you are interested in that we shall gladly suggest you our services in translating your letters to Elena and can send you our prices. For the further necessary information about the prices or other questions that you might have you can contact us on the following e-mail address and we shall gladly answer all your questions. Sincerely yours The manager of Translation Agency "Globus"
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