Letter(s) from Elena Scherbarkova to Terry (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings my new friend Terry.
It is written to you by me Elena.
I very much waited for your answer. I am very glad that you have decided to answer me.
Your letter means for me much.
You probably are surprised, what I have decided to write to you?
I wish to tell to you history about how I have decided to take advantage
The Internet to find to itself the friend.
All the matter is that I was born and I live in very small town.
The name of this small town - Noginsk, the Moscow area. My city
Very small. I to you necessarily then will more in detail tell about the city.
Not looking on what, it very beautiful. Let it and small, but it very lovely. In it it is a lot of trees.
In especially beautifully summer, when it is possible to leave for a city to see the nature which surrounds it.
I love the city because here I was born and have grown.
All the matter is that in my city is not present work, because the basic
The profit was from factories which, are in our city, now they are not workers.
In my city there is not enough youth because prospects to live and develop in it are not present also all leave it who where can.
If I had a possibility, I too would leave it. That's it therefore I have decided to get acquainted with the person who lives in other country.
I already absolutely adult person, but at me was not present a family. I very much would like that near to me there was a beloved. My parents advanced age suffices and they live in village, in several kilometres from a city. I still have elder sister who married and lives in other city. I with the girlfriend rent apartment, in which two rooms and kitchen.
As you already know to me of 29 years, and I was born on December, 11th, 1978. On a sign on the zodiac I a goat.
Here again, in the same city my parents, sister and my friends were born.
When I was small at me there were many friends, but now
The majority of them have parted on different cities of Russia.
After school I have arrived and have finished university, Noginsk branch of specially-technical institute on a speciality the civil engineer. It seems to me that it is very good trade, but presently it simply is not claimed. After university I could not find to myself work, despite the fact that what at me higher education, therefore I began to study on the qualified courses of stylists and hairdressers. Now I work in hairdresser's salon, the hairdresser. Very much I like my work.
I have no those earnings of which would would be desirable me, but to me to like to be engaged in favourite business.
I communicate with people and at us amicable collective on work.
My work not so difficult, but all the same I very much treat kindly all.
My life proceeds and has no changes. At me in a life was
Some novels. But now it seems to me, that all it was not serious.
I am at present very lonely. I very much would like to meet to myself such person,
Which will care of me. Which will love me. I very romantic person and consequently I would like
Pure and sincere love of which I always dreamt.
Recently I have learnt, that there are various agencies where it is possible to get acquainted with the person to whom it is possible to connect the
Destiny. And here I have taken advantage of such possibility.
Now I will answer why I have chosen you. When I have seen your profile something in me has told what exactly I should write it.
And here now I see your answer. I see that you, also as well as I wish to find the significant other.
I very much hope that we with you can find common language and that we with
You we will make friends. I very much would like to learn about you more.
It is very interesting to me where do you live and where you work? I will wait
Your answer. I would like to see your photos, you could not send to me!
For now I say good bye to you and with impatience I wait for your letter!!!
With the best regards your new friend from Russia Elena.

Letter 2

Greetings the my dear friend Terry.
I was very glad to receive your letter because it means, that you
Too in me has become interested. I very much wish to find in you the friend.
I very much liked your photo.
I should inform you, that I cannot write to you every day.
All the matter is that I write you from the cafe Internet. You know what is it?
I think that in your city there is a cafe Internet.
I have no own computer. And consequently I cannot write to you every day.
But I will try to answer at once all your letters.
It was very pleasant to me to read your letter. To me was as very interestingly to learn about you.
I would like to know about you even more. I like all that you write to me.
All it is very interesting to me.
I would like to tell to you more about myself.
I do not love alcohol!!!
I can drink only a red wine glass because it is useful for an organism and that if it on the big holiday New year or my birthday. And I do not take out other kinds of alcohol.
I as negatively concern smoking, therefore I would like to know your opinion on all it?
It is interesting to me to know any details of your life. It is interesting to me in what
Your work consists? You could not tell about it more in detail?
As I already spoke to you, I the hairdresser though I have the diploma about the higher
Formation. In my country it is very important. Without these crusts it is very difficult to get a job. And absolutely not important on this speciality you will work or not! The main thing that the diploma was, and the rest is not important. Same Russia and here the laws. Sometimes there is an impression, that here still communism.
It is a pity to me, that my earnings are very small. Approximately 100 - 150 dollars. It suffices me only to pay for apartment which to me should be removed. Well and it is final on eating.
I wish to know more about your family.
I live together with the good girlfriend. I should rent apartment to be closer to the work.
I already wrote to you, that my parents live in the country, in village.
And consequently we very seldom meet.
Sometimes at me does not remain to time even on the days off sees them, to have to work, if there is such possibility and to earn additionally more money. I leave on the house and I do wedding and evening hairdresses.
Earlier I lived with the parents but when I have entered the institute to me it was necessary
To leave them, to leave in a city and to begin an independent life.
I have already got used to that I often happen one. But most of all I do not like to fall asleep one.
Though I have already got used to it. To me it becomes sometimes very sad, because I know, that when I will come home I will be met there only by my girlfriend, instead of my husband or at least the beloved. And the girlfriend often too does not happen at home.
It works as the seller in shop, works as days on changes.
I even sometimes would not like to go home, but I do not wish to speak about it now.
At me very good mood, after all I have received your letter and I write you the answer!
Write to me in detail about the family.
At my parents two children, it is my sister and I.
When I was small I very much wanted the big brother that it protected me from only. But so it has turned out in a life, that in a family there were only we sister and both more little girls though in the childhood very strongly fought. Directly as the present boys.
We were favourite children at the parents and they for us much that have made in this life, for what we are very grateful to them.
It is very a pity, that now all seldom we gather, all we live in different places and it is very missed.
It for me the people most close and expensive to me.
Tell to me more about that where do you live?
I already said to you, that I very romantic person.
I very much like to dream. I love when the man very beautifully looks after the girl.
I very much love verses.
I would like to meet you further, it probably would be very interesting.
I very much would wish to speak with you, looking in your eyes.
But all it in the future, and now to me would be desirable to learn is better you.
It is very interesting to me to read everything, that you will write to me also I would like to see more than your photos.
I hope to see your letter tomorrow.
Already I start to miss!!!
All kind your friend Elena.

Letter 3

Hi my dear Terry.
To me it is very interesting to receive each time your letter. I very much also am very happy.
Reading your letter I learn about you more and more every day.
I am very glad, that have met such interesting person.
There is no I not model but I want when be to become her{it} but I do not have such opportunity.
Approximately 1???? and 67 centimeters but I do not know my growth precisely I for a long time did not measure the length.
I as am glad that we with you continue our acquaintance. Very much it is pleasant to me
To answer all your questions. So ask, and I with pleasure will answer them.
I would like to know about weather in your city?
At us weather not the best, but it is necessary to rejoice and to it.
How your health? I hope, that all is good!
How your affairs on work?
It was very interesting to me to learn your opinion concerning bad habits.
For me it was very important to know your opinion.
With each new letter you is more and more very interesting to me
Life. I like to read how you speak about the family.
You very interesting person and me to like with you to communicate
Tell to me it would be interesting to know about that than you are engaged in the free time? What do you prefer?
I have not enough free time but when it is I very much I love theatre and cinema.
I try to visit each premiere at theatre and a cinema. Certainly on how many it only is possible, sometimes there is no time, and sometimes there is no money. But all the same I madly like to see different performances and films.
And you love theatre?
I very much love! The theatre probably is, more, because there live people, live actors. It is more interesting to look at them, how they play a scene.
For me it is the special world into which you plunge and you start to live by its rules and in its world.
I probably, most of all love dramas. It is much more interesting to me, than
Comedies. Such things as tragedies and dramas leave the big trace in your soul.
I love psychological products. And even I give preferences to cinema to those films where it is possible to cry. I like to reflect over performance or a film. I can sometimes see this or that film some times.
That precisely all to understand and in all to understand. All the matter is that having looked a film once, we understand it only on the one hand. And when you look more and more you notice many things which on the first viewing has passed. Also performance. Any does not happen is similar to another. Actors play each time on another. As one well-known artist has told, it is impossible to write the same picture it will be identical All the same it something yes to differ from the previous. Precisely as well performance. Here therefore I like to look all on some times to understand from different directions. I even
re-read your letters again and again. I do not wish that to pass! Here so!
In general I love serious products which force me to reflect on a life.
And what you prefer to read? I love the Russian classics, there are favourite books and among modern writers, such as Pelevin. Still it is pleasant to me Paulo Koelio?
You sometime heard about it? I very much like its books though them at it not
So and it is a lot of. But I have read already all. Now with impatience I wait for new products.
Its books are read very easily. In them it is possible to learn a lot of the new
And interesting to itself. And you have a favourite author?
When I was the child I wished to become the doctor, and it is even better the surgeon. It seems to me that it is very interesting trade. At me necessarily it would turn out. I so would like to treat, help people.
To do different operations, to go in a white dressing gown and to smell as medicines. But I the hairdresser and despite of everything I very much love the work.
I like to do a hairstyle and hairdresses, to do people beautiful. It is very pleasant when the person becomes much more beautiful, than was and leaves from you in good mood. And this mood is then transferred to you, therefore I consider, that it is simply healthy!
And you as think?
I will finish the letter.
Also I will be very glad to answer all your questions. If you something
Interests, you can easily set to me them.
I would like to know more what you love?
To know about your friends?
At me not so it is a lot of friends, but those which are very close and good people. And consequently I would like to know about yours.
I am very glad to our acquaintance.
With impatience I wait for your answer.
Yours Elena.