Letter(s) from Inna to Chris (USA)

Letter 1

Hello,Dear Chris!

How are you? I hope that you are fine. I can`t express how happy I am that you have interested in my personality. Maybe it is difficult to belive but I have never written letters to anyone and I am feeling a little bit nervous because of it. I know that many people communicate through Internet and I decided to try my fortune:)
I am sorry for my late reply, I was very busy with my job, I hope that you will understand me.

Here is my story. I am an Ukrainian girl, my name is Inna, 22 years old. My childhood was pretty happy as I used to live in a big house with my mom and dad in the town called Donetsk, I went to school, also I attended dancing and painting school, every weekend my parents took me somewhere, everything looked liked ideal movie. But one day my life has changed to the worse side. It still hurts me and my hands are shaking and my voice is trembling when I am speaking about this horrible moment...I just want you to know that I am fully open to you. My dad left me and my mother, now he has another family. When he left us I was 11 years old and I could not understand why my loving daddy acted in a such way. The colors of my life turned to the black as I saw tears and pain in the eyes of my dear mother. We were left without money, house and it seemed that there is no sense to continue living in this big world.
In my early years I was taught that life sometimes can be cruel and not so easy, at the age of 14 I started to work in the supermarket in order to help my mother. Now I am self-confident person with a strong character but I need a man who will love me and with whom I can share my life and everything.
My present job is a baby-sitting as I adore kids so much and one day I want to have my own kids. I like painting a lot, taking pictures on the camera, dancing Latino:) I am kind person with a good sense of humor and like my friends say " with a gold heart". Though my job is not well paid I find many pluses from communication with kids, my job brings me pleasure.
Chris, I am an honest girl, I am for games here, I hope to find my true love, I am very interested in you and i want to know you better!
Dear Chris, I want to know about your life, about your family, your hobbies and surely I would be glad to get some pictures, as I want to see your eyes. I belive that in the eyes it is possible to see the most intimate detail - human`s soul:)
The last thing I want you to remember is that one girl from Ukraine is already waiting for your letter, as for her it is very important:)
Please write me and I promise to reply in any case. Bye-bye!

With my best wishes to you,
Your Inna