Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Ivanova to Ben (England)
Letter 1
Hello dear Ben!
I was very glad to get your nice reply and photos. Thank you! I was very glad to talk by phone with you, to get your sms! Thank you for understanding about my busy weekend. I will be glad to hear you next week, on Friday, in the evening. You are very attentive if think of sending me gift for Christmas-))! You are real gentleman, caring and attentive. Sorry for didn't answer on your questions-). My bad habits-), well: sometimes I like to sleep a little more on weekend, may be till 9 a.m., I like ice cream and Ferrero Rocher ( my most bad habit-)))! As all women I like shopping, to be spoiled and beloved, nice lingerie and perfumes. But it may be not so bad habits!
My birthday is 15th Sept.1964. My hobbies are traveling, camping, walking, bycicle, badminton, dinning out side, barbeque with friends, historical books and movies.
The weather in Moldova is not so good too, +3'C and rain with snow. I like that you want to know more about my country. I hope you will like here.
I send you my post address now, because we have a slow post service and I will be able to get your gift on Christmas, if you send it next week. It may be better to use express post service. I'm very interested and can't wait to get it-).
Ceres Natalia
Str.Cuza-Voda 17- 8 ap.34
2060 Chisinau, Moldova
I send you my warmest wishes! Have a nice day! Take care, my dear!!! Tenderly, Natasha.
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