Scam letter(s) from Alena Sokolova to Waqar (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Waqar,

First of all I want to tell you that I got the money and I want to thank you millions of times for you help.
You please forgive me that I didn't write you at once, when I got the money. I just don't think it is a good idea to carry money with me in sucha big city.
All day long I spend at the agency. Whew, tomorrow morning is the last step for my trip preparations.
I will be going to the Embassy to get my visa. I will be interviewed and then I will be given a visa.
I am so happy, Waqar !

Last few days are very exciting for me. So many events! To tell you the truth I am even nervous, I think it is normal because I have never been in the USA before and I will meet you there.
When I think about it I have butterflies in my belly.

You know, Waqar I didn't have such good sleep for a long time and now thinking that YOU is so close to me makes me feel calm and happy.
I wake up smiling and I am happy , because I knew you wouldn't leave me here with my problem.

You are a real man and I am really glad that I have met you.
Unbelievable! We shall see each other face to face!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
You sent me the money. You helped me! Thank you!!!!!
Thank you for coming into my life and giving me real hope for a happy future!
From now to eternity, you'll be in my heart every moment of every day.
I open my heart and my soul to you and I hope you will not break it Waqar. I am counting the days and I know you do the same.

Tomorrow is a very important day for me, my interview. I need to relax and try to forget about the interview at least for a couple of hours. Maybe I should go to the cinema?
I wish you were here with me. I would show you beautiful places here in Moscow.
Maybe one day, we shall walk in the Kremlin....

Ok, my dear. I must finish now because my time at the Internet cafe is limited because they have many people here who need Internet.
I will write you later tonight or tomorrow morning right after the interview.

Kisses from Russia!!!!!

Your Tatyana

PS I am going to bring a special present for you from here.
I am sure you will like it!!!! Curious? You will have to wait!!!!
Letter 2
My sweet honey, Waqar
I just was in Embassy where I had interview. They set me many questions.
They asked about my background, about salary, about my aim of arrival in the USA and many other questions. Then they informed me, that they will give me the visa. I was so happy to hear it, in fact it means, that remain a few days up to our meeting. I so much wait it and I want it all heart. I am glad, that soon we can see each other. I can embrace and kiss you and it will be a reality. But my beloved, to me in embassy in interview have told one thing which very much has upset me, I now worry and I do not know that to us to do now. To me have told about a rule in customs that each person from former republics of Soviet Union arriving to your country with the tourist visa should fulfill. I should show some sum of money at customs to pass it in Moscow .
It is necessary to prove my ability to travel In the USA and to pay all charges. It is necessity, because many people which arrived to your country on to the tourist visa have made many crimes or did something illegal. It became especial a rule, after terrorist actions which occur in your and my country. Now I can pass customs only showing this money to prove,my creditable and my purpose of arrival in the USA it is seeing of sights and monuments, I have no anything bad in mind. I understand, that it is a good rule for your country from the point of view of safety. But what shall we do now? I at all did not imagine that it is $2500. My honey, I regret that could not know about it, it is possible that we would be prepared for this. All are almost ready, also our happiness can be so probably and so close, but we need to solve this problem. please understand that I do not need to spend this $2500. I have only 300 USD to buy a present for you but its not enough. I only need to show at customs and Embassy to pass it. Unfortunately for example your support letter will not help me to pass customs because I applied for a tourist visa because it is fastest visa to get (but it was not a visa with your invitation). I now am far from friends and I can not expect for their help.
My love, now I hope only for your help. I shall be to ask the god about us.
Our happiness is so close, but I cannot make anything. It is not in my forces, let I already almost on half of way up to you but if I shall not pass it now my visa will be invalid and then later I will not get any visa issued to your country. I repeat again that I need only show money, I shall not spend it. The most terrible is that if I shall not fulfill this rule , they will give up to arrive to you, my sweetheart. My visa becomes invalid and it will mean, that I am unreliable person. I am really very much shocked and I worry. My honey, it cannot take place, I want to begin a new life with you. I cannot live only with dream of you. I cannot imagine as I shall be unfortunate without you, my love. Now I hope only on you. You are my hope.
This big sum of money needs just to be shown . If you have no this money maybe you can borrow it for a few days because I will return you the money when I come to you.
Then I can return them to you all sum when we meet at the airport. Both of us very much wait also we madly we want this meeting. And we know that there is nothing impossible.
My love, I need in your moral support! I am one in this cold and angry city and only you are my hope and support! I have waited my whole life for you, and I hope soon that we will be together.

Big Hugs and Tender Kisses,
Yours Tatyana.
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